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  1. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Ninja Combo Theory Crafting   

    thanks yeh I was watching a eu ninja streamer who clued me in on the dp debut of ankle cutter which seems to. Help a abit, I'm still ranking up shadow stump only at like 550 skill point but I hit 57.  Just saving for bheg gloves.  I got a kzaka short sword on night vendor too I'm casually working on now too
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  2. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Your node war experiences so far?   

    Run max evasion set up, evasion helm gems, Val special or whale food along with serendia or combat rations.  Try to either fill one of the following roles.  Defend the back line.  When a zerker or sorc tries to go for your wizards or rangers just unload cc combos until other dps classes nuke them or do a scout / attack role where you pick of stragglers running from a spawn.  Or if their flame towers aren't covering their watchable just keep diving it to eventually kill it with a few others
    yeh and ninja skills hit like 20-30 percent weaker than they should so you'll have trouble killing people as fast as other classes unless your near 200 AP with bheg gloves
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  3. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Fishing sucks now!! IM BROKE!!   

    this shows u didn't fish, there is no trash loot in ocean, even at skilled fishing it's mostly blue and gold fish
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  4. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Selling Tri Kzarka Shortsword   

    Yeh I mean even tri bhegs sat at 600 mil for days I imagine the Zaka would do the same
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  5. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Selling Tri Kzarka Shortsword   

    Isn't it going to be a half a billion?  Only a select few on the server have that kinda cash
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  6. ChrisJ added a post in a topic WTS Guild (Edan)   

    that's about what's it worth I know someone who barely paid $20 for a guild that has a ton more points than that that was front page for months of guild list
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  7. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Thanks for the Golden Dagger Event   

    haha yeh I went thru like 20 fishing rods and got nothing that's like 800 fish or more 
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  8. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Several trade items lost during wagon trip   

    I know people can attack your wagon, I had a guild mate attack some guy in a wagon who we were at war with and his wagon dropped 400 tin crates
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  9. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Struggling so hard to get to 57 only 6.800 into 56   

    how are bandits compared to fogan, the distance to towns there looks appealing
    hey if you on Edan let me know I'm on most nights east coast US and grinding to 57 as well . I'm a 174 AP ninja and find pirates to be good just because there we less people out there, although I might try bandits for a little bit or Titium valley as I heard the mobs are easy to kill, it's just the repair distance
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  10. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Ninja feel a little weak?   

    yeh I mean coming from a wizard the ninja isn't a class that can now people down but the role of run in, pick someone off who might be low and dash out seems to have its place, as small scale fighting the ninja has a hell of a lot of cc
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  11. ChrisJ added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    Please imperial trading we need coins to compete with the whales!
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  12. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Ninja feel a little weak?   

    he clearly hasn't fought a zerker recently lol
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  13. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Ninja Combo Theory Crafting   

    Hey thanks a bunch for some tips, I just got to Edan and hit 56 this weekend and got almost 180 AP and am looking to try some combos. Up until now I've been tuning in and just opening with the shurkken throw to rush in and grab then spam a few skills then run away,  I'll have to try out a more precise combo, it looks pretty fub
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  14. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Ninja Ultimate(100% rage skill)   

    thanks! I have a 57 wizard and never used Z before lol but as a ninja it's a solid idea 
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  15. ChrisJ added a post in a topic Ninja Ultimate(100% rage skill)   

    what what does Z do?
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