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  1. Lust69 added a post in a topic What is the Endgame?   

    When it started it had a feel you could just go off and do something on your own or in a group to relax somewhere lost in the forests or caves.
    Now it feels like a job and does not have that same feeling.
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  2. Lust69 added a post in a topic Fishing Nerf   

    What if they made it so at Velia dock, you caught nothing but fish bones and seaweed and no crystals?
    Would you still say "people are just to lazy" you shouldn't be at the docks you should build a boat, you should find hotspots.
    I would ask you why is fishing even avaliable at the coast and docks.  This is basically the situation right now apart from getting crystals, but part of the enjoyment of fishing was to catch "fish" and have a variety.
    If they had left all the fish in but lowered the prices I wouldn't have minded.  It's broken.
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  3. Lust69 added a post in a topic Fishing Nerf   

    Some people fail to see the point of this thread.  I should not have to move or do anything.  Olvia and Velia are broken.  They need fixing.
    It's actually nothing to do with hotspots, I wasn't in a hotspot in Olvia coast for two months and Velia has always netted more fish than two??
    I'm getting TWO fish worth 2k barely over the "Throw away useless items during auto-fish".  I would usually throw 2k fish before for the last three months as you could get probably up to TEN different fish.  Even just for the pleasure of catching random fish, it needs changing back.
    I hope this is more clear.
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  4. Lust69 added a topic in General   

    Fishing Nerf
    This nerf has made fishing go from enjoyable to almost pointless and no fun.
    Before I would get around 8 fish Grunt (20k), MaoMao (5k), John Dory (5k), Blue Tang, Mudskipper, Beltfish, Rockfish and Sandeel plus Crystal Shard. (Possibly more)
    Each area seemed to vary and you could fill up the fish guide and I assumed the missing one's would be out at sea being more expensive and more abundant spots which would reward someone for making a boat.
    Now the Olvia Coast and Velia are netting two fish?? Mackerel and Beltfish both worth around 2.5k.  These are almost worthless there isn't really any point to afk fishing around the coasts now as you get hardly any silver and the lack of variety is boring and I don't see how you will fill up your fishing guide from this.  If your answer is to get a boat and go out into sea can you not see the problem with this solution? Firstly we have had to many month's with way more fish avaliable and way more profit, also it makes coast fishing so bad it may as well be taken out of the game and just have people go out to sea.  The only possible outcome of a good fish at the coast is now to get a crystal shard but this is rare as I could go though a full steel rod without one and it's just not fun.
    What is the reasoning behind this nerf?
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  5. Lust69 added a post in a topic Strong monsters near you... Red flashing screen   

    Turn off system notifications > Nearby monsters in Settings>Game.
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  6. Lust69 added a topic in General   

    Olvia Coast
    Before recent patches I was getting 20k Grunt and various other fish and a few crystals, usually netting me around 250k+ fish per afk excluding 600k crystals which was fine.
    Now I get 2k Mackerel only and no other fish which makes like 18k per afk which is almost pointless.
    Have tier 7 node if that helps, steel rods, prof2.
    What has happened here?
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  7. Lust69 added a post in a topic Levitation   

    Made me laugh
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  8. Lust69 added a topic in General   

    High levels
    I would like to get to a high level "with help" if you fancy "talking me through" how to get there in a multi conversational way pm me, I have a few characters we could discuss.
    lvl 53 Valk lvl 43 Maehwa and willing to start sorc or ranger for fun if you would like to dicuss this let me know I would love to hear your ideas on how to progress "our" characters.
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  9. Lust69 added a post in a topic Graphics pixalated?   

    Seems slightly off - Hard to tell with a screen shot though.
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  10. Lust69 added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    I have my armour from my lvl 53 on my Maehwa and I'm getting hurt by lvl 35 mobs in the Kuruto cave.  Definitely not right.  It's 112DP.  I barely got hurt at Susan (lvl 52+ mob) nevermind noob mobs, what is going on?
    @CM_Jouska you need to push this quickly.  Phone them, don't fax them please.
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  11. Lust69 added a post in a topic You mirin my T6 horse???   

    Did you steal his horse?
    Or was this payment for a mere nights pleasure?
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  12. Lust69 added a post in a topic What do you think health potions taste like?   

    They have no taste.  This needs to be implemented.  We should go through what are characters go though, free supplies of pots should be sent to all players.
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  13. Lust69 added a post in a topic You mirin my T6 horse???   

    I was under the impression lvl doesn't add speed etc I'm sure I've always had that speed, but I'll have to see on next level up and yes a comparison here would be nice to see
    Thinkng back I think I started with 121% or maybe I'm imagining things now! ha. We shall see.  I can't wait for the drifting tier 9 horses.
    There we go!

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  14. Lust69 added a post in a topic You mirin my T6 horse???   

    My t5 is 126% 129% speed/accel? But nice looking.

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  15. Lust69 added a topic in General   

    Musa vs Maehwa armour
    Please implement stronger, bulker looking female Maehwa armour, that makes her look more like a warrior/samurai/assassin.
    Why can't Mawhaw have more bulky armour like there counterpart below, instead of skimpy clothes.

    Best I could come up with was Agerian armour, ignore the pink if you no likey.  But this is not quite as powerful looking as Musa armour, and the rest as I say are something you would wear in the village relaxing or fishing, not taking hits of big trolls!

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  16. Lust69 added a post in a topic So im lvl 55, what do i do for money now?   

    How is a level 53 so much different to a lvl 55 if they both have +15 gear?  Hope it's not to obvious
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  17. Lust69 added a post in a topic So im lvl 55, what do i do for money now?   

    If 55 is the end why are there lvl 56,57 and 58?
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  18. Lust69 added a post in a topic So im lvl 55, what do i do for money now?   

    I find that there isn't all that much to do in terms of having to be lvl 55 to do said thing, which made me think why am I even aiming for lvl 55 so stopped around lvl 53 and re-rolled for fun.
    Please enlighten me why lvl 55 is necessary for anything?
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  19. Lust69 added a post in a topic It's official, we officialy beat WoW...   

    Wow looks like this:

    Black Desert looks like this:

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  20. Lust69 added a topic in European Guild   

    Looking for american timezone players on EU server
    Looking for american timezone players on EU server, pm me for details.
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  21. Lust69 added a post in a topic Would you like to see cash shop items sold on the market   

    Really bad idea, you buy stuff for real money and turn it into in game money, you could make 500 million if you have the cash so it certainly is pay to win as you could then buy any item in market place over and over and PEN everything.
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  22. Lust69 added a post in a topic First level 55 Maehwa   

    Ah sorry typo.
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  23. Lust69 added a topic in General   

    First level 55 Maehwa
    First level 55 Maehwa
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  24. Lust69 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 20th   

    Bit late now though.
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