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  1. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Also good netcode which this lacks as well.
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  2. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    Still very much on the high end- a gpu that costs more than a console, its games and controllers combined, and with your processor included i could also buy a nice size TV to play it on. We haven't even started discussing the RAM or cooling parts.
    I could pull 120 frames in the open world as well in certain areas- The desert and some select areas of media. Show me a vid of you running through anywhere in the forest areas or  pirates with 90+ fps constant and you sir will win the internet, settings must be on high. 
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  3. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    The ancient "trash" runs at 5x average framerate with 50+ people on screen and loads in ALL players rather than a few at a time
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  4. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic NEW PC ?? Any tips for a build?   

    Anything that you buy for BDO needs to be ready to crunch the unoptimized mess that it is.
    You'll need the fastest CPU you can get your hands on
    20+ Gigs of the best RAM
    And a developer-grade GPU which is currently the Titan XP
    All this so you can run it at a smooth framerate. 
    Just quit and pick up a game that isn't so needy.
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  5. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    Optimize what? It's not my job to optimize the game. Yes, i COULD go back and do the FPS guide where i do like 10 steps every time before i launch the game but why bother? You'll need to restart the game every few hours to keep it running well. 
    You're running with the top end tech there. If youre a true connoisseur/enthusiast who always gets the best then, if anything this game should be pissing you the heck off. For me personally, running a gsync IPS display 980ti i7 3.40 Ghz i'm used to pulling frames so smooth in all my games that i rarely, if ever notice any hitches. Even in battlefield 1 with everything maxed out with upscaled resolution im pulling buttery smooth frames.
    And dont give me the lecture about processing power- yes, yours is better, so its working extra hard to crunch the unoptimized code in BDO and if you're overclocking it then unless you got that thing on ice you're probably shortening its life span, iv'e had my same i7 for about 6 years now and it stays cool with a no maintenance fan cooler. Like i said, i run everything else at a butter smooth framerate, this is the only game with such MAJOR problems (besides the DAYZ standalone which is also poorly coded)
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  6. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    You cant delete steam reviews.
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  7. Frostfire2k added a topic in General   

    Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...
    How is this game still ALIVE?
    1. Right off the bat, noticed performance took a YUGE hit. Granted, i play at 1440p, but i play that on EVERY game, EVERY mmo and i always pull at LEAST 60 solid unless like 10 people cast a spell at the same time. Here i'm getting FPS jumping from 30-50 just by running around in a forest. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE TOWNS, thats a headache
    2. So. Much. Garbage.... Maybe, after some time i was at one point used to seeing a thousand things in my inventory. So many that i have to scroll down. Why on earth is this system even in place? Half of the crap sitting in my 119 slot inventory is a silver placeholder, why can't mobs just drop more silver instead.
    3. And the graphics, maybe when this game ran good once upon a time i enjoyed looking at it, but my experience today was that everything outside of a 10 foot radius of me is so aliased and poorly drawn that it may as well be ps1 graphics (yes my settings are on high)
    4. Where is the FUN? I felt like what i wanted to do was go kill some stuff, thats pretty fun, right? Wrong. Nothing presents any sort of challenge whatsoever, and in order to actually kill anything i have to go afk and do something else while i ride over there since There is so much useless empty space.
    5. As i look around at the people playing i notice that not a single one is moving from anywhere without a bit of rubber banding involved. Everything just looks so unnatural. 
    ^This is what a steam review is going to look like. 
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  8. Frostfire2k added a topic in General   

    If the game died shortly after the caah shop restructure, game would be cheaper
    They would have bent the knee and re-released the game without it OR simply done away with it and refunded all purchases.
    But nope! A select group of people dropped 10's of thousands of dollars using all sorts of crazy justification for doing it.
    So Kakao does what everyone would do, focuses on more. T4 pets, more pets at once, more storage more weight. All the while FF14 just gave its playerbase 40 new inventory slots and a server upgrade. Theres no reason for them to change. The community as seen on reddit has decided to cope with every problem. Its amazing. 
    In thw buisness world these tactics are usually used b2b buisness to buisness. But not here. Choice wording (like pirates of the carribean, "well ye never mentioned that in yer deal) surprise "changes" and zero transparency. This game doesnt treat you like a consumer at all. 
    But thats ok. And you reap what you sow. As they will keep finding indirect ways to milk you of more cash. I hope that at least most of you dont seriously beleieve this is the end of the new cash shop features , theres more to come. A lot more. 
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  9. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Black Desert comes out on Steam!   

