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  1. Akatsuki added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    Yeah not to mention this would take months since there is a limit on the marketplace.
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  2. Akatsuki added a topic in Maehwa   

    Best way to upgrade
    Hey guys so I am a returning player with about 145mil under my name right now and I don't know what would be the best way to make my maehwa viable as far as weapons go. Right now I am level 56 (im working on it) with a +15 green yuria and a +15 green awakening wep and a +15 black horn bow for accuracy.  I have about 103 ap and 100 awakening ap. So I keep hearing different things when I ask what weapon I should get.  Some say I should just go for an awakening wep and some say I should get a liverto and im not really sure what to believe.  Thanks for help (also sorry if this is not the place to post this).
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  3. Akatsuki added a post in a topic What is the point of playing this game if you are even remotely behind?   

    But but.. If you atarted day 1 you would have known there wasn't GVG.  So how could you have fallen behind the GVG'ing players? :(
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  4. Akatsuki added a post in a topic Bad guilders   

    Too bad most if not all of these articles count mobile games and I really don't think if you just play candy crush you should be counted as a "gamer."  The number of female gamers (man I hate that term) is definitely growing however, there is no way unless you count mobile games that it is 50/50.
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  5. Akatsuki added a post in a topic Can you please fire...   

    Care to elaborate? o.o
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  6. Akatsuki added a post in a topic The thing is... P2w   

    Yeah setting your own goals is all fine and dandy until you're out grinding and that joe smoe you told me not to worry about kurb stomps me into another dimension with his maxed out gear.
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  7. Akatsuki added a post in a topic *Possibly* interested in buying this game tonight...BUT, Can I Grief???   

    I know you already got the answer you were looking for so here is some additional advice.  You better be planning to play 12 hours a day to catch up to these guys playing since launch.  If you try to kill someone as soon as you get to 45 you will be deleted by the guys that have been grinding their asses off since launch since your success in pvp is so gear dependent its not even funny.
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  8. Akatsuki added a post in a topic In the shadow of the recent patch...   

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  9. Akatsuki added a post in a topic so im apparently a hacker now for standing up after kd   

    Why you hackin' bruh.
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  10. Akatsuki added a post in a topic How is BDO so far?   

    Just as a warning.  If you plan on being competitive in small-scale pvp you better have a lot of time on your hands that you can use to mindlessly grind mobs.  The reason I say small-scale pvp is because in my opinion a zerg is not really "pvp".  If you don't have a lot of time don't bother trying to pvp as people will 1-2 shot you right after you get to level 45 because they already have extremely good gear and gear is everything in this game.  Sorry for the negativity, but I speak the truth.  
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  11. Akatsuki added a post in a topic PvPers Don't hide! Vote now - Ranked Arena's - What do you want?   

    This just means that people want it.  If it's taking all of the players away then it must be somewhat decent.
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  12. Akatsuki added a post in a topic Is there any death penalty when my character dies in game   

    If you die in the game you die in real life.
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  13. Akatsuki added a topic in Tamer   

    Quick question about skills
    Hey guys!
    So let me start off by saying that I normally play a ranger and I am just getting into tamer.  So I know there is an ability that is apparently really good when you use your void lightning skill.  It makes Heilang start dashing around in the air and does a lot of damage.  I have seen other tamers do this but I can not get it to work myself which I am guessing is because I need some sort of prerequisite.  Can anyone share some information about this skill, any help would be appreciated!
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  14. Akatsuki added a post in a topic Future players. Avoid this game. Pay2win.   

    Uhh if they kill you or you kill them it says their name..  Also in Vellia there is an npc where you van track other players for silver so please just stop talking.
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  15. Akatsuki added a post in a topic Secret ability?   

    Thank you guys!  I got to 50 the other day but did not unlock that skill yet.  No wonder I couldn't figure it out.
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