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  1. quebae added a post in a topic Can Kakao give us a real set in stone reason to ease these allegations?   

    The community isn't the reason Daum/Kakao doesn't communicate with their community, they just have nothing acceptable that they could say so they keep their mouths shut. Proper communication, and at all positive communications, requires at least some level of respect/care for those you are addressing, if you don't care for your customers and you do not respect them then nothing you have to say will ever be taken as positive because anything they have to say would only reflect that attitude.
    So honesty/directness isn't an option for Daum/Kakao because it would only damage their image further, so vagueness and misdirection is all they are able to productively allow. But maybe if another company manages to by some stretch of the imagination get the licensing from Kakao for bdo proper communications might be a thing. 
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  2. quebae added a post in a topic State of Black Desert: A Challenge to Kakao   

    Great post but your efforts are ultimately pointless, this kind of feedback only holds merit when the company in question cares for their product, something that has been made abundantly clear is not the case for bdo. All these problematic designs are intentional and meant to feed the cash cow that this game has turned to be, either through pressuring players into purchases with inconvenient game designs that can only be solved via cash shop, or vice versa the problems haven't been solved because they don't appear profitable enough to warrant a repair. 
    And no it doesn't matter if this structure would ultimately give them more revenue, the people running this are doing so with the most minimal of interest in the product, they aren't in it for the long  run and have no interest in putting any great deal of effort into it's success. They just want to cash in on it for what they can then move on to something else. 
    Nice to see there are still people with hope though. 
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  3. quebae added a post in a topic Awakenings should come before legion!   

    it would be a pointless endeavor, kakao hasn't the reputation or cinematic flare necessary to draw even a mild amount of attention away from something like a wow expansion. at best they can just deal with the fallout and try to get some players back when legion loses its flare, and hope by then something else doesn't take it's place. 
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  4. quebae added a post in a topic Consolidated Media thoughts on the changes   

    did he ever at any point support the marketing for bdo though? there is a fine line between loving a game and loving how it is sold, hakurai no doubt still loves bdo as a game, but the marketing is what has pushed him too far. and before you try to use kr as an excuse, even if he didn't speak against the marketing there, seeing as he was likely forming all his views around what he was expecting our region;s release to be, naturally he would forgo any opinion on the marketing since he was expecting it to be different for us. the opinions you got from his kr experience were all raw opinions on just the game itself, devoid of marketing. this opinion is with both. 
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  5. quebae added a post in a topic Are players who leave over tradable cash shop items fueling the current MMO model?   

    I don't think we are locked into any sort of doomed cycle, perhaps a more complex one, a more restrictive one, but not one without potential to escape. The big component to escaping it is giving proper examples of what works, or what we'll support, as the op pointed out just making games fail won't prompt them to change their model, it'll only make them that much more antsy and quick to cash out, but if along with those said failures (for bad marketing practices) you also provided gleaming examples of successes in gaming due to different marketing it would lean them towards imitating that model instead of just giving up. The key thing is you can't just punish bad behavior but you also need to reward the good, you need to make it clear that the cause isn't hopeless but that they do need to adapt to our desires if they want to be happy. 
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  6. quebae added a post in a topic Lack of GM -> Player interaction   

    It was a response on how a company should probably handle communications, to which they do not, though I would imagine the position meant to handle that would be CMs not GMs. I also do not see how you think one can maintain the peace within a community without interacting with them, we've seen the mess that has come from Kakao being adverse to actually communicating with us and not once has it created a more peaceful atmosphere. If you want to have a hand in the direction of the community and the way they respond to certain actions you have to first of all become a part of the said community, you can't just slink around silently year round only commenting vaguely every blue moon on unrelated topics and expect to have any impact. If Kakao wants to have a hand in the community they can't just watch us distantly from behind tinted glass, they have to actually involve themselves. 
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  7. quebae added a post in a topic Lack of GM -> Player interaction   

    going to assume you misquoted, otherwise i don't understand any of your response. 
    it easy, only address valid questions/concerns and ignore the rest, kind of like should be expected. also please stop with the imaginary numbers and ego thing, that horse has been beaten so hard already. 
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  8. quebae added a post in a topic August 10th Patch Feedback   

    does feedback even matter at this point?
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  9. quebae added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    definitely hasn't grown, but can't say as to if it's shrunk to any significant level either. sometimes i feel world boss fights are emptier but that's only a handful of the active playerbase. 
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  10. quebae added a post in a topic Gamescon Trailer   

    if that was the case they should have just taped footage of them milking cows
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  11. quebae added a post in a topic Lack of GM -> Player interaction   

    or they could just start off with learning how to hold a conversation with the community that doesn't consist of "we are doing x" and never speaking again. 
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  12. quebae added a post in a topic Valk's Cry are coming to you soon   

    don't worry, this won't be p2w enough either. nor the next thing. nor the next thing. nor the next thing. etc. 
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  13. quebae added a post in a topic Can we please get Valks' Cry and Edana's Collection Box? Let's bridge the gap with the KR cash shop   

    we're so close
    of course, have you never felt the accomplishment that comes with buying your victory?
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  14. quebae added a post in a topic Conqueror's costumes   

    I would like options for the new classes, maybe, but definitely no need for the older ones to return. i mean it'd be nice to let more people acquire them but also it's pretty discrediting to those who were so supportive of the game at launch.
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  15. quebae added a post in a topic Thanks Kakao, and my apologies   

    i'm so perplexed as to where people get this idea mistreating your consumers is somehow beneficial for a company's wallet. there was an artful post made around this topic during the start of this debacle that explained it quite eloquently, but suffice to say, all the most successful companies around tend to have a positive rapport with their consumers, so wouldn't that imply being good to your customers is more profitable? 
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