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  1. Bread added a post in a topic Running   

    Are you overweight? When you carry too much stuff, a little red exclamation icon with a percentage above 100% will appear to the left of the mini map, and you will move slower. A warning indicator comes on once you reach 90% of your weight limit. You can see your current weight and weight limit in your inventory.
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  2. Bread added a post in a topic Looking for guild   

    Which server are you on?
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  3. Bread added a post in a topic Crafting a noble wagon   

    I think you're crafting accessories for a Noble Wagon. What you want is a Wagon Registration: Noble Wagon. This will give you a Noble Wagon when you register it at a stable.
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  4. Bread added a topic in US Guild   

    [Orwen] <Rendezvous> Your Spaceship With Our Space Station
    Guild Master: Nopi
    Guild Officers: Dervila, Hamelin
    Why Rendezvous?
    Perhaps you like a well placed silent letter. As a guild, we strive to provide a truly relaxed environment where you can play the game at your own pace, and improve your skills. The definition for rendezvous also defines us as a guild: this is a welcoming group where members interact on a multitude of levels. Just as how two spacecraft rendezvous in orbit, you too can rendezvous your spaceship with our space station.
    We are comprised of a relatively small group of very active members, and are currently seeking out those who may be a good fit. This is a guild less concerned about quantity and numbers. We find success in providing a community that truly caters to those looking for an interactive guild. Do you enjoy playing the game at your own pace, and enjoy helping others as much as you enjoy receiving it? You may want to read on.
    Perks we offer:
    • Casual, supportive, close-knit guild atmosphere
    • Lenient rules and requirements
    • Mutual enjoyment for chatting, spelunking, space exploration, and fine dining
    • Scheduled events and other activities (encouraged, but optional)
    • Discord (optional, text recommended)
    • A guild that grows with it’s members
    • Friendly and respectful interactions with other guilds
    What you bring:
    • Someone who plays the game at their own pace
    • Someone always looking to improve
    • Willingness to give help and receive it
    • Active on a weekly basis
    Ready to apply?
    See if any officers are currently online, or send a forum message @Bread. We’ll send you a few questions to make sure you are a good fit for us, and more importantly that we are a good fit for you. Thanks for your interest!
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  5. Bread added a post in a topic T6 Horse breedings Resulted in all breedings dropping tiers   

    This is not a tech issue, but an aspect of the breeding game. When you get to higher tier level horses, there is a chance for the breeding to result is a lower tier offspring, even if the parents are high level. I bred my two level 30 T6 horses and ended up with a T5 the first time, and a T7 the second. According to the breeding calculator, there is roughly a 33% chance of getting a T5 horse with two level 23 T6 horses. If you leveled the horses to 28 each, that chance would drop to 24%. 
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  6. Bread added a post in a topic What are the benefits of pvp?   

    People were discussing in some videos that guilds could declare wars to block another guild from accessing open world raid bosses, or farming locations. Effectively, this would boost their members' chances of getting the good loots, or hinder another guild's progress. During a guild war, attacking the opponent guild does not lower karma as well.
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  7. Bread added a post in a topic Just bought, and have some questions   

    Wizard/Witch would fit your desire for distance and support with heals. I heard Sorceress' range isn't great.
    RP guilds are going Orwen, but I'm sure there will be decent enough PvP on both servers, with maybe slightly more slice and dice on Edan.
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  8. Bread added a post in a topic Servers   

    In the Pre-order FAQ it says this: "However, you may switch from the European to the American server at any time, free of charge. Your character data will not be available on the other server."
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