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  1. BaRa1 added a post in a topic Greatsword   

    Using the offstats of the liverto makes it always a better weapon for  warrior than a yuria, I dont get why so many warriors call it useless.
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  2. BaRa1 added a post in a topic My Warrior Build   

    Talk again to me when you are old enough to receive criticism without insulting.
    And stop to proof yourself with someones actions.
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  3. BaRa1 added a post in a topic My Warrior Build   

    I loled @ this thead!
    Why are you insulting everyone TE? You are telling everyone who disagrees with ur so called "Build" (Gonna catch all those skills) that they are noobs and suck as a warrior. And not taking Double Take Down is the most retarded Ive ever seen. You saying youre a grabber and not a killer.. so youre locking youreself out of that by not choosing DoubleTD...with the argument that Sorc or Ranger just jump out. In every GvG (on Croxus with top guilds) battle I had so far "I" killed so many people with a doublegrab while my ranger m8 just busted their asses. 
    You shouldnt be releasing something like your PDF to the public cause some will take it as best. Obviously you cant tell how the warrior works in GvGs on 55+ so why you try to teach people who know better.
    In concerns of the gearing: I always would prefer Taritas: Boots|Armor; Grunil: Gloves|Head; Yuria/Liverto; Vangertz; Witch 2x; MoS2x; TRI-Bares/Ogre Ring; Obviously Treebelt, Belt of Shultz or Weapon Core. Hybrid Gear is mostly crap.
    I wont write more in here, TE you are not able to accept criticism and end up insulting, a shame for my warrior brothers.
    BTW: Most hard hitting Bossmob abilitys are pure HP DMG.. they do the same to 10 DP as to 200DP I know that cuz im removing Armor to not loose my million gems
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  4. BaRa1 added a post in a topic Something has to be done about XP loss when getting PK'd   

    WoW with its gearing etc should fit your wishes :>
    If I spent shit ton of hours of grinding I want to stomp that lil casual! If he cries and tells me what a ----- I am, I know that I got the right one
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  5. BaRa1 added a post in a topic rng is doesn't reward effort.   

    Daum knows how the money flows, no bad thing about that. If you want it as convenient as possible. Pay Cowboy!
    Just to clarify... my RNG sucks big D's. Never got a Witchs Earing nor a MoS .. only rolled on a MoS in a group so far. I was lucky only one time.. that was robbing a Liverto Bundle from someones loot.
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  6. BaRa1 added a post in a topic rng is doesn't reward effort.   

    I like rng... it keeps me trying  I can play the "lottery" without risking reallife stuff :>
    RNG keeps this game endless  
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  7. BaRa1 added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

    Grunil if im right. Dyed
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  8. BaRa1 added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

  9. BaRa1 added a post in a topic Why i think accessory enhancement system is bad because it rewards luck, and not effort   

    Gif me Ogre Ring now ples... I just play 2 hours a day, but I want the RNGesus on me ples, so I get every best in slot item to TRI now!
    If I dont get everything now.. the system is bad! Ples daum make it easier for me!
    BTW: I have no luck in the game.. If the system would be easier to suit the casual plebs.. I would be sitting @ all items TRI and Ultimate + Kzarka.... and man, that would suck if I would have that now! I put MILLIONS every day in my Items.. do the same or stay a casual. BDO is finally a game that rewards you! And dont tell me RNG sucks.. for example.. WoW-Raid ... goes in one time, gets best in Slot item for your class from one Boss.. done! Some kill the Boss hundred times.. no item. Seems like theres no RNG in MMOs atall.. TopKek
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  10. BaRa1 added a post in a topic Gratis Charakterslot für neue Klassen   

    Das ding:
    Wenn man sich immer mehr und immer mehr charaktere zulegen kann, dann erhöht sich quasi das gesamt cap an ausgebbarer Energie. Deshalb ist auch 9 absolutes maximum pro server.
    Feddisch aus. Löscht einen char oder lasst das twinken.
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  11. BaRa1 added a topic in Musa   

    Zeigt euren Musa!
    Hey leute
    Wenn nächste Woche der Musa kommt, dann könnt ihr euren hier präsentieren!
    [Incoming Musa picture: will be inserted HERE]
    Viel Spaß!  
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  12. BaRa1 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    Finally the patchnotes @ a good tming!
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  13. BaRa1 added a post in a topic A Serious point about Blader/Plum Release   

    Gotcha :>
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  14. BaRa1 added a post in a topic Musa/maehwa are coming, Mediah is out ... Now that those issues are off the list; what is the next thing for the BDO forums will be insatiably butthurt about?   

    i guess, #18thOrRiot  is a valid tag for the ninja guys?..
    But jokes aside, we realy need to all get calm in this forum, everything escalates to quickly, the saltyness is over 9000...
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