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  1. Qilinn added a post in a topic Black desert isnt available in my region.. Aka The UK   

    Glad to see someones on the issue,:)
     seems a more likely solution than the boilerplate whitelisting proposal from customer service.
    historically (and this is a guess) a new ip block may have been bought for the new fibre service ..
    Notice that a few of us are using fibre broadband
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  2. Qilinn added a post in a topic Black desert isnt available in my region.. Aka The UK   

    in case you ve not seen it ticket info in aquilinas thread

    All same ISP , looks like they did a blanket ban on a UK ISP %)
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  3. Qilinn added a topic in General   

    Region blocking on UK residents
    A heads up , the main topic is here (technical) 

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  4. Qilinn added a post in a topic Region blocked but I live in the UK!   

    +1 to this , also a patch was  applied and the game doesn't even start now 
    Ip block also denies access to account information too , 
    not very happy .. 
    additional users with same problem thread

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  5. Qilinn added a post in a topic Black Desert won't launch anymore! Please help!   

    I suspect what may have happened is your restore has reverted you to a point where you dont have the correct C runtime libraries 
    often necessary for programs but not directly part of the software though it is often included in the install .
    Your easiest fix , is to uninstall the program , the n download and reinstall .
    Painful in download time, but much easier than browsing the net for the correct libraries
    GL , it should work 
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  6. Qilinn added a post in a topic Unable to breed pets?   

    Bump , I have 5 cats and a voucher cat ,
    removing a key feature with no notice (in for example the cash shop !)  appalling.
    I am now log jammed with cats an won't be able to get a penguin in the future .
    Please reintroduce the feature, it wasn't game breaking ...
    Alternatively replace with put in a sack and throw in the river button
    giving you the cruel MF title ...
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  7. Qilinn added a post in a topic <Ame No Tori> [EN] [Casual] [PvX]   

    its a fun guild and we're so laid back we let the mobs air their concerns before we kill em .
    Sadly my Heilang likes the more direct approach , Jump up on down on them till dead so it can be challenging.
    Joining drop a line to Warcrew or Trib (private message) or Fire up Dischord (see 1st Page) 
    and you'll end up in the interview lobby.
    Cya ingame ....
    and bump... bump 
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  8. Qilinn added a post in a topic Game Download / Patch [Updates]   

    thx for the heads up
    and check on the name reservation 
    t - whatever and counting, see ya in game ! 
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  9. Qilinn added a post in a topic Your GPU for BDO eye candy   

    GTX 980, old 660 running PhysX as dedicated gpu
    runs fine at high 1080p steady 60fps
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  10. Qilinn added a post in a topic Please enable Korean voice acting   

    +1 korean voice with subtitles
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