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  1. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Trolling on this game had never been more fun   

    Your mommy n daddy must be so proud.  Grow up
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  2. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic $100 to the cash shop today !!!! WOOT ~!~!   

    Love my job, glad you like yours too.  I stand by my statement Take care.  Glad you're getting the attention you so desperately seek  
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  3. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic $100 to the cash shop today !!!! WOOT ~!~!   

    Fools n their(parents) money are soon parted and often end up in debt.  While I am sure you're a "billionaire" I dare say you don't get rich by pissing away your money.  If I were you, I'd drop that C-note into getting a better education.   Nothing wrong with supporting a great game, but some people treat video games like a crack addict treats crack.

    Aside from that, enjoy your 100.00 in pixels. Thanks for taking the time to post spam about it and acting the fool.  I genuinely enjoyed the lol I got from it Cya in game.
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  4. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Daum please ban all the whiners and refunders   

    Grow up troll and get a life.  I didn't even need a Childish GIF/Meme to tell ya that, I did it the old fashioned way instead of acting like a fool.  This community is frigging terrible and immature. I am talking about Everyone too, most specifically the white knights.

    GROW UP Children.  Good Parenting is a lost art.....
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  5. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic buy pets with real money = pay to win ?   

    Not Pay 2 win, but kinda ridiculous the only way to get one is cash shop or a Achievement...
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  6. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic 30+ 40+ 50+ 100+   

    I'm in my early 40's
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  7. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Make nights black again! [Petition]   

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  8. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic [Feedback] My opinion of Black Desert   

    No, Just No, no no no no no no no no no no no and NO!!!!    Nice post, but you lost me on this one.  Glad you're enjoying the game
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  9. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Why have we seen none of our concerns since CBT2 addressed?   

    13 years??? That's it?? How cute.  
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  10. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic 9$ for a full skill reset   

    Paying for skill resets is a disgraceful cash grab. One free one isn't enough and Loyalty points is Laughable.  I'm not even gonna dignify responding to the "infinite skill points" BS.   There are so many ways They can make money, they don't need to get this greedy and stupid.  Not to mention it will stifle creativity with builds.
    Guess what happens if people "Just don't play it and stfu" , They start putting more behind paywalls  and /or the game dies.  
    They have every right to make money, but if they keep whoring content behind the cash shop, most people are gonna get turned off and move on despite how pretty the pixels look.   

    Skill resets should cost in game silver. Wanna sell VANITY ONLY Costumes, pets, furniture... go for it!  To sell in game advantages or block important features behind paywalls or Time played is just ridiculous and a blatant and obvious cash grab the only a mindless mouth breather with daddy's credit card or no clue on how to manage their money would support(although all the fanboys seem to be multi-billionaires) 

    And if someone wants to start a thread to voice their concern, why not let them?  BDO isn't gonna send you a paycheck for publicity, get a life, are you that pathetic that it hurts your delicate feelings when someone points out flaws in something you love??    Are we gonna get into a PC>Xb>PS4 argument??? 

    I see people on these forums accuse anyone who voices a concern or complains they are not happy or worried about the direction this game may or may not be heading in, and in fact its those people who are the troll and cry babies.  These forums are no different than any other video game forum- just a bunch of Bleep holes acting like they are gods gift to the planet and nothing more than silly memes/gifs/insults and BS to back it up.

    Think the cash shop is fair, then stfu, dust you or your parents credit card off and go piss your money away.  I don't care if you're a hobo or donald trump, spending hundreds of dollars on ONE video game is just stupid.  I'm not rich, I'm not poor, I just have some common sense and restraint.  You people who defend the cash shop sound just like a crack head would defending their addiction.

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  11. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic 9$ for a full skill reset   

    World of warcraft
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  12. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Preorder? Never again. Cash shop? Not a dime.   

    Lol Grow up
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  13. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Preorder? Never again. Cash shop? Not a dime.   

