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  1. 4kkarin added a post in a topic FAQ - Die Neue Welt   

    Offizielle Antwort:
    "Since creating characters on different servers has never been an exploit in any kind and was available to everyone, we will not consider getting those rewards as an exploit.
    We understand that some players may gain from this, but everyone had an equal chance to obtain them. We will therefore not compensate the players who did not participate on multiple servers.
    Best regards,
    GM Dew"
    Auf Deutsch soviel wie: "Dein Pech wenn du den Designfehler nichts ausgenützt hast. Manche werden davon profitieren aber du hättest es ja auch machen können."
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  2. 4kkarin added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Right... 1 year free premium, 2 months kamasylven buff + ep buffs.... it's nothing... and don't forget the 60€ pets... which btw will be impossible to snipe at marketplace after merge
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  3. 4kkarin added a post in a topic FAQ - Die Neue Welt   

    Ich lass das einfach mal hier.... nur als Beispiel wie "klein" der Unterschied ist....
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  4. 4kkarin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - 18. Mai   

    Könnt ihr die Skilllevel 30+ Fortschrittquests dann auch bitte aktivieren wenns die neuen Schwarzsteine gibt?
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  5. 4kkarin added a topic in Allgemeine Diskussionen   

    Arbeiter Talentwechsel
    Da ich auf magische Weise rein gar nichts zu diesem Thema auf Google finde, frag ich einfach mal direkt hier nach...
    Hat irgendjemand ne Idee wie es aufeinmal möglich ist ein Talent auszuwählen und zu ändern? Hab die Funktion noch nicht ausprobiert werd es aber später noch.

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  6. 4kkarin added a post in a topic How much farming to get Postive Karma?   

    At what grindspot if i may ask because 1500 sausans would only give me like 111k karma atm or is there any trick behind farming karma?
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  7. 4kkarin added a post in a topic Gildenbosse - Wie komm ich an sie ran?   

    Haben bereits mit nur 10 Mitgliedern in der GIlde un 6 aktiven den kleinen Boss gemacht an Member solle es nicht liegen, wahrscheinlich eher da die Quest nicht immer verfügbar ist und wenn dann bereits andere Gilden auf dem Server vor euch aktiviert haben.
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  8. 4kkarin added a post in a topic All about Alchemy Stones.   

    Well the blackdeserttome formula didn't work for me in 1 of 6 tries due to lack of mats (Skilled 8). Guess the 8-5-6-9-9 have to be changed. (And btw 6 attempts 5 broken alchemy stones... ty RNGesus....)
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  9. 4kkarin added a post in a topic Pile of Sunrise herbs   

    Scroll down to the bottom and you have your infos
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  10. 4kkarin added a post in a topic Kzarka - eu/na   

    There's  indeed a message but it's not rly obviously and what I meant is no one will write it in the channel chat.
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  11. 4kkarin added a post in a topic Kzarka - eu/na   

    He's in the game but probably the "big" guilds will keep it a secret attacking him to claim the loot as they do with every other world boss. I already saw and fought against him so yeah he's out (Server: Croxus).
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  12. 4kkarin added a post in a topic How can I use 2 (same) crystals in alchemy recipe?   

    Sadly they don't increase the amount of clear liquid reagents etc. but ty for reply. Guess I have to test how many one big version can replace anyway (e.g. elixir of fisher) 
    Tested and doesn't always work with only one pile of sunrise herb instead of 6x sunrise herb. (Skilllvl. Professional 2) Guess you can only replace up to 4-5 normal herbs with those bunches.
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  13. 4kkarin added a post in a topic How can I use 2 (same) crystals in alchemy recipe?   

    As Kimmi sayed, 2x power means 2 red crysals it doesn't matter what crystal you choose as 2nd so just pick one power and one precision for your crit crystal. Figured it out by testing will try the same with pile of sunrise herb etc. and see whats the purpose of those.
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  14. 4kkarin added a post in a topic Green to Blue Gear Upgrade Discussion   


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