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  1. Maulkin added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    I dunno. I think people who bite this obvious bait are even dumber. 
    Don't bite, let him create his troll threads while you wait for a fix, come back after the fix and troll him instead. If you're smart that is. If you're not, keep biting
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  2. Maulkin added a post in a topic I like the Darkflame Nerf   

    Why do so many people fall for troll threads? 
    You guys deserve to be trolled, hard.
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  3. Maulkin added a post in a topic I'd like some challenging PvE   

    Well if they are not instanced, they will never be challenging. Or at least not universally challenging. So you'd be designing content for a small number of the player-base, only those that are at the right level to be challenged. What is a challenge for someone who is lvl 58 with 200/250 stats (AP/DP) will be too hard for a lvl 55 with 150/200 stats and at the same time a piece of piss for someone that is lvl 60 with 250/300 stats. With an open-ended progression like BDO has it'd be futile to try and design "challenging" open world content.
    At least with instanced dungeons you can (like in other games) scale the dungeon to the level of their participants. So if you go into a dungeon as lvl 35, the mobs are lvl 35. And if you go as lvl 60, they are lvl 60 with appropriate scaling of their HP/Damage settings. And then you have easy/medium/hard modes to fine tune the difficulty even further. 
    I'm not advocating for instanced content. I'm just saying that generally in open world content it's the PvP that is supposed to be the challenge not the monsters. In instanced content you are protected from PvP but the mobs scale to your desired level to provide a challenge. I've not seen an MMO yet that breaks this paradigm.
    Currently BDO is stuck in limbo where it provides none of the above. There is no challenge from the monsters and no challenge from players. Your only enemy in BDO is the RNG.
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  4. Maulkin added a post in a topic I'd like some challenging PvE   

    The way the game was originally designed, it wasn't the mobs that were meant to provide the challenge, but the other players.. the PvP element.
    The mobs were just the repetitive part. Because arguably any AI mechanics, as soon as players learn how to beat them they become repetitive anyway. You could spend months designing very interesting and diverse mob/boss attack patterns and stuff, only for players to have them beat a few days after release.
    So you want to get Ogre Ring or MoS? It's not the mobs you had to watch out for, but other players that might try to kick you out of the spot or steal your mobs. You want to kill a World Boss for those armor drops? You might find a whole guild you are at war with on that channel and have to fight them off the boss. That's how it was imagined
    The reality has turned out much differently. Guilds remove war declarations when enough players want to do a boss and DAUM removed the XP penalty from PK deaths without providing any alternatives. So currently there is no PvP challenge on PvE content and since there is no PvE challenge either... there is simply no challenge.
    But I believe in their last major presentation (when Dark Elf and Wiz/Witch Awakenings were shown) they talked about 2 instanced dungeons coming with the new region. So that challenging PvE you want, might become part of the future.
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  5. Maulkin added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Your point is? Left the game, does not mean have stopped following development of the game. I have stopped playing as of two weeks ago yet still follow the patch notes and the forums occasionally to see how things are developing.
    I still don't understand what you trying to achieve, or why you think people who have quit have no right to post. I think people like you who are happy with everything should not post as they offer no feedback of any value whatsoever.
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  6. Maulkin added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    I'm sorry but that is a pretty stupid and authoritarian view.
    If I ran a company and people were ditching my product, I would very much want to hear why that is happening and what I can do to bring them back. It might be nothing I want to/can change, but I'd still want to hear the reasons to find out if that's the case. And like I said, people paid for the product, they have every right to express their views, especially in a thread created for that sole purpose. You have a right to not care for those views, but you have no right to tell them they shouldn't post or that their opinion shouldn't count.
    What you're doing is you're fanboying (~"everything is beautiful DAUM, I <3 you very much"...) which is actually the most useless kind of feedback. And you're also trying to stop others from posting any negative feedback, like you own the place because you like the game. And if the game was all roses the population would have grown on the 3-month mark. Instead it's (rather obviously to me) taken a  dip and the forum has developed into one of the most toxic forum communities I have seen in ages in any MMO.
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  7. Maulkin added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    This is the thread for Fond Farewells. Created by the CM for the exact purpose of players saying that they are leaving the game and why the came to that decision. 
    It is obvious then that this thread will be full of negative comments. If you don't want to read those negative comments, then don't open this thread. Coming in here telling people they shouldn't be posting makes you the griefer in my eyes.
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  8. Maulkin added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Most stupid analogy ever. You don't own your boyfriend/girlfriend but you do own a copy of the game. If the game changed to suit an ex-player's needs more, they might come back to it. Hence they occasionally visit the forums to check up on updates and voice their opinion. Perfectly within their rights to do so.
    I don't understand why you think these players are not supposed to voice their opinion, just cause you don't like it. I think it's you who needs to let it go, trying to tell people they shouldn't be posting. 
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  9. Maulkin added a post in a topic Things I learned about OWPVP from 7 years in EvE   

    It's beyond terminal, it's already done.

    PvP Guilds have been falling apart for weeks now due to the constant delay of Node Wars and the complete discouragement of OWPvP from DAUM. By the time sieges come out there'll be only 2-3 pvp guilds left with a notable size of active members. DAUM had their chance and made a complete mess of it. No one in their right mind that has quit and fallen behind the gear curve will come back to a game as grindy as this. Now it's simply a case of "the faster you quit the less time you've wasted".
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  10. Maulkin added a post in a topic Sorc - Ap VS Accu   

    Someone, a mod, please pin this! 
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  11. Maulkin added a post in a topic Sincere question for the ganker/griefer crowd   

    If you become miserable because, while voluntarily playing an online MMO that allows killing, you got killed...then it's time for you to visit a psychiatrist. But judging from your posts you're well past that stage
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  12. Maulkin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    What opinion? Can you read? I mentioned my reasons why I'm quitting the game. That was not an opinion.
    You then proceeded to compare MOBAs and FPS games to an MMO by saying that these games have PVP without XP loss. That's the height of idiocy as those games don't have character progression at all. And then finished it off by saying people who don't agree with you are either idiots or trolls.
    I'm having a blast reading you idotic posts, keep them coming pls 
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  13. Maulkin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    You can be "fairly convinced" of anything you want regarding why people quit the game, opinions and beliefs cost nothing. I think it makes you more of a fool or a troll in my book, but be my guest, I could not care less 
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  14. Maulkin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Slow sarcastic clap....

    Open World game (no instances anywhere) with an endless progression system that requires you grind, but no means of securing a grind spot any longer. Good luck grinding somewhere with every tom, ----- & harry keal stealing and ruining rotations.A Karma system that used to have penalties/risks for the PKer and the PKed, now completely redundant as the penalties are only one-sided. A B2P game where Ellon's Tears is surely a significant source of income for the publisher. An income that will be diminished due to no XP loss from PK. Still no Node Wars, Ninja/Kuno or Awakenings after more than 3 months... you know the things that actually bring balance and meaning to the end-game and the reason many people are playing/grinding for. I have literally no idea what they are doing, they seem like their own worst enemy to me, but whatever. Thank god Overwatch is out and this sinking ship can be abandoned till a more meaningful MMO turns up. Adios amigos!
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  15. Maulkin added a post in a topic easy fix to 3 cancerous systems in 1 simple solution   

    I agree with everything but spawn at node is necessary for PvE deaths (like boss fights).

    However PvP deaths should send you to town, I fully agree. It might also make those medkits and the Wiz rez ability useful again.
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