    Fools and their money are soon parted "honey"  Some people have more disposable income than others, I know your intention was to insult others while trying to make yourself feel better than them; yet all you really did was show how sad and pathetically immature you are. You have a wonderful day  
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  14. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Extremely toxic community   

    Lol, boy you're sure making the rounds trolling everywhere. I even love how you took the time to private message me(and who knows how many others). With every post you make, you show people just how IGNorant and foolish you are.  Please, keep posting and feel free to Private message me with your cute little Gifs, I get a nice Chuckle and I take 20 seconds and report you Whether or not the Mods actually do their job and take out the garbage remains to be seen, but that's good, shows me if they can't handle their forums, they probably can't handle their game either  

    Cya around young ladie
    One of the few intelligent posts in this thread.  Well said. Unfortunately, You're looking for wisdom in a sea of immaturity, ignorance, and trolls/whiteknights armed with straw-man arguments 
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  15. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Extremely toxic community   

    i'll defend those who are complaining about Cash shop Prices/types of things being sold.

    This is how you get changes for the better made- You speak with your Wallet and/or you voice your concerns in the proper channel; this case on the forums.  People SHOULD complain if they are not happy with a product/service they have purchased or are considering purchasing.   Like it or not, the Cash shop is a huge concern for many people and could make or break this game and I am one of those people.  The cash shop has already raised many red flags for those of us who choose to think about our purchases instead of blindly tossing money at our screen in search of instant gratification.   At the moment the cash shop is insanely overpriced as well as selling items that give advantages to players in a game, as well as making things that should only cost IN GAME money Only and not cost real money or Silly "loyalty points" like Skill resets.

    In short- People should complain and preferably do it in a respectful way if they think something is wrong/broken or otherwise.  It's up to YOU to be a big boy and learn to not read those complaints if they bother you so much and certainly not waste forum space by posting a pointless "crying about others "crying" thread" Trolling/harassing/insulting those who complain in the complaint threads doesnt help either, It amazes me the mouth breathers think they need to stick up for these companies and do so with such vigor; it's utterly ridiculous, counter-productive, and only makes things worse.  "any kind of publicity is good publicity" - 
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  16. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Devs, please don't refund the crybabies.   

    Looks Like I hurt someone's feelings... Sorry bout that Hugs.  Anyways... Cya Around
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  17. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Devs, please don't refund the crybabies.   

    Grow up and stop acting the fool
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  18. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    In short- A Pay2Win Cash shop in a Buy2Play game is BS.  And as excited I WAS for this game and  I was Really excited, it's all but faded now with the Cash shop.  I have no problem with REASONABLE cosmetic and Convenience items but this is ridiculous and everything I've see thus far leads me to believe there's a very good chance this game is going to end up Pay2Win in the near future and thus the game will be Dead.  
    The things they are putting in the cash shop and the prices they are being sold at are utterly ridiculous, ridiculous to the point I'm going to attempt to get a refund on my game and I am so glad I chose to only purchase the 30.00 version.   A potentially great game once again ruined by insatiable greed and stupidity.  

    So yeah, you had me, you had me so hyped and excited for a proper MMO that requires grinding, time invested, and doesnt hold your hand, then you lost me to stupidity and greed.  So sad what gaming has come to and that NO ONE can get an MMO right other than Blizzard Pre-Activision.

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  19. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic Gender Locked Classes? Seriously?   

    I don't mind gender locking, but age locking seems kinda silly.  Hope they add the ability to give your characters an older or younger look....   
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  20. JerzeyDevil added a post in a topic How do you feel about the B2P and Cash Shop for the US/EU Versions?   

    Love the Buy to play(how it should be imho) and At the moment I'm fine with the cash shop setup, BUT I am very worried the cash shop will slowly turn Pay2Win and that makes me very apprehensive to invest a lot into this game; I would have gladly payed for the 50.00 or 100.00 tier starter pack, but I didn't all out of my fear this will turn -Pay2win.  Yeah I know they are saying it won't be pay2win At Launch(key words), but so many say that and then a few months in they start rolling out the pay 2win BS.  

    Keep the cash shop cosmetic and convenience only, keep the guilds under control, and show some wisdom with servers and their populations and I'll be happy. I rather them add a monthly sub than pay2win and if they do go pay2win I'm gone for good.  So basically I am not putting anymore money into this game for at least 6months only because so many games lie to their customers and I have yet to see a Guarantee that they wont EVER go to a pay 2 win model, only not at launch...

    With all that said, I haven't been this excited for an MMO in over a decade and if they stay away from the Pay2win and/or give us a written guarantee they won't ever use one, I'll gladly start putting some more money back into the game.  I hope the devs know the moment they go Pay2win, this game is dead, you would think they'd know, yet companies constantly do it anyways....

    Happy gaming everyone, can't wait till launch  
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