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  1. Tehwin added a post in a topic What games are you guys heading back to now the BDO is going to be P2W   

    I'm not quitting BDO, but I'll probably go back to Mechwarrior Online for a bit.
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  2. Tehwin added a post in a topic Post here how many times you've gotten a golden backpack and what skill level you have   

    4 backpacks.  Professional 5 gathering.   I've gone through 10 lucky steel hoes and 1 magic hoe.
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  3. Tehwin added a post in a topic Value pack points and refutations   

    To expand on this,  it can only be P2W if the amount of time spent on the marketplace exceeds the amount of time able to be acquired by non-monetary methods.  
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  4. Tehwin added a post in a topic time to quit your guilds   

    You're all PvErs.  Real PvPers would have the guts to go red and not whine about it.
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  5. Tehwin added a post in a topic Release Ninja/Kuno or riots will start!   

    They should add pitchforks and torches to the cash shop.  Would keep the game in business for decades.
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  6. Tehwin added a post in a topic To The Dev's   

    I like her.  She annoys all the right people.
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  7. Tehwin added a post in a topic Are Market Place Special Deals Tax Free?   

    Someone who won't believe the evidence in his own mailbox probably won't be convinced by anyone else.
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  8. Tehwin added a post in a topic Name your worst experience in horse breeding   

    All my tier 6s bred down to tier 5 females.  My highest level male remaining was tier 3. I still haven't gotten back on track.
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  9. Tehwin added a post in a topic Explain how this is not Pay to Win   

    The best horse is still capped at T7 level 30.  Nothing the outfit does changes that and you can get the best horse without the outfit.  Breeding resets is a completely separate issue that for some reason is brought in to somehow "prove" that the outift is P2W, you're conflating items and if you have a problem with breeding resets you should make that a separate topic.
    If you want to be the top trainer you don't ride high level horses, you catch horses and the outfit does not give any extra training experience.
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  10. Tehwin added a post in a topic Explain how this is not Pay to Win   

    Except 20% Horse Exp does nothing on it's own.  You have to look at what it actually gives, which is faster horse leveling, which in turn is capped at level 30.  This outfit does not give anything that can't be gotten in game without it, whether you wear the costume or not the end result is the same.  There are items that can legitimately be considered P2W (albeit fairly benign) in the store, this is not one of them.
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  11. Tehwin added a post in a topic Requesting refunds for outfits... (outfit changed after it was bought)   

    Yeah, it was weird they would appear with low durability.  They obviously fixed the costume to how it's supposed to have originally looked like, but in doing so they did change the appearance that they had sold to players.
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  12. Tehwin added a post in a topic Do you want "Armor remodel system/npc"   

    Hey, it's already head and shoulders above normal Daum communication. 
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  13. Tehwin added a post in a topic If your account is compromised you have to pay to get it back ?   

    This with 1 caveat, it is sometimes the company's fault that account security fails but in those cases a lot of people are affected and it's pretty obvious that there was a massive failure of security on the server side.
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  14. Tehwin added a post in a topic [Discussion] Patch Rate   

    So the older content is deleted when new content is released? Everyone evacuate Calpheon before it disappears! 
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  15. Tehwin added a post in a topic Razer Blade or Sager NP9870-S   

    If you want a 14" gaming laptop then Razer is the way to go.  Not much competition there.
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