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  1. Absolute added a post in a topic Give Potion Use An Animation   

    I made a 900 word post on this, addressing many of the smaller problems that I saw, and all people did was rant about it for a while then let the thread slip. I'm beginning to think that most people would rather complain about the problem than discuss a possible solution. 

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  2. Absolute added a post in a topic Potion Spamming: A possible solution   

    The issue I have with that solution is that it relies on a new form of resource management - a sort of "stomach bloatedness" gauge. I'd much rather see a solution integrated with the resource management we have right now. I also believe my proposal allows for more depth.
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  3. Absolute added a post in a topic Potion Spamming: A possible solution   

    Unfortunately, I'm not an expert in every single class yet! I really can't say much about this problem, but I do have a partial solution: classes could be balanced such that those who use less stamina overall would have a higher stamina cost for "instapot", and those who use more stamina overall would similarly have a lower stamina cost.
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  4. Absolute added a topic in Suggestions   

    Potion Spamming: A possible solution
    Introduction to "Pot Spam"
    The ability to spam potions on Black Desert is a salient and serious problem. Currently, all potions can be used instantly, without penalty, and with a short cooldown. This "pot spam" leads to the following problems:
    Fights are overextended by "pot spam". A losing player can egress from or stall a fight so they have adequate time to recover HP, and thus, survive - even though they clearly are not skilled enough to beat their opponent. "Pot spam" requires no skill. Unlike stamina or cooldown management, no thinking is necessary to use potions. It simply requires the ability to use a potion whenever it goes on cooldown.Other games have avoided this problem with their own compensatory factors. However, Black Desert is a unique game, and deserves an equally unique solution.

    A Possible Solution
    Because of the complexity of the issue - and to avoid undesirable side effects - my proposal has multiple components. Be prepared to read.
    Introduce a stationary animation to health potions. A player must stand still and quickly "chug" a drink to recover their HP; they cannot move or cast skills while doing so.This will prevent "pot spam" in combat. A player repeatedly using potions will become vulnerable to attacks, as they will be unable to defend themselves or evade.This will introduce a new tactical component to healing. A player must be able to judge when they will have an opportunity to  use a health potion, or must otherwise create that opportunity by CCing their opponent.
     Introduce a new concept: "animation cancelling" for health potions. By pressing a key (such as Shift) in addition to the normal key for a health potion, a player will be able to use a health potion in the same way they do now - without animation, and with freedom to move or cast skills.Because health potions will normally require an animation, players would be unable to use potions while dazed, grabbed, or prone. However, this would affect game balance, as players would become "squishier" during CC durations (as, right now, a player can continually pot while CCed, increasing their defense). Therefore, a method to preserve this current meta is necessary.
     Introduce a stamina cost for this "animation cancelling". A player must be willing to sacrifice stamina to perform the feat of drinking a potion instantly, just like dodging and knockdown recovery.Animation cancelling will preserve the current defense of players, but at a cost.This will introduce a tactical component to healing. A player must manage their stamina well to preserve their ability to "animation cancel" - or "instapot" - their health.A player will have more options regarding their defense. Consider the following examples:A player predicts they will be stunned. They can either use their stamina to dodge it, or they can use their stamina to "instapot" after they are stunned.A player gets knocked down. They can either "instapot", or see if they will be able to survive the combo to preserve stamina.A player gets knocked down. They can either "instapot", or use their stamina to recover early. The no-pot duel meta remains the same as it is now - no pots means no instapotting.
     Introduce a stationary animation to mounted health potions. The animation will be longer than non-mounted health potion usage.Stamina is not used on horseback; therefore, normal "animation cancelling" will not be a viable solution. By increasing a stationary animation during mounted combat for health potions, the same problem of removing "pot spam" is resolved.Instead of regular combat's double option of either animated pot recovery (high risk, low cost) or animation-cancelled pot recovery (low risk, high cost), we will have a longer duration animation (very high risk, no cost).Horse acceleration and deceleration abilities and speed will become more important, as a person will need to stop quickly to use a potion during combat and accelerate quickly afterward. This promotes variety in mounted combat style and horse skill selection.
     Let potions recovering the equivalent of mana remain unaffected.Mana potions don't have significant effects on the problems of overextended fights or lack of skill. Certain classes rely on mana pots more than others. Leaving mana pots unaffected means the current balance is preserved regarding those classes.Mana management is an old concept, and most players are unfamiliar with it. Adding a skill component to mana management would discourage those players.
     Let foods remain unaffected.These items have cooldowns too long to be considered part of the "pot spam" problem.
    This is a highly preliminary solution. I expect flaws in my thinking, and many oversights. I also realize that this is merely theoretical - I have not attached any exact numbers, and I am not sure whether it is viable as a solution to the developers of the game. However, that is why I ask for your input. Please let me know what you think and any concerns that you have in the comments below!

