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  1. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    You call him the troll yet you are clearly more the troll.  So you sunk a grand into the game.  That doesn't make you entitled to anything, let alone entitled to dish out the sheer nastiness that you routinely pile on other players that would rather have issues that affect the entire game than a few useless, whining, self-entitled millennials who need their mommy's help to tie their own shoes. Either way, it's your problem, not theirs.  
    If you have severe lag its because your system is a potato, because you have a crappy connection, or because you aren't smart enough to know how to properly configure your system correctly.  I have almost zero lag, and when I do its either because I forgot to optimize my graphics before loading the game or because my isp is having issues.  A simple relog for optimization fixes the graphics lag.  The ISP  issues are beyond my control but usually are resolved within a day.  
    I'm sorry you clearly are not smart enough to fix your own problems but the simple fact of the matter is, if you have lag, it is your fault. Learn to fix it or learn to shut the hell up. 
    Actually, they do use test servers.  That's why they overall, rarely need hotfixes.  Also, no game company does "live development" on a game except as a last resort.  It isn't the management of the game that it is pathetic, its little self entitled know-it-all little creeps like you who really know nothing who are pathetic. Take a minute to actually research what the hell you are talking about before coming in and spouting off such obvious lies. 
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  2. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Moderation of the Roleplay chat? Maybe?   

    The lack of moderation in this game is horrible.  If you can't afford more game master moderation, then how about offering a test for potential mods and those that can pass the test receive value packs and/or pearls in exchange for moderating the channel.  Put in place an appeals process where gms can become involved if moderation is appealed and revoke the mod privileges and perks for anyone that seems to abuse the position or uses it to play social justice warrior.  Implementing such a system might well bring back some of the people that left the game because of the lack of moderation and sheer viciousness, vitriol, and SJW trolling of the chat channels. 
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  3. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Let officers Renew contracts   

    Totally disagree.  I have a couple of officers who because of timezone differences and schedules are rarely able to be on the same time I am.  I know many husband/wife teams that share a single pc where one is the gm the other an officer.  In both cases it is extremely tedious to have to demote that person, have another officer renew their contract, and then have to promote them again, every bloody time. 
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  4. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Need Guild "Vice Master" rank for Node/Siege Wars   

    I would love to have this.  some of my officers are rarely on when I am so I cant renew their contracts.  instead i have to demote them and let another officer renew them and then bump them back.  having one or two vice-gms that could renew themselves, raise contracts, etc, woud make my life MUCH easier! 
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  5. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    actually its the unemployed no-lifers that look down on everyone else, think they are better than everyone else but are really just rude, entitled basement-dwelling a-holes leeching off their parents like yourself that are pathetic.  STFU and go away troll. 
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  6. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic 1920x950 resolution windowed mode   

    oh god yes!  I have the same issue! 
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  7. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic GET RID OF FORCED WATERMARKS IN SCREENSHOTS (New this Patch)   

    Yes, please remove the watermark.  And council whoever thought this was a good idea.  This actually violates the usage agreements for several of the meshes used in this game.  
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  8. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    It seems that some of the Black Desert developers have gotten infected with the whole "change for the sake of change" syndrome that has ruined so many websites and games.  
    Some examples of unneeded and gameplay degrading changes in this patch alone:
    * Added wait time when trying to acquire workers.
    * The new cash market layout.
    * The change from automatically defaulting to currently used class when opening a cash marketplace category
    * New Easter event is horrible compared to last year's, that is not nearly as fun, and provides rewards that are not nearly as useful.  
    * And what the heck is the deal with the watermarks on screenshots????  Please remove that bs!  I firmly believe these watermarks are a bug.  I cannot believe anyone is stupid enough to think those are a good idea.  

    Can we please just have a full rollback on this patch and a do over that doesn't include unnecessary experience degrading (in soem cases breaking) changes? 
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  9. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    Gotta say, I liked the prizes from last year's cherry blossom event MUCH better. 
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  10. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    how do you even claim the coupon in the first place?  I can't seem to get it to work... 
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  11. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Hopefully Never.  Two-step "security" is an illusion and often is actually more of a risk than single step. 
    Those items didn't start out as temporary items.  The first events they were used in left them.  The only event items that should ever be temporary are those that are actually part of the event, NOT the rewards.  I have never come across another game that takes away awards like this one does. 
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  12. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Two-step authentication   

    NO THANK YOU.  Steam's two step authentication is annoying, and yet it hasn't prevented accounts from being stolen.  In fact, if your phone is stolen it pretty much guarantees your account WILL be stolen.  Not to mention, for the people that *shock* do not have cell phones for whatever reason, that makes it hard for them to play.  For the love of god do not implement this. 
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  13. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Just out of curiosity, what idiot decided that removing the warm milk and hot tea before we even had a chance to use them all was a good idea?  Seriously, what idiot?  Please name them and fire them. 
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  14. Greeniewolf added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    "Quests starting at level 1 to 50 for the black spirit quest have been changed to the main story quests."
    Ugh.  Why?  That takes much of the enjoyment out of things and the storyline doesn't make as much sense. 
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