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  1. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic Warrior Poets On to the nexts one   

    No one pushed us out... WP core quit the game 4 months before the guild broke up. Gaming communities don't really last in games like this.. BDO is really a game for the hardcore and our community has all types of players. It was fun while it last.
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  2. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic My opinions on the game / developer.   

    I know talizar and he is a pretty good player.. but do not worry, many players already left for WOW. You don't have to tell them to go.. Hit me up if your playing WOW talizar.. I'm in a good pvp guild
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  3. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic My opinions on the game / developer.   

    like I said.. I am bored at work and I check many forums.. maybe something would change that I may want to come back for.. you should be happy people like me check back with the game, if not you won't get any returning players
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  4. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic My opinions on the game / developer.   

    yes I am at work and I stop by many forums when I'm bored. Don't quote me if you don't want me here... Again.... you lose😜 
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  5. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic My opinions on the game / developer.   

    here I'm not. I quit about a month ago... You lose😛
    Bottom line the game has lost so many players that people are crying for mergers.. If you like this game so be it but WOW is the king of MMO'S for a reason... enough said.
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  6. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic My opinions on the game / developer.   

    yes people do want to be spoon fed and that's one of the main reason the game is dying. I went back to wow and I'm enjoying the shit out of it..... BDO is the last Asian MMO game I'm playing... Asian MMO'S are a pay to win grind fest which I am staying out of..
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  7. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic The Failstack dillema   

    Nope.. Valks cry incoming
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  8. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    Well boys it looks like most of us will be Playing WOW for a bit.. 
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  9. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    They need to make a catch up channel like they have in korea.. like if your under level 58 or something. Have 100% experience channel or even increase silver drop. New players or players that want to come back can catch up quickly.p
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  10. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic I'm losing my patience.   

    Without awakening weapons Valencia content is garbage.. harder to kill mobs that gives you the same experience as Susan's  (even thou they are red) and crap drops.. I honestly don't even know why they even gave us Valencia...... 
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  11. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic Castle Siege Observations defending   

    It's broken,.. I guess this is what happens when you don't test castle defense...
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  12. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic Node wars last super long and guilds spam guild funds to build new buildings to just stall something they won't win   

    All you have to do is take out the supply building and they won't be able to build again.. if they have building on them use flame cannon balls. It prevents them from building....... 
    I'm guessing no one here ever used cannons. Learn the full mechanics of what you have available before you cry nerf.. Flame cannonballs has a lasting effect on the ground so if you toss a few in there players won't be able to but pots or repair because of the dot dmg.
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  13. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic Edna or Orwen   

    Uno is the most balanced from just reading the forums.. I'm on uno and none of the strongest guilds are allied.. each of the top pvp guilds are allied amongst smaller guilds. The only problem is the population isn't that big.. there are alot of nodes that go unclaimed.
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  14. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic Edan- Am I the only one that neither understands or gives a **** about all the stupid guild drama posts?!?!   

    Damn op... you had to go and feed the forum trolls.... Never feed the forum trolls.. There's only like 5 edan people that post on these forums and they are all trolls.. or RP nerds..
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  15. ReyRey5000 added a post in a topic Guild House Auction experience   

    My guild that we won the bid... until it was over... we got no notification that someone outbid us..... I am not surprised thou. I was expecting issues anyway... Duam is starting to reach Trion lvl for me lol..
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