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  1. Asotos added a post in a topic Enchantment Findings Megathread - Post your failstacks & successes here!   

    Cause i had quit the game 3 weeks...and i had 37 failstacks for duo accessories then...so now they are useless,cause i don't have something better to enchant
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  2. Asotos added a post in a topic Enchantment Findings Megathread - Post your failstacks & successes here!   

    Failed at my PRI Liverto Longbow at 37 failstacks...oh joy
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  3. Asotos added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Where are the new quests for the life skills?
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  4. Asotos added a topic in General   

    As the title says...can you please fix the dc's in the game?Sometime i dc when i change character...now i was at Dim Tree world boss..i died...loading screen and dc(and no...my internet connection is fine)...i lost 4 min. and i lost my chance for the belt...
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  5. Asotos added a post in a topic Ranger range to low ?   

    I don't know about range...but in this state of the game...ranger suck...no cc(and don't tell me about the q or penetrating...i mean a good cc with high % for success)...they nerfed the shotgun when most of players had 80-120 dp...but now with 200+ dp it's different...we consume high mana and the range of shotgun is ridiculous...if we go for shotgun in battlefield we wll be cc by wizards and sorceress
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  6. Asotos added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Simple...lag...EU servers lagging 1 hour now...mobs are not moving...fix it pls
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  7. Asotos added a post in a topic Give up Hope; Ive seen this before.   

    Yeah...leave the stun aoe for the other classes as it is...but no...nerf the shotgun aoe and the evasion explosive(mostly for pve)...good job DAUM...listen to the whiners..nerf ranger again...heck...buff all the other classes...give us a reason to quit the game
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  8. Asotos added a post in a topic Question after patch notes   

    oh look a whiner that doesn't know how to play...u are talking for the best ranger in the world,in Korea...u think all the rangers have his combat skills?U are the whiners of all the mmo's out there...they didn't nerf only the pvp shotgun...but the evasion explosive too...and this was not a small nerf...but a BIG NERF in percentages....this skill is for pve mostly...so yeah...whine more..u want more nerf for the ranger?Tell it to DAUm...they listen to whiners that doesn't know how to play against a ranger
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  9. Asotos added a post in a topic Question after patch notes   

    F*** all the whiners all this time..."nerf ranger...nerf ranger...."...even in my guild...they buffed Berserker...all other classes remained the same...only ranger nerfed...fu all of u whiners...learn to play first and then talk for op class...DAUm...u -----ed up real time
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  10. Asotos added a post in a topic Maintenance extended two hours   

    I don't care for the maintenance...but once...just once...screw over NA for a change...
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  11. Asotos added a post in a topic 913 MB of Unknown Changes   

    New viruses
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  12. Asotos added a post in a topic I really Really REALLY hope they put back chat limitations.   

    10lvl it's too easy...lvl 20 and we have a go...let the gold spammers earn their spam
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  13. Asotos added a post in a topic My point of view   

    This is not only for games....ream imdb for movies and tv series...lots of whine topic in very good movies or tv series...they try to find anything to whine about...
    I have said it many times...i can deal with the preorder items error or...or with this big maintenance...i won't tolerate if this game turns p2w...then i will quit...but all this useless whine...meh
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  14. Asotos added a post in a topic Disappointment after disappointment...   

    My job is to join the forums when there is a bug or an error or a maintenance to whine...i get paid well too...with satisfaction that i made the difference
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  15. Asotos added a post in a topic Launching a game 5 hours late looks really bad for a company.   

    That's why i hate maintenance...cause i will read the general forum again... was so happy yesterday with my smooth traveler's launch
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  16. Asotos added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    Αλλαζει...αλλα εχει cooldown...το ειχα δοκιμασει στο cbt1
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  17. Asotos added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    Εχω μπει Jordine-channel Velia 1 ....αλλα μονο Ισπανικα βλεπω στο channel...πρεπει να αλλαξω channel?Που ειναι οι Ελληνες?
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  18. Asotos added a post in a topic Damn you travelers...   

    We are coming...in 6 hours we will take your imps...your foxes...your fish...your land...and your wives...glory to the revolutionary peasants...take a snack
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  19. Asotos added a post in a topic Traveler's Package Headstart.   

    i know it.....op said that...cause the message changed...4 days ago when i hit the launcher button,it said "you have no access yet"...but as i said...i'm not worry about this message...tomorrow traveler's arriving
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  20. Asotos added a post in a topic Traveler's Package Headstart.   

    I have traveler's package beofre 26th too...and it shows me the same message...but i think there won't be an access problem for us tomorrow
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  21. Asotos added a post in a topic Fishing, the Noble Hobby   

    I remember in cbt1...lots of players(including me) catch beltfish in Velia...they change the fish location?
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  22. Asotos added a post in a topic Explorers Package   

  23. Asotos added a post in a topic Why the hell is the creator down ?   

    Really?You made your first post,to complain about the creator....lol...i'm having the time of my life in these forums
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  24. Asotos added a post in a topic Absolutely unreal, Refunds for a buy to play?   

    but i agree...you will play the game 2 days from now...what's the big deal?I bought the traveler's package and i will play tomorrow...i don't mind that the other packages played 1 and 3 days before me...this is insane
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  25. Asotos added a post in a topic Absolutely unreal, Refunds for a buy to play?   

    I don't beleive all these complainers have bought the game...yeah sure there are some that didn't pay attention all this pre-order period....but i'm sure there are lots of trolls too
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