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  1. Cisterna added a topic in General   

    Complete Black Spirit's Quest
    I tried to complete one black spirit's quest and this is the result, see chat.

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  2. Cisterna added a post in a topic Extremely bad performance   

    Tell us which motherboard you have and what bios version please.
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  3. Cisterna added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    I'm not agree some of this updates, and, players should get a compensation.
    First, i wan't an easy game with easy drops "World & Field Boss will spawn faster than before".
    And Second, the compensation for the new players it's ok, but, ¿What happend to the rest (the headstarters)? ¿Nothing for us? very sad.
    Congratulations for Maewas, but, you're happy for some thing that would be done since beggining of the launch.
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  4. Cisterna added a topic in Technical Issues   

    ¿FPS problems after update? My solution
    For some time now , I've had slumps before fps when all was well.
    Doing a little research , I saw that in the BIOS my CPU was blocked to 0,8Ghz , if that is your case , the solution is to disable the BIOS option :
    Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor
    I found this bug on a motherboard MSI Gaming M3 .
    I guess if the failure FPS in MSI Motherboard , this is the solution .
    Good luck

    EDIT: I made a "tutorial" on my blog to solve this problem, in spahisn.
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  5. Cisterna added a post in a topic Performance issues with game   

    Same problem here, after some patch, we have a lot of perfomance than now, and, after logo "Pearl Abyss" it's very SLOW loading... We have tried, fresh install of Windows 10, all drivers are updated... and we don't know what to do. Our specs:

    CPU: Intel I5 6500
    RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz
    GPU: GTX 970
    Motherboard: MSI z170A M3
    HDD: SSD 850 Samsung EVO 250GB
    That was my fix.
    Good luck.
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  6. Cisterna added a post in a topic GOLD SELLERS ARE BACK!!!   

    I'm reporting "Report to chat ban" to the gold sellers and my energy has gone for that... ¿why?... 
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  7. Cisterna added a post in a topic Msi gtx 970 fps problem   

    This it works? because my specs are this:

    I7 3820 (socket 2011)
    16GB Corsair predator 1600Mhz (2x8)
    GTX 970 Gigabyte G1 4GB
    And i can't go more than 20-40 fps on outdoor (in cities is a hell)

    I'm seeing videos on youtube, with people getting 60 stable fps with highest settings...
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  8. Cisterna added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    Crafting and Farming is only a part of PvE for me, for me PvE (for my understanding) is cooperate with another people to do an objetive that isn't a player. Cooperate and every player have theyr own to do on the battle.
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  9. Cisterna added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    I want PvE content, because I don't like PvP or GvG
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  10. Cisterna added a post in a topic Help! Weird yellow color on screen!   

    The flickering you can fix it with the lanterns options, but, still having color/bright problem for me.
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  11. Cisterna added a post in a topic Bright washout colors?   

    Thank you for answer, i've tried all the filters but colors/bright still doing pain in my eyes (happy with the game, only minor issues).
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  12. Cisterna added a post in a topic Black desert is boring?   

    I was posting about lighting problems with laterns and those things, and i read this post.... this is not for help, just for fun.
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  13. Cisterna added a post in a topic Black desert is boring?   

    Game is boring yeah.... but only on Load Screen
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  14. Cisterna added a post in a topic Bright washout colors?   

    I'm on filter "none" but in some areas still having pain in the eyes with some bright and undefined colors.
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  15. Cisterna added a post in a topic Help! Weird yellow color on screen!   

    Yes, it was that, but like he says Kaiserin, sometimes in random places, are brighting and colors are not defined, without depth. Graphics are awesome, but, colors/contrast and lighting is so bad (i've tried a lot of screen configurations, gamma, bright, contrast.... and nothing).
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