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  1. Xialoh added a post in a topic So in really tough grind spots (like Kamasylvia mobs), which classes grind best?   

    thanks, found some vids using whatever that says. Saw a level 57 dk farming that same area (but with like 250 AP), and he was just as effective as the ranger (if not more effective..)
    Suppose I needn't have worried.
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  2. Xialoh added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    I don't play a kuno but...why is the new outfit available to musa, maehwa, tamer, ninja, and....then not Kunoichi? Seems like an odd thing to skip.
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  3. Xialoh added a topic in Classes   

    So in really tough grind spots (like Kamasylvia mobs), which classes grind best?
    I'm curious about what class grinds fastest once you're beyond the point of one shotting everything. I was just watching this video in particular:
    Just kind of got me wondering, how well is a level 60 sorc or DK or witch going to fare in this area? And I am primarily looking at those classes, as I have them all at 56/57+. I feel like it might be good to consider the long term, because at least in my head right now, I can't picture a DK being quite as effective as this ranger looks here. I'm sure I'm wrong though, it just doesn't seem to have the proper infinite spam potential is all. But rotations would solve that I'm sure.
    Why yes, yes I am a DK fotm reroll cautiously debating going back to his fotm witch or sorc yet again. How did you guess?
    Anyway, rankings? Wizard > Witch > [other classes].. 
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  4. Xialoh added a post in a topic Awakened PvE combo   

    Looks effective, I might even have to pick up Grip of Grudge again...you run into any skill point shortages from having that >_>? I might be just about ready to drop some pre-awakening stuff though. Wheel and Lunacy feel largely unnecessary, and they don't land much in pvp. Plus my MH is kind of lower on AP anyway.
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  5. Xialoh added a post in a topic Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows   

    Already discovered all this myself, but nice for sharing it. I do wonder if it'll help people though - mana management for me just came as a natural part of doing stuff, using skills and all that. The fact that some DKs struggle with it suggests that people just...aren't using much variety in their abilities, or sidestepping to dodge attacks, I guess? Maybe everyone's just spamming spirit legacy? I do that occasionally, with the understanding that it's inefficient and will drain my mana. It's a nice filler when I can't remember what's off CD at that moment, and I hate switching to Krieg. I also suspect that this widespread insistence on using pre-awakening abilities might also be related, since none of the ones everyone insists on using generate any mana, and people seem to favor them over the mana generating side skills in the awakening tree from what I've seen in the occasional grinding vid.
    Sort of a shame that weapon swapping on this class is nowhere near as smooth and convenient as it was on my sorc though >_>. I might love it as much as everyone else if it was. Hope they make some serious changes with that whole second awakening thing, because I hate the feel of most of the preawakening skills..
    edit: all that said, I do have one question. Are you using Grip of Grudge? I see you mention the skill shortcut, but I didn't notice you using it in the video. I removed it early on because I wanted to have skill points for all the stuff at 58, and now I don't remember if it was horrendous or not. Is it worth having? iirc, it's pretty damned slow. An animation cancel for it would be nice, but I think I failed to figure any out.
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  6. Xialoh added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    I didn't even realize this was going on >_>. I wonder if I could use this..

    But it has my stupid fps counter in the bottom there. Guess I should consider something else.
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  7. Xialoh added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    They also don't exist in a vacuum. When people invest time and money into a thing, they are likely to, and have every right to, criticize what they've invested in. 
    You know what else doesn't have to be done though? You don't have to respond to this topic.
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  8. Xialoh added a post in a topic Reduce number of reverse proxy servers   

    Just out of curiosity, how do you know this? Is that information posted somewhere? Not saying you're wrong, I just don't know.
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  9. Xialoh added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    Oh shut the hell up. The game is horribly flawed - you don't have to make MMOs to criticize them.
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  10. Xialoh added a post in a topic This game is a parasite.   

    I can't disagree. It's a great game ruined by systems designed to be frustrating at every turn. Unless they actually change that, I'm just doing what I can here until something better comes along. 
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  11. Xialoh added a post in a topic Why cant we wear underwear costumes in public?   

    Oh really now.
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  12. Xialoh added a post in a topic If there would be new server would you play?   

    If they transferred all my outfits/weight increases/pets, sure. Alternatively, if they just give me an equivalent amount of pearls to the amount I've spent, I'd do it then too.
    Otherwise no, too much of a waste of cash. I'd sooner quit the game.
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  13. Xialoh added a post in a topic Why cant we wear underwear costumes in public?   

    Nevermind that it's hardly in public given that no one else can see it unless you're in a residence anyway.
    I kind of forgot underwear even existed in the game it's so rarely usable.
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  14. Xialoh added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    Mm no, they lie all the time. Even saying it's working as intended is a lie, since the tooltip tells players it does something it does not. Telling us it's "working as intended" is rather deliberately misleading if the stated intention is false.
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  15. Xialoh added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    I'm not sure this will be of much use to BDO unless they add some additional laws to cover BS like RNG pet tiering up, the dye boxes, the horse skill change coupons...Hell, they should go ahead and require indications of probability for all RNG that involves a cash shop at all. So if they're going to sell us artisan's memory for the purpose of fixing our RNG broken gear, they have to tell us the odds of successfully enchanting gear so we know what we're buying with artisan's memory. Tell me the odds of getting instant accel or sideways move when I buy a skill change coupon. 
    There's no reason we shouldn't know these things, other than to allow PA to make a few extra bucks off people with 0 self control that will throw money at a target forever until they hit it, even when they're effectively blind. The system in this game could literally be rigged to manipulate probabilities based on an individual player's spending habits. Did that player spend $1000 on launch day? Don't give him a single useful skill until he spends a solid $50-$100 on skill change coupons. Give him the dandelion drop, but drop its enchanting success rate from his projected target from 15% to 2% while he works his way through a few hundred artisan's memory. Alternate the pattern on players in similar situations (so increase 10% of the other big spender's enchanting odds substantially), to avoid being obvious enough to track with word of mouth alone.
    Now obviously, this may or may not be going on. I personally think something to this effect goes on in BDO, but I have no proof other than other people that think the same. But the fact is that it could be going on, because it's possible and not illegal. There's nothing stopping them from doing it, and if they know how to do it, it wouldn't even make sense for them not to do it unless PA/Kakao are just too honest to want more money. They just need to have programs changing things based on the data they collect on what players do. Over time, games could be able to push player spending to the maximum upper limit of a person's tolerance without losing their business. It'd be effective, profitable, manipulative as hell.
    Hopefully China started something with this. Regulations in gaming might be a slippery slope for all I know, but gaming as a whole already seems to be sliding down this RNG slope as is, so **** it, I don't care anymore. Regulate away.
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