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    Let's all just get along PsychedeIic of <StrangerDanger>

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  1. Anemone added a post in a topic Awakened Black Spirit Crystals and Kakao servers LOL   

    it's been so much worse than usual for me the last couple days
    2+ minute lag spikes almost back-to-back
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  2. Anemone added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    has anybody tested this with that healthbar screenshot tool?
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  3. Anemone added a post in a topic -StrangerDanger- is recruiting |PvP| PvX | Node wars| 55+ 350gs| GvG| Pk|   

    best guild much wowe 
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  4. Anemone added a post in a topic Why do +0 blue awakening weapons sell?   

    less silver but more $$$, you're getting more value for your cash when you use the blue wep vs frags
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  5. Anemone added a post in a topic 50 Stacks & Quitting   

    decent ragequit
    extra points for eye burning font style choice 
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  6. Anemone added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    its okay Dremlock, we can hear your soul screaming in agony 
    you don't have to lie
    there, there *pats*
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  7. Anemone added a post in a topic Bye Bye Witch it was a great time - Welcome Ranger - Bye bye Ranger -> -.-   

    some trolls get better with age
    and others just revel in mediocrity,
    unable to simply leave with grace
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  8. Anemone added a post in a topic So the moon became a floating island with a city on it... Huh...   

    lol thats a gardening fence
    it's a sign, time to go back to 100x sunflower farms
    the gods have spoken
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  9. Anemone added a post in a topic How does AP work after awakening   

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  10. Anemone added a post in a topic Upgrading Weapons?   

    mainhand AP affects awakening damage so,
    yeah you're gonna want to get a liverto at least
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  11. Anemone added a post in a topic Sailor outfit was temporary?   

    actually IIRC it does say something like "discount ends x" on discounted items, and limited costumes say something like "only available til x"
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  12. Anemone added a post in a topic -StrangerDanger- is recruiting |PvP| PvX | Node wars| 55+ 350gs| GvG| Pk|   

    we also have vans and candy
    definitely not a repetitive bump post nah
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  13. Anemone added a post in a topic Who are you in game?   

    I'm pretty active on the forums mostly because its fun, but also because I'm casual 
    it's not possible for me to play at work or during my classes, so I try to be well-informed in order to use my limited play time wisely c:
    it is a bit strange to know some OP people pretty well from the forums, since I won't ever be on their level in game lol
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  14. Anemone added a post in a topic Who are you in game?   

    My family name is Psychedelic, 
    and my main is Mycelia (witch) c:

    ps. StrangerDanger best guild NA 
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  15. Anemone added a post in a topic Who are you in game?   

    my family name was going to be Anemone
    but the name reservation page bugged and saved my family name as blank
    by the time it was fixed Anemone was taken
    so, meh
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