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  1. Mayo77 added a post in a topic Do you like that they added Artisan's Memory to Cash shop for pearls? (used to be only loyalties)   

    I like it because it cements the reason i left this game. The developers are pushing this game straight towards p2w and if you think this is the last patch of p2w all i have to say is lol. ITs too bad this game could ahve been epic but the developers / publishers dont get it. They are just creating the next AA. Maybe eventually the players will understand what their doing here and leave this mess of a game, but for some reason i have my doubts.
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  2. Mayo77 added a post in a topic Marketplace bug   

    I just wanted to let you know i fixed this issue by reinstalling the game.
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  3. Mayo77 added a post in a topic cef browser for black desert has stopped working   

    This is what i did and it fixed this error
    Step 1) Exit gameStep 2) Open nvidea control panel/ manage 3d settings/ on the tab select "program settings" ...select "add" then select "browse". Navigate to c/ program files (x86)/black desert online .Step 3) Add blackdesert_launcher.exeStep 4) Repeat step 2 but also add DGCefBrowser.exeStep 5) Press "APPLY" in nvidea settings.Step 6 ) Restart the game, enjoy it should be fixed!
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  4. Mayo77 added a post in a topic What should a fool do? Quest   

    I thought you needed to talk to amerigo? so are you saying you have to complete Joels quests line before getting the quest from amerigo?
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  5. Mayo77 added a post in a topic One small victory for Non P2W   

    wow theyt are heavily modding and deleting any negative comments.. This company has lost their minds.
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  6. Mayo77 added a post in a topic Response To P2W Implementation   

    Great well written honest thread, SAVE BDO this change can not go live.
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  7. Mayo77 added a post in a topic Do people know how to use logic?   

    This is all under the assumption that they actually keep the limitations on buying. Once its in the game its only a patch away from unlimited buying and they could add +  failstacks items like the ones they have on the Korean version of BDO..which would be next up.
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  8. Mayo77 added a post in a topic Dear Jouska...   

    I agree with the majority of this post but i don't agree reducing the amount of items able to be sold within week is a good idea either. This is a straight up pay 2 win model, pay real money, for silver.The person that has the most silver "wins" in BDO. This just cant go live, once full out p2w is in a game its spreads like the plague, it has to be stopped, or this will ruin the game.
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  9. Mayo77 added a post in a topic This is gonna hurt, I will be gentle (Updated)   

    thank you this is exactly how i feel too. They could implement a pearl NPC that you could buy pearls for silver, or make loyalty points for any item on the pearl shop...but they choose this way, which changes the entire game, from b2p to p2w, which is deceptive, considering they promised no p2w form the start.....Not really happy with this shady way of treating customers.
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  10. Mayo77 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    You may think it will help you but it wont i will just increase the gap between the rich and the poor within the game. This is bad not good.
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  11. Mayo77 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    If this company has any brain cells they should listen to their members this new "p2w" model will destroy their game. I cant believe they even think this is OK.They will loose many including myself as soon as the p2w goes live, better retract it now or watch your playerbase dwindle to nothing. ...
    The value pack was even a bit much but this is literally pay with your credit card to win. Stop the madness.
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  12. Mayo77 added a post in a topic Bugged Oatmeal/Cooking REcipe   

    You are not entering the proper amounts.
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  13. Mayo77 added a post in a topic Salmon for stable quest   

    Where exactly in calpheon?? I been having issues getting this stupid fish.(over 4 hours straight now with no luck in heidel)
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  14. Mayo77 added a post in a topic Constant Disconnection   

    Having exact same issues since last patch. I cant seem to stay online past about an hour/ 2 AFK then i get booted.. super annoying they seem to be releasing way to much content prior to testing it enough.
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