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  1. Foofoo added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Heres mine.
    She is my first char and I still like her as she is. Never wanted to change her.

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  2. Foofoo added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    Thank you,
    aye, I got it.  Yayyyy.
    On Wednesday, when I dont have to go to work, I will get that discord-thing started. Then we could sort everything out...
    Looking forward to have a lot of fun with you all...
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  3. Foofoo added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    Hi there,
    as soon, as I got me a new headset, I will fill out the application form.
    I am very interested in joining. But due to the fact, that I am in the middle of a nightshift-week, never used discord and not having a completly working headset right now (its being holded together by alot of tape), I will have to wait, till I find the time, to get everything sorted out.
    I cant wait to meet all this people from all over the world (seriously... Canadians and Aussies? Thats great^^).
    Maybe you will just keep me in mind, till I am ready to join... if being accepted that is
    Best wishes sends
    Christiane aka Foofoo or Elaiussa McPhee
    Edit: Ah, fu.. it, I am sending in the application now. In 4 days I got 2 or 3 days off, so I guess I am able to get it done till then (discord and stuff)...
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  4. Foofoo added a post in a topic Success! - Ghillie suit refunded.   

    I will keep mine, but I am using it for gathering. Never done pvp so...
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  5. Foofoo added a post in a topic Thanks for the pvp xp change!   

    Thanks for the change. I like it.
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  6. Foofoo added a post in a topic What happened to costume mix-matching?   

    Shush. I AM sleeping.

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  7. Foofoo added a post in a topic What happened to costume mix-matching?   

    I need this!
    Shouldnt be big of a problem to add this. I love mix/matching.
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  8. Foofoo added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    But why exactly is farming not included into this event? Is there a special reason? Still Apprentice und really would like to raise a bit faster in farming
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  9. Foofoo added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    Can confirm: Processing is getting me much less exp than before the patch. Alustin Serendia A1
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  10. Foofoo added a post in a topic Pirate's Rum (Event) - Drop rate? (time based?)   

    Got 59 Rum till now.
    Maybe I will be able to get the pirateflag, but I think, I wont get enough Rum for the rest of the stuff.
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  11. Foofoo added a post in a topic Need Knowledge help   

    Most of those stuff, which you just cant find locations too, are knowledge-pieces you get from NPCs fpr 500 amity. I always googled the missing knowledge and got my answer. For the delucci stuff find Daphne Delucci for the amity mini game.
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  12. Foofoo added a topic in General   

    Rewards for Farming...thank you
    I just got my farming reward.
    @Daum thank you for fixing
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  13. Foofoo added a post in a topic [POLL] Dye Vendors   

    Please Daum, you already got a huge amount of income through selling this game in Europe and NA. Because this game was an awsome success.
    Dont milk us with the dyes. Theres enough other stuff in the cashshop, what grants you more income.
    I would love to see basic dyes from the first dyetab on a vendor ingame. The special dyes could stay cashshop.
    You always done it right in the end for everything else in the past @Daum. I am sure, ou will hear us on this matter too.
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  14. Foofoo added a post in a topic [POLL] Dye Vendors   

    Let us have dye vendors Daum
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  15. Foofoo added a post in a topic Looting ruins game experience   

    There was just an event, which gave a free hawk-pet as reward. If you missed it, I am sure, there will be another event, where youll be able to get a free pet.
    Not necessary to quit this awsome game, if youre enjoying the rest..
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