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  1. Ayl added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    People don't understand how statistics work, and I most likely have a poor grasp on it as well.
    Just because it can take up to, and over, 64 rings to hit TRI does not mean that it always will. Expecting to fail 2 times on every PRI attempt is silly, attempting to fail 3 times on every single DUO attempt is also silly. You could fail 8 times, or you could succeed 3 in a row. RNG seems to balance itself out over long periods of time in this game. But with proper failstacks, I've always found accessories to be quite generous.
    I TRI'ed both of my RCE's with only 8 earrings and 40 failstacks, I've gone for TRI Serap's 3 times now on ~50 failstacks and failed every time. That's 12 necklaces now the drain. 
    RNG is RNG. 
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  2. Ayl added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    Was saying 15-20 rings not failstacks. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I do my DUO's at 27fs for blues and 35fs for yellows, TRI's at 40fs-45fs for both. 
    52.5% with 25
    33.75% with 35
    27.5% with 44
    Those are the numbers on the "classic" failstack requirement chart, still what I live by simply because nothing better has really been provided and it seems accurate from many, many enchants. 
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  3. Ayl added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    25-30 per TRI? I'd say that's quite unlucky in fact. I'd make an estimate closer to 15-20 with average luck and proper failstacking.
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  4. Ayl added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom screenshots!   

    Love the screenshots.
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  5. Ayl added a post in a topic "http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136299-dont-v-in-duels/Don't V In Duels"   

    As far as I recall, you can't use V in arenas at all. It says it has something like a 56000 second CD. Can anyone confirm or correct this?
    Edit: The exceptionally long CD text is no longer there, but this pops up. So people who're mentioning using the V skill in arena, that hasn't been a thing for quite a long time!

    This entirely.
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  6. Ayl added a post in a topic "http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136299-dont-v-in-duels/Don't V In Duels"   

    Real PvPers? Who determines that? I don't believe that you do, for anyone except yourself at least. I'm fine if you don't see me as a "real PvPer". I PvP to win, not to accept death and a loss, especially not when I have a button to prevent it. That is my "real PvP". Good thing I don't play many other games though. 
    I've said my peace. You can continue to call other people names because you have too much pride to make use of a skill that the game gives to every player. I won't argue with you. 
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  7. Ayl added a post in a topic "http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136299-dont-v-in-duels/Don't V In Duels"   

    I will not karma bomb and I will not spawn camp someone but I will totally use my V skill so that I don't die. If you're here to fight honorable duels, props to you, I'm here to try and win my fights.
    As Kaneki said, if I use my V to get out of a warrior 100% or a berserker grapple chain (things that take no skill to execute but are the end of the fight almost instantly), I can often times turn the fight around and win. 
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  8. Ayl added a post in a topic "http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136299-dont-v-in-duels/Don't V In Duels"   

    Both players have access to it though, nothing prevents your opponent from using their V except perhaps misguided pride.
    What's different from a Kuno rolling out of your combo and stealthing so they can recover briefly, or a wizard rolling out and teleporting away to heal? That these are abilities inherent to their classes? So is the V skill. 
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  9. Ayl added a post in a topic Story of My Life   

    Notifications pop up 10 to 15 minutes before an item is registered, if you got a notification and the item was already posted, it means that notification was for an upcoming item. The only thing this doesn't apply to is cash shop items which go up in like... 30 seconds to 3 minutes. 

    I could be wrong, but some sarcasm is fun occasionally. If you have 9bil, you can do a lot with your silver unless you're full TET boss gear, with TET weapons, and TRI accessories. If that's not your goal, well you're correct then, there's not a massive amount of use for that much silver besides making more. 
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  10. Ayl added a post in a topic "http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136299-dont-v-in-duels/Don't V In Duels"   

    Isn't the point to win? The V skill is an ability accessible to every class, it's not like it's some scummy exploit to use it. It's a "get out of jail free card" that both players have access to. Just because one player decides not to make use of it doesn't make the other player dishonorable.
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  11. Ayl added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    Different classes excel at different things, and in different situations.
    Valkyrie vacuum is amazing in any form of group PvP, but in 1v1s it's just an average CC. Ninja CC chaining and damage is very nice to have in a 1v1 and perhaps small skirmishes, but in larger scale group PvP it doesn't really shine. Rangers can dash in and eviscerate a target extremely quickly if they have the necessary gear to do so, but you don't see then destroying entire groups like a wizard or witch might. They (rangers) also have a pretty high gear floor before they can do this.
    Things are "OP" when they're good at everything, like berserkers are. They're underpowered when they have too small a niche, or they're just bad in every aspect, which no class is. 
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  12. Ayl added a post in a topic "http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136299-dont-v-in-duels/Don't V In Duels"   

    Pretty funny, moving to PvP though.
    If pressing V so I don't get my rectum resized is how the goal of not dying/winning needs to be accomplished, no shame. 
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  13. Ayl added a post in a topic An update on the Dremlock / RP community debacle. A GM's ultimatum! It's quite good, actually.   

    Rhotaaz's antics did definitely make me smile, and although I'm in an RP PvP guild, Dremlock's adventures were certainly midly amusing until I had to deal with the aftermath. 
    Interesting ending to it all. Is there a sequel @GM_Rhotaaz?
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  14. Ayl added a post in a topic Apologies to the new players   

    I was playing about between 10 and 16 hours a day at launch, no school and no job, and the only Guru I saw within weeks of launch was a GM boosting himself to Guru to test something. I've never heard, or seen anyone say any of the things you're saying. I was also there first hand. 
    You can spread misinformation all you want. I'll continue to correct unless proven wrong. 
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  15. Ayl added a post in a topic Apologies to the new players   

    That is mostly all wrong. As someone who's played actively since CBT1, there was no 3000% life skill boost on launch. There was a small handful of 300% life EXP weekends for a select handful of life skills (trading/training one weekene for example), but those quickly ended.
    The 100% EXP weekends weren't a thing commonly if at all until Awakenings started releasing either. 
    Guru life skill ranks outside of fishing weren't obtained for a LONG time after launch.
    I disagree with Feebleone, but don't spread lies and misinformation to disprove someone's point. Thanks.
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