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  1. Esca added a post in a topic DO IT BETTER! | Help   

    It's odd but the KR version runs super smooth on my machine with everything on high. I'm starting to think that there is an issue with them off loading from client to server side tasks and the servers just can't / aren't setup to take that.
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  2. Esca added a topic in Technical Issues   

    DO IT BETTER! | Help
    So I'm wanting to run BDO smoother. Here is my current build what should I upgrade?

    Processor Overclocked Intel i7-4770K (4 - 4.4GHz)
    Motherboard MSI Z87-G45 Motherboard
    Memory 16GB - Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz DDR3
    Power Supply Corsair RM850W Power Supply
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
    Sound Cards Onboard Audio
    2x SSD Performance 128GB SSD
    Cooling CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i Water Cooler
    OS Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
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  3. Esca added a post in a topic What game did you leave to play BDO?   

    I left battlefield 4 ... was starting in a tourny and had to drop out because of all the time i've placed in here.
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  4. Esca added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Staggered Maintenance April 27th - 28th   

    Yeah I don't know why we can't expect a small company to provide the level of support that blizzard or others provides.
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  5. Esca added a post in a topic Cash Shop Item that allows P2P trading   

    I think the item that people are missing here is that Daum can't handle the normal load of support tickets for a player base this size. Allowing player to player trading would kill them in the amount of items that they would need to review in order to reduce goldsellers. They want this game to be mostly a hands off kind of game when it comes to DEV or CM involvement. There idea seems to be "fix the problems with patches" and "allow the players to police themselves".

    All of their actions point towards this ideal and seem to back it up more and more. They just want to be hands off and allowing P2P trading would be to much of a hassle for them. If my normal ticket request has lasted 32 days without even a view, then you can bet that P2P trading would be rampant with exploits and issues. I say that if they want to add P2P trading that they increase their support team by out-sourcing it to another company.
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  6. Esca added a post in a topic Angels of Death (Orwen) - Now Recruiting! The cookies are real!   

    Played with these guys back in SWG days. If they are the same people you can expect great and interesting things from them.
    Played with these guys back in SWG days. If they are the same people you can expect great and interesting things from them.
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  7. Esca added a post in a topic The better player gets griefed, cool!   

    Guy has a point.
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  8. Esca added a post in a topic The better player gets griefed, cool!   

    Sure you can end the discussion as soon as you show me where the "weaker" player forced the "good" player to kill him over and over. I can't for the life of me find that section in the video. Maybe I'm just a product of the poorly thought out education system but clearly to me the "good" player was just having a pissing match.
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  9. Esca added a post in a topic World boss trolls   

    Lets just all get in a room and beat the shit out of each other until either the good players or the bad players are left and then let the game evolve around them so we can all stop wasting our time. This community is divided on every topic almost 50/50.
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  10. Esca added a post in a topic The better player gets griefed, cool!   

    I'm not trying to stop you from anything, you want to be a ----- great.. do be one enjoy the system in place for it, and don't get pissed when you get trolled by someone that is better than you. How and I the one saying I'm trying to stop everyone, when you are the active force stating that you are ok with stopping someone completely in their progress.

    Kind of a a hypocrite in that regard. On top that I never stated I was a carebear or wanting to have massive pvp changes. In fact having the slight aura of risk in everything we do is kind of neat. But with all systems there are those that will win and lose and the OP lost this round in the guise of winning. 

    What we have here is a simple case of people not being able to survive in a society without being turds. While you help create "interesting gameplay" you are also the reason certain systems were changed so drasticly from the KR version. You must clearly see this, can't you? 
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  11. Esca added a post in a topic The better player gets griefed, cool!   

    The only shitty attitude is wanting to stop everyone else but yourself from having a good time. You mention efficiency a few times and solidify my original statement that all you terrible gamers want is to benefit yourself. If you want that, then why do you play an mmo? You are better off playing a single player game because everyone is this game is a hindrance to you if we don't spend 9 hours researching every BIS combo or stat. 

    I want more freedom in this game as well, but how is freedom and stopping someone else completely the same? You state you want more freedom, OK cool I got you. But you also want to kill those "carebears" and "lowbies", dude that doesn't even make sense. This game doesn't even reward you for pk'in those people. It's not like your fighting over a castle or ownership of a node because that makes sense. No, your fighting over a patch of ground that spawns mobs every few seconds. If they gave us a reason to PK them I'd be like L2P newbie as well. 

    I'd like to see your side of the topic here but you contradict yourself way to much. The more you want to push those people out the more the game will suffer. Your money will not single handed take care of this game. Frankly, the vast majority of players just want to look good and kill some mobs. If they suck and can't kill fast enough just kill fast than them and keep your Karma up. The system I think currently works, however they will make some changes and some will cry and some will rejoice.
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  12. Esca added a post in a topic The better player gets griefed, cool!   

    Why do you and the younger of the gaming culture feel so hard on "competing" with other players. You've been so ingrained by the bastard children of this generation that you feel anything other than achieving 100%/100% is insignificate and a waste of time. 

    If you did meet a player that was "weaker" and you grabbed him and partied with him anyway.. who knows.. maybe you'd be a mentor to him and you'd have a buddy to follow you from game to game. Maybe with a little input from you since your so "god like, and knowledgeable of a game that's been out a month" you might be able to teach him a bit.. and now you are stronger because you have a friend that might back you up when needed. 

    Look PVP is cool and I enjoy it, but there is a time and a place for it. You don't need to combat every person everytime. I don't go to work with weapons and armor and fight all my co-workers because I'm better than them at my respective job. I work with them, help train them and in turn we both profit and get bonuses because our respective efforts raised the goal of the community (employeer). 

    Or you can go and be a leech on the situation.. you could keep trolling people and you could keep killing all those that just want to play and have fun. Never make any friends and maybe join one of those guilds that have the "top end" pvp'ers, and be nothing more than a number. Personally, I'd want to choose to get as many friends as possible and enjoy the shit out of the game. PVP my ass off in situations that actually make sense rather than wasting my time hunting down someone just trying to level. 

    So what that there isn't enough skeletons for the two of you.. if you both kill them fast and have to wait on the respawn, you can actually have time to strike up a conversation and maybe reorganize your inventory a bit and see what you got. 

    This is standard social behavior i'm kind of sad that the younger generation has not a freaking clue what this means. We need to go back to spanking our kids I think
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  13. Esca added a post in a topic The better player gets griefed, cool!   

    OP, I think you missed the point here  

    The "better player" wouldn't have PK'd the other player as his first reaction. The "better player" is the one that isn't a douchnozzle, and actually tries to achieve a common goal. What does this PK'ing even do for you at all? So you stop him from killing this group of mobs.. wow.. big win there home skillet. 

    Add that guy to your group.. grind with him a bit.. hell ****HOLD ON THIS IS THE BIG ONE!**** talk to him.. you might even find out he is a cool dude and now.. guess what?!?!?!?!?! you have a "friend". I know it's hard to understand that people can make these things called "friends" but it used to happen in video games where people reacted with respect for other players. 
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