    Thank you!
    (Fun fact: I was inspired by the ability of classes to use their basic attack while moving, at the cost of stamina. It occurred to me - in the shower - that this mechanic is an equally elegant solution to our "pot spam" problem.)
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  5. Absolute added a post in a topic BDO Not Actually True Action Combat!!!!   

    RNG does turn this into a less-than-pure action-mode game; this is true.
    Have you considered the effects of making all CCs 100% upon landing, or every hit never missing?

    >If an attacker landed a single control skill on an opponent, they would essentially have won the fight because they could keep chaining CCs together without ending their stunlock, unless
    >An escape skill would have to be implemented for every single class
    >CC skills would lose the possibility of being balance-adjusted by nerfing their success rate (think Tamer grab prior to nerf)
    >Damage between all players would be increased

    How would you take these - and other - effects into account?
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  6. Absolute added a post in a topic Nerf   

    Your call to action is the right move for the wrong reason.

    If Rangers were just a class based on their S+RMB>LMB as their viable combo, then yes: I too would ask for a nerf. However, the issue is much more complex, and those videos only tell a part of the story.

    As it turns out, Explosive Evasive Shot - the skill you are referring to - is only a mobility skill. In both KR and RU servers - and for that matter, any gameplay past starter gear - it's a mobility skill only. This would imply that the rangers in your video simply massively outgear their opponents, as this tactic would never work otherwise.

    I come from BDO-KR (+15 Ranger) and have played CBT1-NA (up to 40 - right before Evasive Extreme Shot). In both cases, I have never experienced a problem with S+RMB>LMB being overly powerful. In both cases, I feel that Ranger is a high payoff class - either it wins by a ridiculously high margin, or it dies in a single combo. Your experiences do not match mine, as my experiences conclude that no nerf is needed.
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  7. Absolute added a post in a topic Ranger in BDO   

    Ranger is fine past level 41, which doesn't take long. It also does pretty well with suboptimal gear, unlike classes like Kunoichi, which depend on having stupidly high damage.
    Quoting myself from the Ranger Forums (in which you might want to consider exploring):

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  8. Absolute added a post in a topic Let's push to Balance the game towards PvP   

    1. Wouldn't having player-dependent quality of pots just become another way to outgear someone?
    2. I agree that rewards should come from PvP, but would prefer if those rewards were not "tangible" in the "valuable" sense of the word. i.e, I don't think giving a special item or privilege to someone with a high KD ratio is good. I'd rather just the rewards be inherent - satisfaction of combat, guild rivalries, PvE utility.

    5. Maybe just a karma system so that if you kill a red, you become less red yourself? This could prove interesting for players wanting to "redeem" themselves, and prevent fights between two PvP factions from becoming too costly to either.
    6. Why do you think instances are necessary?
    7. Agreed, but it shouldn't be overdone. Impetus of PvP should be inherent, not artificially created.
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  9. Absolute added a post in a topic Let's push to Balance the game towards PvP   

    1. Why do you think it's horrible in a PvP game? 
    2. Aren't PvE players necessary in a game environment to convert mobs into drops for the economy? Isn't that why all biospheres have a large number of herbivores relative to carnivores?
    3. I like this one. I believe on Runescape, you used to be able to keep 3 items. It would be nice to select which items you'd want to keep. I do not, however, hope that there is an option to permanently bind items. 
    4. What about gear being shared to alts? This would only be a good idea in the beginning of the server. And good luck convincing Daum to change gear upgrades to diminishing returns.
    5. There should be no rewards for this, or players are just going to kill alts or their own friends.
    6. I thought Valencia's jail system addressed this?
    7. What would be the point of that?

    Edit: I removed an analogy from my post, but for Maevynn's sake I'll put it back.

    >Have you ever met an aquarium enthusiast? If you haven't, here's what they'd say:

    Every good aquarium has a balance of species. It has plants, to convert hard light into organic material and resources for the rest of the tank. It has invertebrates, which survive on very little food compared to the fish yet explore every nook and cranny. It has social fish, which swim in groups, and loner fish sometimes too. And it has predatory fish - not many of them, but just enough to "complete" the tank. Because of the varied population of the tank, these predatory fish don't viciously attack - they just annoy, but not often or enough to bother the other fish.

    A tank full of predatory fish - and only those fish - is a bad idea. There won't be any plants to convert light into resources, there won't be invertebrates exploring, and there will be no social fish for the predatory fish to bully - meaning they will end up attacking each other. Eventually, most will die, and no matter what the aquarium owner does - adding chemicals to the water, getting a better filter, replacing the dead fish with new ones - a tank of predatory fish only is doomed.

