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  1. Cheesecake is a cop out.

    Fresh baked baguettes, raspberry vinaigrette spinach/romaine/walnut salad, minestrone, 'sparagus done in butter with mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes (skins left on, made with butter and milk), protein of choice, freshly made eclairs with homemade whipped cream and fruit for dessert. And ofc coffee. :)

    It's clear you've never made a cheesecake. That thing is a biotch to make without a single crack in it. Plus how much you have to stand around with wait times for temperature changes. The list you made is wicked easy to make. I could do that in my sleep.

  2. When did I say "give me everything" or that I was against working?


    I'm starting to have flashbacks of newbies wandering in to my very specifically advertised dungeon runs........ reading. It isn't hard. Do it.

    Then here's the thing. I'm guessing you came from Tera. Just a wild guess. Read up on fail stacking guides, do not over stack because some of us believe over stacking actually causes more failures than successes. Tri can be attempted anywhere between 35-50 and even 55 for a guaranteed. Put in the work and you won't have to complain so much.

  3. I have done it. I just want to show you that it's not possible for everyone, looking at the very simple fact "less items than players". It amazes me that you still try to argue against it. I guess too many circles in Sausans isn't good for the brain :)

    Meh, I'm not one of those ones that has ever won a bid, who cares. I'll get my stuff eventually.

  4. The wanna be pink "give me everything" is deflecting everything. Kappa. 

    @Reigne Do the work, get the pay out.. period. I lifeskill more than anything in this game. Love the money from it. It's actually my favorite thing to do so I can spend time with my husband and not be consumed by a game while still gearing. That's a WIN WIN for me :D 

    Though if you don't like the game Just quit. There are many others out there that may suit your needs. 

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  5. JBDO/Beta player here. I have 0 boss gear and don't give a flying hoot. I have loads of fun in pvp even without it because it test my skills as a player and makes me git gud. Tri is possible if you don't rage enchant like a moron, money is easy, and as for the market been trying my hand at getting a dande for 3 weeks without a drop of luck, but guess what that's fine by me. Just take the game day by day. Do what you can in a day instead of making every day your end goal day. High end gear is just that END GOAL. Take mini steps and be patient. I'm not in the best gear, not even in the top gear but I still have fun. I'm THANKFUL there isn't a trading system in this game because it means all the work I've done is allllllll me. It's a bloddy fantastic game if you take YOUR TIME.  


    I even broke my wrist in the summer and was out of the game for 3 months. Didn't have a single peice of +10 grunil when awakenings were out. Took my time leveling, getting money, enchanting. Just to give a clue as to where i started from after breaking my wrist I was 114AP/115DP and level 52 on 09/12/2016. It's possibly to catch up i'm starting to hit tri/duo on everything and I only really grind maybe 4 hours 3 times a week if that. You can do it, just git gud or do the work. ;D

    As for the complaining it sounds like this. 

    -insert veruca salt gif-

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  6. I don't think this person actually realizes what it takes to even cook something like Serendia, calpheon or blalenos specials in bulk to sell to even make a decent profit margin. The amount of energy burned just to process all the materals and to gather half the materials eats into my 7 alts already with over 700 energy between them all and that's not even to make the final product. Dip into the life skills and actually see what it takes before assuming what should be changed for them. Between farming, gathering, processing, and cooking just a few of the dishes in a day I burn through all my energy..... and like I said it's over 700..... to make one dish @_@.

    Not to mention you have to be professional or higher to even make them.

  7. I agree, I've had the same issues doing simple quest. I connect into games in EU and stay stable and I'm in the middle of the Pacific ocean. I'd say it is a pretty big concern for a PVP intensive game. 

  8. With the issues I've come into contact such as rubberbanding, Character switch disconnects, and sudden death in mobs caused by lag. I know this is not an issue that I only suffer with and I'm sure many can agree. I see this as a complaint on the daily in channel chat and in my guild chat. I think a better or more stable server is needed for the influx of people we have in the game currently. Extra channels have been nice and all but we as a whole on the server can feel the lag. I think before the next big release it would be a lovely thing to see about possibly upgrading the servers you have to handle the influx of players. Nothing kills immersion more like massive rubberband reloading or sudden disconnections. I would love to see your thoughts or any ideas you guys have about this!

    Side note: Server "daily" reset is not the way to go when upgrading always helps :P

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  9. Breathe in and out... in and out... puhhhhhh.... trying, but it is so damn hard. So many kids!

    Meow mix wasnt there because she didn't have a headstart to the the "Shitstorm Matrix" the NA kids went through with so she feels more entitled because she wasn't on and didn't have to deal with 1) Character randomly swapping to another server 2) Pre order items taking around 48-56 hours to show up or not show up at all 3) random ass people getting duplicates of pre order items 4) poor kids having their name stuck on another server with no way to use it. Man, so glad she wasn't there for that to ----- spam Channel chat.

