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  1. Alpen added a topic in General   

    New player wondering. So in other MMO's tank classes and healers are always "needed" in guilds. Are all classes "needed" in guilds here in BDO?
    So I always played healer in WoW and was always needed cause healers were in demand especially if you had good gear. This was for raiding of course in PvE and in PvP for battlegrounds. My question aswell is do guilds need certain classes for end game? What do guilds do end game in BDO and are some classes needed by guilds more than other classes to help them be a better guild in whatever it is guilds do end game? I understand there are no PvE raids.!
    • 7 replies
  2. Alpen added a topic in General   

    Few general questions about end game!!
    So I am a new player and I am trying to decide what class to play. I was wondering to help me decide, what do you mostly do end game in BDO.
    Will I mostly be doing PvE or PvP?
    Is it mostly solo or group PvP?
    I havent played an MMO like this before so I know its not like WoW where you either tank dps or heal at end game no matter what.
    • 9 replies
  3. Alpen added a topic in General   

    Returning player not knowing where to start!!!
    So I tried BDO at launch and played for about a month or two but due to having a new baby and moving home unfortunately I didnt have time for gaming for the last nearly year but now that I am settled I am back.
    My problem is that I have 5 characters as I wanted to try all classes, highest level is 32. but i feel like its all a mess that cause I just logged in I dont even know where to start.
    What should I do? Should I just delete all characters and start fresh, or just continue on one of the ones I have now. Im very unfamiliar with controls and where to go and what to do etc, Its been so long its like I have only just installed the game now. What do you guys recommend I do please?
    • 7 replies
  4. Alpen added a topic in General   

    Just some leveling advice please!
    So I know that to level i need to grind which i have no problem with.  I am playing a warrior. So is it best to just grind all the ways to 50 and then focus on the trade aspects of the game etc etc. or should i mix it up? Is there anything in particular thats important to level for max level like alchemy etc for potions?
    What should i focus on?
    What did you do while leveling? I dont mind taking some time to get to max level im in no rush within reason.
    • 4 replies
  5. Alpen added a post in a topic Is there PVE and PVP gear?   

    thanks a lot  2 good answers
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  6. Alpen added a topic in General   

    Is there PVE and PVP gear?
    is there different gear like wow or does all gear just have AP and DP and then enchants and thats it?
    • 3 replies
  7. Alpen added a topic in General   

    Is switching class after leveling to level 50 a big deal?
    So I am enjoying wizard right now but I'm wondering if i dont enjoy it later on can i switch to say Berserker and swap all gear over and be as strong as i was as a Wizard?
    • 12 replies
  8. Alpen added a post in a topic What classes are most played? Few questions about classes!!! Give your feedback!!   

    Thanks guys its true this game doesnt really need tanks or healers or anything like that so ill just play what class i enjoy most. i do like wizard and berserker. is it possible to have two characters that are both equally strong since u can share gear?
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  9. Alpen added a topic in General   

    What classes are most played? Few questions about classes!!! Give your feedback!!
    So I made a Valk but didnt like it so now i made a wizard and i love it. But I am wondering is Wizard massively overplayed and would I be better off going for maybe a Berserker instead.
    What classes are overplayed?
    What classes are useless and not worth playing and What classes are good but there isnt enough of?
    • 11 replies
  10. Alpen added a topic in General   

    Whats the deal with PvP. when will I see some?
    So I am only level 17 and in Velia at the moment. I am just wondering when does PvP start for me?
    Is it open world pvp ya?
    What are these red battlegrounds i see going on everyday in my server?
    • 5 replies
  11. Alpen added a post in a topic Loving the game but want to know what's ahead. Tell me what you do when you log in!!!!   

    awesome response man thanks so much. there is sooo much to do in this game clearly. i wanted to see someones typical day and there is a great mix of so much to do clearly. thanks again. im going to get playing
    • 1
  12. Alpen added a topic in General   

    Loving the game but want to know what's ahead. Tell me what you do when you log in!!!!
    So far I am having a blast in BDO. I love all the new features I have never seen in other mmos. I'm only level 17 and I'm only in Velia and it seems like I have been there forever. It's just quest after quest in there and usually I like to clear an area before moving on.
    there is just so much to do with professions and dailies etc etc. 
    Up to now I have barely had much combat to do which is fine but I'm hoping more combat comes soon.
    what I am wondering is when does all the PvP start and should I just move on from Velia and come back?
    also tell me what's your typical day in BDO. What do you get up to?
    • 13 replies
  13. Alpen added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    hey there do ye currently use any sort of comms when playing like TS3?
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  14. Alpen added a post in a topic I would kindly request that additional inventory spaces be made available at no cost.   

    Good idea keeping armor in one place and potions in another etc
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  15. Alpen added a post in a topic Fps in Velia drops from 50-60 to 30-40 up and down. Any thing I can do to improve this?   

    yeah i play every other game on max and always have no problem
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