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  1. kidflash112 added a topic in General   

    black desert online Magoria quest
    trying to do the an interesting story quest I got the Orisha Island Ruins knowledge but don't know how to complete the al halam sea part it says investigate the al halam sea area and the quest npc is asking me to bring him something , but Ive been diving all over that area and have no idea what I'm supposed to look for or get nothing to interact with that Ive found anyone know? no guides or video walk through yet and dulfys doesn't cover this part of this quest.
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  2. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Looking for Help?   

    Ill keep it simple Wizard/witch are more forgiving in pvp and have good escapes & heals when you mess-up not really a 1v1 class but they can compete.
    now ninja very hard to master and can be destroyed quickly also need good gear now with that said if you do master the ninja they can be devastating to an opponent and quickly dispatch any pvp player but let me be clear they are probably the hardest class to master and play well 1 slip up and your probably gonna be dead. 
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  3. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Class for grinding   

    Yea was looking forward to ninja awake but the fact they lose there speed shadow slash just killed it for me the best part of ninja was the speed attacks but now thats gone supposedly for slower more powerful attacks but ill point out Musa keeps its dash, sorc keeps its night crow or an equivalent movement so for me unless they give us some speed back ill move on for now currently running a wiz.
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  4. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Anyone open a Shiny Box yet?   

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  5. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Constant "Not Responding" after 5 min in game   

    its them been an issue since last patch even though some say its your pc dont believe them its an issue with the way they coded the santa patch. if your game was running fine before christmas patch then its them some ppl have the issue some don't I unfortunately am 1 who has the game freeze issue and i build and repair computers for a living mine is top notch and i get the freeze really frustrating..
    Daum. patch notes- Fixed an issue where snow was not correctly piling in lowered graphics settings, or falling while underwater.
    but it didn't fix the game freeze issue so?
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  6. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Fixed an issue where snow was not correctly piling in lowered graphics settings, or falling while underwater.
    yep but didnt fix the snow game freeze issue .
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  7. kidflash112 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 21st   

    Just hope they fix the snow santa event crash kinda will suck getting my awakening then not being able to stay in town for more than 5 minutes while i try to get my new weapons upgraded ..
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  8. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Game crashes when it's snowing   

    I found that if you go to smaller towns were it never snows no game freeze so what ive been doing is going afk fishing in tariff and only switching over to alts in major cities to hit MP real quick or post in mp make or buy beer to refresh workers also i found that if i need to do a lot of processing like ores hides i load up and head from alto to boulder out post to do it so afk in small towns also if you look at world map you can see when its snowing in cities there's a grey haze with that said it has completely ruined any chance at santa gifts and i lost out on a lot of double xp wkend.
    They need to fix this in the next patch or at least turn off snow in 1 major city so those of us having issues can still do business.
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  9. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Game crashes when it's snowing   

    First thing if you have no idea what this guy is talking about i suggest you don't start changing settings on your pc especially in the voltage, timing or bios you could really mess things up.
    I have been building and repairing, trouble shooting pc's for over 10 yrs I have enough knowledge to understand what your saying But the majority of ppl have no idea what vram voltage, dram timing or what and how to update bio's.
    so when I say that its not my pc its because it meets or exceeds all the game standards and any knowledgeable person can tell you that if your pc is running the game fine and after the patch numerous ppl are having issues that it is more likely its something to do with the patch coding than a pc issue now I'm willing to concede that since it affects some pc's and not others might be due to certain settings on a pc or out of date system programs it is most likely a coding issue since the only major change in the patch was the addition of snow santa event and blaming the user would only be a way of discounting Kakao facing the truth that its they issue not ours.
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  10. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Game crashes when it's snowing   

    Kakao its not my pc cpu gpu ISP driver or what ever excuse you try to pawn off that some how my computer that ran everything fine before the patch is now somehow the problem The problem is the snow patch...
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  11. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Game is crashing   

    its the snow thats causing it if you stay out of major cities or leave change when it snows it doesn't crash Ive been afking in tariff all night/day no issue only going to towns to hit MP real quick and resupply/sell but they defiantly need to fix this soon
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  12. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Best way to ger Ancient Pearls   

    got 1 from fishing lots of silver gold powder and rings though and 2 diamonds rest from daily login
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  13. kidflash112 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Kakao do you even care freezes
    well since patch i have been getting game freeze when it snows now i know im not the only one because ive read multiple post about it but no response from Kakao its not my pc cpu gpu driver or what ever excuse you try to pawn off that some how my computer that ran everything fine before the patch is now somehow the problem.
    its very unfair to ppl who will miss out on the santa gift event since he only shows up when it snow which is causing the game freeze. now yesterday was payday and while the 20$ i usually spend wont make or break you I will not be spending it on you till this gets fixed and if this continues for the whole duration of the winter event ill probably just leave for a while all together. now just to be clear on whats happening if I go into a major city veilia,heidl alto i have no problems until it snows then my game freezes up and i have to restart  now just to test the theory that its the snow I went to smaller towns like tariff and was able to play and afk fish all night but as soon as i entered a major city it snowed in game freeze, so I'm sure me and who ever else is having this issue would at least like the courtesy  that you have read these post and are aware of the snow game freeze issue and might be working on it. some acknowledgement would go far with me sticking around to wait through the issue..
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  14. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Disconnection?   

    if you mean freezes then yes a lot of ppl are having this issue seems to have something to do with the snow in major cities i have found that in cities when it snows i get a game freeze every 5 minutes but if i go to a smaller town like tariff where it doesn't snow i can stay connected with no problem all day as of now Daum has not addressed this issue or are ignoring it but if it continues thru Christmas its a game killer for me. also its kinda hard to chase Santa gifts when every-time Santa appears it snows and i get game freeze..wish they would fix this asap.
    PS Daum really needs a test server like most mmo's so they work out these bugs..
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  15. kidflash112 added a post in a topic Game crashes when it's snowing   

    They really need to address this because if i have to deal with snow crashes at major cities from now through next awakening into January i will most likely leave only consolation i found was as long as i stay in a small city like tariff i can afk fish all night W/O disconnects and keep my workers going but that's not why i play the game..
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