    This is thier version of arch_age fresh start servers.
    They are doing it through steam for what could be a retarded amount of PR. Funny part is, it means goodbye to all the new players in original server.
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  10. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

     I had a good laugh.
    You realize how funny that was to read coming from someone who got bait and switched into a massive cash shop that was indirectly and very much pushed on the beta community wouldnt exist?
    Would take one heck of scam to top that one, no mans sky has more morals than that. 
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  11. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    MMO's that will soon kill BDO with percentage estimates
    Star citizen- 20% will leave for it
    Crowfall- 10% will leave for it
    Ashes of creation- 60% will leave for it
    Albion online- 5% will leave for it
    Camelot unchained- 20% will leave for it
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  12. Frostfire2k added a topic in General   

    Sieges went from sheild wall+ranged support+initiators to wizards+fodder
     It's crazy how fast people forget why they began playing in the first place, for many, like myself, it was the videos. Especially those by steparu, and i really liked the awakening videos. But so much has changed, much for the worse. 
    Warriors went from being shield walls to muso wanabee hack and slashersSorcs went from being specialized mid range fighters to 1 combo KO killers Zerkers went from slow moving heavy hitting bulldozers to whatever the heck they are now (wizard grabbers? CC bots?)Rangers went from mid/long range fire support to 1 combo KO killersValks went from frontline support to taking over berserkers original role to some extent (i dont think valks even know what they are anymoreWizards became the permanent meta breakers by essentially filling the role of long and short range nuclear ballistics in a medieval fantasy worldWhatever is shown in this video is gone entirely and replaced with aoe spam just like any other MMO except in BDO it's filled with lag, animation bugs, and extreme player culling
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  13. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Most of this game is figuring how not to play it   

    Ah, thanks for sharing! didn't know that you enjoyed hours of doing the same mundane task!
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  14. Frostfire2k added a post in a topic Most of this game is figuring how not to play it   

    Ah yes, let me clarify the points you made
    With 10 hours of work and proper management of shady practices, try 2 bil a day, easy as heckYou sure can buy pens with that silver, but you'll need to inject some pearls too. With enough pearls, you can get anything your heart desires (other than limited edition costumes)Level 61 without grinding is, well, pretty easy actually. You cant buy levels in the in-game cash shop, but you can buy them in other shops if you catch my drift In the fantasy world of BDO, with a good rl job anything is possible 
    Edit: went ahead and liked your response spartakatz, i feel like it really helped add to what i was trying to prove initially, thanks bud  
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  15. Frostfire2k added a topic in General   

    Most of this game is figuring how not to play it
      In the beginning of the game, your'e playing every day, all day, if you want to progress quickly. Like a newborn, your character is a needy little thing. After a couple weeks, you reach the endgame, after getting contribution and energy points, and good workers, you find that you're making money more consistently, with better returns, by not playing! However, you can still take on the logistical puzzle of maximizing xp gain through various buffs, in practice you can maximize all gains by playing every other day for about 1 hour. 
     Beyond setting up your bitcoin-like afk industrial complex, you can also use real life to give you some edges, lets talk about those.
     So lets say you land a job paying about $36 an hour which is about average nowadays. After working about 3 hours you can turn the money that you made at work into roughly 115 million a day by selling costumes.  oh and if you want, you can invest another hour of rl work into horse resets, which will net you somewhere in the ballpark of 100 million every few days. Combine that with all your character upgrades and your making roughly 2 billion a week by playing a grand total of 7 hours for that week (or if you have kids you can ask them to do this for you, since its all super easy, have a few guildies who do it). 
    Follow these steps and youll have  a fair amount of PEN and a level 61 character in just a couple months! But remember, don't tell your friends
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