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  1. Arasaka added a post in a topic Boss Knowledge   

    yeh soloing and with a Hawk as pet.
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  2. Arasaka added a post in a topic Boss Knowledge   

    This must be very hard to get anyway, count is more then 50 kills and no knowledge.
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  3. Arasaka added a topic in PVE   

    Farming Life Skill advancement
    Hello guys,
    My question is simple but, even though I browsed the forums, I've not found any answer. I'm farming Artisan 5 (and Gathering Pro 6) but I haven't seen any benefit from the advancement in the skill. Is it me or does really getting exp in farming life skill bring no benefits at all ?
    For sure there is no more speed in gathering while pruning etc, and I'ven't noticed an increase in special items drop like Hard/Sharp Crystals, Female Kermes etc etc.
    So the question remains: is it worth exping it or not ?
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  4. Arasaka added a topic in General   

    Boss Knowledge
    Hello guys,
    just a simple question, is it still possible to obtain the knowledge of bosses (like Red Nose, Bheg etc) using the weak summoning scrolls you obtain during the story quests ? I mean the quests like [Co-op - kill the X Boss] given by the Black spirit ?
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  5. Arasaka added a topic in Sorceress   

    Kutum or Nouver ?
    Hello guys, I'd like to have your opinions on the choice of the best off-hand.
    I know that Kutum is, for sure, better then anything else in PVP situations, but what about PVE ? Not talking about low level, easy mobs like pirates or Bashims, talking about Basilisks, Cadry, Fogans etc, would you prefer Nouver ofr more AP or Kutum ?
    I'm asking the sorc community hoping to have some real feedback based on facts (sorry I haven't got Kutum or Nouver and, given I haven't got so much money I need to make a wise choice of what to buy) and, before you underline, no on regular forums ppl are just talking about personal preferencies based on their class and playstyle, no real data.
    Thank you in advance for any feedback you can give.
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  6. Arasaka added a post in a topic Is the hunting quest in Olvia gone?   

    hey there, just a question as I tried it as a daily and couldn't damage the deer (tried with both a rented Musket and my own one - skilled hunting musket)
    Do you use your own or the rented one ? How much does it give to your Hunting Skill when you report back ?
    Thank you
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  7. Arasaka added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    The Farming advancement quest lvl 34, called Harvesting lvl 34 instead, asks you to breed the best quality Hypha from Arrow Mushroom AND CLOWN Mushroom, but the latter doesn't exist in game. I tried if it was just a mispell for CLOUD mushroom (actually in game) but it doesn't give credits.
    Right now I just don't know which mushroom the quest wants.
    PS: It seems someone tried to breed an AMANITA Mushroom and it worked for the CLOWN mushroom.
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  8. Arasaka added a post in a topic Enhancement & Failstack Costs/Strategies   

    Well apart from failstack numbers, my problem is always the same: what's the best way to build up FS from 0 to +15 / +20 ?
    Which are the least expensive items to use ? I tried reblath but even from +14 to +15 it's hard to get more than 12 FS... grunil would be a good choice because you can resell it BUT it's costly to repair it's dura. Agerian is not that good either and weapons like Rosar/Krea, cheap on market for sure, are not resellable at all so, once they reach +15 the only choice is to Extract getting around 40+ blackstones back (and it's a great waste of money).
    So my question is: what are you guys using to get FS ?
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  9. Arasaka added a post in a topic Seriously....fix your game!   

    This is not true. i can tell you that also on EU servers a lot of ppl (including me) are experiencing costant DCs in a way the game isn't playable at all. Sometimes the problem is so hard that we get DCed after 10 seconds of relogging in, other times we can stay ingame for 10 minutes before the next DC. I don't know if it is a server problem(in the case everyone should be affected by the problem) or, as I think, it is probably a sort of "black list" for some IP routes. I've written a report and waiting for the answer after doing their tests.
    PS: I can add that I was running smooth and without problems BEFORE the May patches while, after, I started having DC problems (after the DDOS attacks they told us). After some time I tried the trial version of WTFast (as suggested in the forums) and, magically, for the trial week I had NO DC at all. WTFast does only reroute my connection to the DAUM server so the answer is there...
    Now I'm back on my normal 100 Mb fiber connection and I'm experiencing continuous DCs again.
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  10. Arasaka added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    It's been like this since the May patches - that is since they told us about those DDOS attacks they were experiencing. I'm on a 100 Mb fiber and I've no problems at all in ANY other online game (SW:ToR, Neverwinter, Marvel heroes etc) and I didn't have problems since May but, after those events, I get DCed continuously, expecially when fighting pack of mobs (causing me to die and lose 1% exp AND crystals) and World Bosses, but also when I'm in town. The game is kinda unplayable right now.
    I can just tell you one more thing: following the suggestion posted in this forum, I tried the 1 week free trial period with WTFast, getting even a slower connection/ping from my normal one BUT having no disconnection problems at all during the full week.
    Given that WTFast just re-routes your connection on different middle servers to reach the DAUM game servers, my theory is that, after the DDOS attacks, they just made a sort of "black list" of few servers and, if you happen to trace from them, you will be subject to disconnections. Otherwise I cannot explain WHY, before May I was going ok and, after those patches, I get DCed continuously while, instead, I can just play fine on other games AND I was playing fine when trying the 1 week free trial of WTFast.
    I just dont' wanna pay for a service (WTFast) that gives me only the chance to normally play a game that I SHOULD BE ABLE TO PLAY without problems with my usual connection (plus I don't even know if DAUM considers WTFast, or similar softwares as a violation of their EULA) but DAUM sin't even recognizing that the disconnection issue is on their side and not on client side.
    I wrote a ticket to the support but, honestly, I don't think I will have an answer at all by them...
    And the problem persists since months and hits a lot of customers from all over the NA/EU, using different ISPs.
    Of course I'm sure GMs will not answer to this post as they didn't answer to all the other similar posts opened in the past.
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  11. Arasaka added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Continuous Disconnections
    Hello, since last two patches I'm experiencing continuous disconnections from the server.
    This expecially happens during combat, having disconnections every 2 minutes or so and, sometimes, even after very few seconds from the re-login. The game, right now, is unplayable because I lose a lot more exp than I'm able to get, due to deaths... even outside combat, anyway, I have disconnections even though it seems to be a little better.
    Before jumping to the conclusion it could be my PC, or my connection or else, I'm telling you I NEVER have a DC in any other game I'm actually playing, (i.e. Marvel Heroes, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Neverwinter Online) so it is something related to the game server of BDO.
    BTW, my connection is a 100 mb fiber. I can add that also other friends of mine are experiencing the same issues and it seems there's no solution right now, tried to delete version.dat, to delete all patch files since 17.06.2016 on and re-patching it all, even delete the entire game and reistalling it all. nothing at all worked.
    Waiting for a GM response.
    Thanks in advance
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  12. Arasaka added a post in a topic "family name already in use" on second login   

    Same goes for me. I logged in this morning, created my first char, didn't even play with it coz of work. Now that I'm back from work I'm prompted everytime to insert Family Name BUT, whatever name I chose, be it my reserved one or a fantasy one, cannot go on...
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  13. Arasaka added a post in a topic NAME RESERVATION AND CBT2 INFO   

    I have the following problem right now: I purchased the Explorer's Package but I still didn't receive the e-mail with the redeem code to download and play the CBT-2. My brother, who made the order of the explorer's package the exact same day of me, just 2 minutes before, already received the e-mail, almost 2 days ago.
    Given that we should be able to DL the client from tomorrow, I'm wondering if the mails will be sent in time...
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