    A happy tank is a balanced tank. Please take that into consideration when asking an MMORPG to focus entirely on PvP.
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  10. Absolute added a post in a topic Ranger Skill Calculator   

    http://www.twitch.tv/redvessel/v/5738232 19:10, start watching there
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  11. Absolute added a post in a topic Immersive breaking cosmetic   

    I perceive BDO as a unique game in its immersion, and while I appreciate silly costumes, I do not believe they belong in Black Desert. It's a game with a ridiculous amount of graphical and artistic detail all befitting of a single theme, and I would prefer that theme to not be violated. Beautiful costumes can be made without breaking immersion, and oftentimes they will look better than something stereotypically silly because of their uniqueness.

    Please consider the artistry of this game, and your role in preserving it. No one painted over the Mona Lisa with modern fashion.
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  12. Absolute added a post in a topic Ranger Skill Calculator   

    Bow Mastery (apparently) affects the damage of Evasive Explosion Shot's secondary hit [citation needed]. This is useful in PvP and extremely valuable in PvE. Bow Mastery also might affect the damage of other skills [citation needed].
    Tearing arrow is kept at level 1 because it can be cancelled to fire an Advancing Wind instead (S+RMB>LMB+RMB+Shift). Thus, keeping it at a lower level reduces mana cost. Additionally, while it deals pretty good damage maxed out, it is too situational on its own to justify leveling it over using it for Advancing Wind.
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  13. Absolute added a post in a topic [POLL] Multiple Servers vs Mega Server   

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  14. Absolute added a post in a topic What kind of PvP are you most looking forward to?   

    Guerrilla nighttime ambush, me vs gank, sieges
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  15. Absolute added a post in a topic CC Question For Those Who Have Played   

    The four main CCs are grab, stun, knockback, and knockdown. All classes have at least two, and some classes have three or four.

    Grabs disable the user and the target. Some grabs can transport the target to a location of the user's choice. (Giant) Other grabs chain into a knockdown. (Warrior)
    Stun disables the target for a shorter period of time (sometimes longer, if it's a stun from an ultimate skill) but stunning skills are usually faster to use.
    Knockback does exactly what you think it does, and it's usually comboed with a stun.
    Knockdown disables the target for a longer period of time, and the target can choose to recover after a mandatory waiting period by using stamina. Knockdown is the main offensive CC in this game, enabling almost every combo.
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  16. Absolute added a post in a topic Pros and Cons of a Ranger - why will you main this class?   

    I just use it as a passive, as it enables things like Q-cancelling.
    Yea, there are definitely some subtleties within that statement. Not black and white at all. I like to use big blocks of stamina, then shoot, whereas I know my friend likes to move constantly but not over long distances.
    Ranger gets killed instantly if it gets caught. The only point in getting more defense points is to survive chip damage - if you get locked into a combo, you can pretty much sit back and go make a coffee. 

    In an arena 1v1 situation, Ranger is about on par with all other classes, because without HP pots, an opponent can easily die to the Ranger's continuous chip damage. In a world PK situation, Ranger has it a lot harder 1v1, because it's going to need to burst ~90% of its opponent's health bar in a single combo to win (though it's entirely possible). And during group/mass PvP, Ranger is one of the best classes, because it can just AoE the universe from 50 meters away.

    I would claim Ranger to be balanced, because it's an extreme payoff class - either you win by a ridiculously high margin, or you lose spectacularly. 

    Ranger attacks are slow without chaining skills by unlocking Extreme Evasive Arrow. Here's another analogy - if you've ever played a musical instrument, then you know that there are some notes that sound good together, and some that don't. Likewise, on Ranger, some skills chain well together, and others don't. Learning to PvP on Ranger, then, is learning how to improvise a sonata.
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  17. Absolute added a post in a topic Pros and Cons of a Ranger - why will you main this class?   

    I'll try to explain.
    Rangers have many different skills - skills for damage, skills for control, skills for AoE, skills to dodge, etc. However, these are all very clunky skills. They don't flow well together, they don't combo efficiently, and they take way too long to do. That is, until you hit level 41.
    At level 41, you can learn "Extreme Evasive Shot". While it counts a skill, its used more like a passive. It lets you chain together skills, making them faster, more fluid, and more easily comboed together. This increases your overall damage, speed, and maneuverability. But yeah, up until that point, you're going to be bored to death and highly vulnerable in PvP.

    As for pros and cons, I'll say this: Ranger is essentially all about "shooting while moving". You try to kill someone before they catch you. Moreover, Rangers have very little control over their opponents. Therefore, the best way analogy for PvPing on a Ranger is a cat-and-mouse game. Imagine a cat chasing a mouse - the mouse is fast and is equipped with an AK47, but the cat is equally fast and can 1-shot with a swipe of a paw.
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