  10. EU kids be like. Where my compensation for the massive issue we didn't have. I'm over here laughing my ass off. 

    I want it now.gif

  11. I have been through a lot of early releases with other MMORPGs and these kind of issues are almost always expected.  A lot of times the pre release is to see how the server balance and game goes before the actual launch.  You people need to get a grip and have some understanding.  This game has alot of potentional and is really fun and different in many ways from other MMOs.  I cant believe you people who are calling this game crap and blaming daum for issues that are common in the gaming and programming world.  Either be patient and understanding or STFU and go back to WOW or Second Life.  

    Oh god I don't want the second life kids here. That's a terrifying idea Q_Q.

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  12. i always regret not playing it.. the game where u can chop some 1s head off in pvp must have been awsome lol

    I sent you a message about the lucky ducky in anouther country xD

  13. I'm confused about the launch time, it said 12:00 UTC, thats 13:00 in my country (googled it). But thats 50 minutes ago and I see lots of people have already played, did they all buy early acces? Or do I have my times confused o.O! It's 13:50 now. And also how long is the maintenance gonna take, haven't played yet and am excited to do so xD!

    Those of us who pre purchased before the 26th had a head start. Server is down for Maint for as long as they need to to fix some major issues that happened during soft launch. We're all pretty ok with that.

  14. I'm in the EU and what you're saying makes no sense. Was your first day of 10-12 of grinding wiped and you then had to transfer a server? No? Then thats why they get an extra compensation. You didnt go through that, a lot of people did. 

    Back to Veruca. Lol

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  15. haha lets hope he comes home quick, and safe ofc...

    I still didnt figure out workers and all that stuff , but i found AFK finish good also lol i made so much money its crazy. i still need to catch my first horse i carry few ropes and sugar :D

    He is, lucky -----er is in a country I really want to visit sometime in the future. At least I'm getting sent some yummy candies from said country.

    Some people don't play this game as if they are in the military, and are actually enjoying themselves, sorry bro.

    Agreed here. I've been taking my lovely sweet time caressing the game and enjoying/figuring out all the different things it has to offer hahaha.

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  16. I knew it was going to be as soon as i heard grind fest. I remember the good old days in Aion when we would do balaur elite grinding trains, and u would look over us shoulder for other player enemies to attack you. Open world pvp / grind game is what i was waiting for, and all this money making concept got me hooked. I get my shitty wagon to my little grind spot and then work hard to fill it up, its just awsome feeling at least for me.And + trading from town to town is freaking epic, and the fishing OMFG get a little boat sail away and just fish, i get some nice freaking drops from it 2...

    At Last im not forced to grind stupid dungeons , here u can chose how u want to obtain ur gear, instead of them forcing it on you.

    As Wizard i think i will be having some fund when i hit lvl 45 LOL all those angry warriors and well pretty much every other class :D

    Hope u guys enjoy the game as much as i do, and i hope everything gets fixed after maintenance today.

    I love you for enjoying it as much as I do. I finally have a game that fits my playstyle. I'm enjoying the hell out of it and can't wait for my husband to play with me when he's back from deployment. Something we can both enjoy together QQ

  17. I wonder if we all who did the headstart qualify for compensation 3 -2... 


    I guess so.

    What do you mean "level 1 beginner communication skills?"


    I think those of us that had all the issues in the first 4-6 hours of the game get compensated due to some serious technical issues on their end. I feel absolutely terrible for the lot on Edan>Serendia that had to start all over again. You lot are the only people who have room to complain right now.

    Yeah, but i'm not talking about your problem here now am I? Your problems aren't the same as mine hence you "being perfectly cool" with yours doesn't really matter to anyone else..

    Holy mother of entitlement!

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  18. Compensation based on affected user groups:


    I am confuse about this chart. I was on the headstart, and when I first created a character I was on Edan and since I wanted some peace and quiet I decided to play on serindia (which shut down upon me hitting level 20). 

    Being the smart person that I am, I looked around within the first few minutes and found my character switched servers, and wanting to go back to Edan I created a new character on Edan.

    So am I gonna get some compensation or no? If so, will I need to do anything or not?

    I believe you should be getting the same compensation as the top box as you got screwed way more than anyone else.

  19. People payed money for things that were not delivered, maybe you'll understand some day when your mom isn't the one handling your economy..

    They have already stated that the claims system was being wiped and restarted or have you not been following along at all? I was one of those people that had to re-claim twice then finally got my items 48 hours after launch and I was perfectly cool with it.

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  20. I agree


    DAUM, Ya think maybe umm, idon't know.....umm, testing the pre-order system during cbt2 would have been a good idea??? Or better yet use a system that Ultima Online has been using for over a decade.  I have a reward gump every time I log on, I have seen it for the last 15 years because I am slow to make up my mind what I want. It's a simple process, I know, I run my own private server.  The code for it is readily available on the net.  Invest a little time in google. 

    I've already noticed a high server load in headstart than I noticed in CBT2. Not every little thing can be perfectly tested in closed beta's. I also know the difference between ruining a private server and running a game that has a multitude of other things not handed to you by someone that already did 90% of the coding. Shit happens before launches and during launches. On the GOOD side in game runs smooth as ----- when you are in.