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  1. Tsion added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    After a week of exploring this new content, I would like to state that it is quite enjoyable.
    I find that many of the complaints are directly related to individuals that are exploring the ocean with fishing boats. Those boats aren't exactly build for crossing the ocean easily. Ninesharks are rough to handle, but I think the rewards for taking them down are appropriately scaled. With the event missions, even smaller guilds will be able to get a galley and participate in thier destruction soon. If your playing solo, a personal sailboat will be able to outrun them and fishing boats can stick to the edges of the ocean to avoid high area monster densities.
    As with any new content, one should not expect it to be easy to navigate without a little experience. 
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  2. Tsion added a post in a topic All aboard for Neverland!   

    Unfortunately, I could not see any movement while steering it.
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  3. Tsion added a topic in General   

    All aboard for Neverland!
    I figured everyone might get a laugh out of a bug I encountered while using the guild galley.

    A few quick answers:
    Yes, I was on it when it happened.
    Yes, it's stuck up there and other people can see it.
    I went to character select to try and fix the bug only to log back in and begin my plummet to death.
    I will likely have to remote collect it and pay 10 million to repair the durability loss.
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  4. Tsion added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Galley - All aboard for Neverland
    I have encountered a bit of a bug with the guild galley while visiting Port Ratt. I was moored next to the Dock Manager (not the guild manager) and after a few seconds the ship glitched and sent me on an adventure skyward. I went to my character select screen and then returned only to plummet to my death. After resurrection I could still see the ship floating high above the pier. At this point, others around me could see it up there as well. I would rather not pay the 10 million silver to repair the ship after a remote collection. Any chance a GM on the North American server block can take a look at this with me? IGN: Tsion

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  5. Tsion added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    With Gold Keys in the game, can we get confirmation on whether Gold Treasure Boxes are in the game? I do not want to spend more time looking for them if they do not exist, yet.
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  6. Tsion added a post in a topic Looking for Guild   

    If you are on Orwen, feel free to take a look at <Haven> at http://thehavenguild.com. We have worked with numerous new players and the community is quite helpful.
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  7. Tsion added a post in a topic Biggest issues with Node Wars   

    I actually like cannons the way they are. They take skill and group participation to use. I have brought 30 practice cannonballs (which are available for purchase from guild vendors and weigh less) to each war I have participated in to "sight-in" my targets. This requires the assistance of a spotter near the target to relay details as to where the shots land. Only once I am landing shots do I swap to real ammo. If it were easier, defenses (turrets) would drop too quickly to be of use. 
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  8. Tsion added a post in a topic <The Haven>[NA][Orwen][PvX][East Coast][Discord + Website]   

    We have done quite well over the last few months and have managed to maintain great progress as a guild! At this time, we are actively recruiting again and look forward to seeing you all in-game.
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  9. Tsion added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  10. Tsion added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


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  11. Tsion added a post in a topic <The Haven>[NA][Orwen][PvX][East Coast][Discord + Website]   

    We are up to 50 members with great group participation across the board. Feel free to hop on our Discord voice/chat server if you have any questions you would like to ask about us: https://discord.gg/0hfjDxG2phAHMStq
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  12. Tsion added a post in a topic Trying again LF Guild Orwen   

    Hello Sagesinger,
    While I can't promise there will not be a few f-bombs every once in a while in voice chat, I can say that it is far from the primary topic of conversation. <Haven> consists mostly of working adults that are busying during 9-5 on the weekdays. However, our evenings and weekends are mostly open for focusing on progressing our characters and the guild. We have many couples within the guild and harbor a helpful environment in which we have successfully coordinated and completed many guild activities since launch. We are PvX with a focus on PvE missions while waiting on node warfare. We have enjoyed completing many gathering and trade missions with a great deal of participation from the community. You can learn a little more about the guild at http://thehavenguild.com and if you are interested you can leave a message here, there, or in-game. Contacts in-game are Tsion, Zyria, Kiwii, Loruud, and Lynasei. Though, at any given time any of us may be online AFK fishing.
    Thank-you for your consideration,
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  13. Tsion added a post in a topic <The Haven>[NA][Orwen][PvX][East Coast][Discord + Website]   

    /bump for fishing skill bonus
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  14. Tsion added a post in a topic <The Haven>[NA][Orwen][PvX][East Coast][Discord + Website]   

    Still seeking members! Our community has grown considerably since launch with quality players that have benefited from shared knowledge. We have successfully run guild missions daily and are starting to build-up passive buffs through guild skills. Feel free to ask of any questions regarding the community and we will be happy to answer.
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  15. Tsion added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support - Updated   

    No, I assume it is going to take up to 24 hours like the rest of the packages.
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