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  1. Mina added a post in a topic Character Creation to in-game look   

    I have the same issue as well and I've tried everything and nothing works.
    I tried disconnecting, switching chars, switching channels. >.<;;
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  2. Mina added a post in a topic Guilds that use Discord only!   

    If you ever want to just hang you're welcome to join Aetherius Discord 
    Discord: http://aetherius.net/voice
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/AetheriusNetwork/
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Aetherius/
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  3. Mina added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    This +1
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  4. Mina added a topic in Guides   

    Guild Quests guide?
    Our guild recently tried to do a trade quest which involved a 3 part where we needed to buy some first aid kits from Hidel and deliver it to Finoa(sp?) but when we got to the NPC with the tradepacks she didn't have any option to accept them.
    Was there something we were missing or is that a bug? 
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  5. Mina added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    So my question is.. since my pre-orders will not be delivered to the wrong server... Do I have to submit a ticket? Or will they be fixing this automatically on their end?
    I still sincerely hope they give "Serendia survivors" or "Serendia refugees" as a titl e to those who were affected so we can bond and grief together and a story to tell in the future. 
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  6. Mina added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    +1 Give us this title and we'll be satisfied.
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  7. Mina added a post in a topic Better Compensation for all Serendia refugees   

    +1 To this. I would actually be satisfied if we were given a "Serendia Survivor" or "Serendia Refugee" title so other players in game can bond over this. lol
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  8. Mina added a post in a topic Better Compensation for all Serendia refugees   

    I don't see how a x1 dye that expires in 7 days after use is a fair compensation.  Nor some exp buff scrolls that last only 1hr. 
    And how we're going to get our headstart items late because they got lost in translation and how other people got double the items because of this. 
    10% discount on what? which thread? Can you please link? 
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  9. Mina added a post in a topic Better Compensation for all Serendia refugees   

    And to add we're probably gonna get our headstart items (outfit/ tier 5 horse / pet) later than everyone else so we basically lost our headstart abilities.  At least make the Serendia refugees a priority for that. 
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  10. Mina added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

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  11. Mina added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    I feel like they should have offered more. And at least expedite the conqueror's package for people affected so they can use their items that got was sent to the wrong server. >.<;
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  12. Mina added a post in a topic [POLL] Rerolling or staying(only people effected by the server issue please)   

    For some of us-- too much time was invested and lost-- especially those who've made guilds and that doesn't carry over. So for the most of us we're just going to roll in a server we didn't intend.
    Please support: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/24964-compensation-for-all-serendia-refugees/
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  13. Mina added a topic in General   

    Better Compensation for all Serendia refugees
    For those who were affected by the Serendia channel fiasco and was sent off to a server they did not intend  we should get a compensation. We now are left with two choices of either deleting our character and wait 24 hrs to get our name again and/or make new character. Either option makes us lose the headstart time we were promised and the value of the conqueror's package diminished. Addition to that, we're all worried about what's going to happen to our headstart items when we originally claimed it for the server we intended and now the fact we;re probably going to get those items later than everyone due to this.
    I think a fair compromise to give us some pearls  for the cashshop since I know the company wouldn't want to refund anything.
    If you were affected by this and/sympathetic to friends/family that were, please show your support by responding to this thread.
    Edit: A friggin dye ticket that expires in 7 days and some 1hr exp gain items are not a fair compensation 
    Edit 2: All would be forgiven if we got a "Serendia Survivor" or "Serendia Refugee" title
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  14. Mina added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Uhh Character was originally in Edan but now in Orwen??
    So we were kicked out of the Serendia channel of Edan server and noticed our characters were not on any of the other channels in Edan... but they are now on Orwen..? Is this going to be sorted out? 
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  15. Mina added a post in a topic CHARACTER ONLY ON 1 CHNL??????   

    Yeah and we were forcibly kicked out... and the characters are not shown in any other channel.. Will we get compensation for the time lost? 
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