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  1. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic High AP build   

    Lethal, is it really night and day? I've only used my kutum for everything, I have a tri Tadd but held off on going evasion build until I had a centaur. You enjoy it? seems so
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  2. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Recent RBF data   

    Wasn't that data pulled from KR client? IF it is I'm doubtful that many ninjas are running RBF there in garbo gear.
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  3. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    The difference between top classes and bottom classes is not that bottom classes are weak. It's that top classes are strong in many areas vs only 1 or 2. Also of note is that "Most" of the supposed bottom classes tend to be weaker in PvE. Valk, Ninja, Maehwa, and even tamer/kuno are nothing compared to the top several classes for overall ease of grinding.
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  4. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic How do you crate sellers process so fast?   

    Just a FYI. 48,000 timber does not make 800 crates. 48000Timber = 24000Planks = 6000Plywood + 480 ish procs(approx 10%) = 6480Ply/15 = 432  Calpheon Crates.
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  5. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Damage vs Monsters...Is it good?   

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  6. Teflondon75 added a topic in Ninja   

    Part time returning ninja, 57 with only 710 SP. Help please! lol
    I've seen a few other similar posts but even they were for mid8-900's of SP. Can anybody help me with a skills selection? Not a lot to play with really so looking to plan this out as efficiently as I can. Thanks!
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  7. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Does witch awakening increase mob aggro limit?   

    New Witch here(secondary main I guess?) so I guess I'm not 100% what I'm seeing here. Is this video just a showcase of some of the new skills etc? or is this looking at how a typical solo witch would do the rounds @sausans? I only ask because I've recently been back to Sausans with a few guildies some of which were awakened sorcs/warriors(fresh characters, no top gear that I'm aware of) and they cleared packs like that in literally a quarter of the time. As I mentioned though ^^ I am not sure what I'm seeing here really and I'm not trying to stir the pot haha. Just curious.  I've not gone looking for awakened gameplay so the above is it. Thanks!
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  8. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Tamer awakening quest, anybody know where it starts?   

    Thanks, I actually did find that "on your own" anyhow. Of course, that last addition only serves to make you look silly not I so @shrugs@ And really, the post still stands as some people here have played KR and might have more insight into the quest chain itself beyond just the starting NPC.
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  9. Teflondon75 added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer awakening quest, anybody know where it starts?
    Some time away yet but I'm curious and have been searching for info with little success so far   Does anybody know where it starts, the full quest chain or has seen it on youtube/etc someplace? Thanks!!
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  10. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Buff red nose armor, add more variety   

    We have a guy in guild with Red Nose at Tri and the HP regen is something preposterous like 10 or 15. Completely laughable to say the least. With NV Heb chest is hardly more rare any longer and honestly Bheg's is a daily as well and is the best damn piece lol. Red Nose definitely deserves some sort of buff. 
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  11. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Post your Night Vendor loot here!   

    I'm in the same boat. Tons of cash and over 6K energy on it now, not one thing so far =/
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  12. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    I just cannot get excited about Albion, not even sure why. Just not feeling it lol. That does not sound like too much fun Although that is not far from what I do lately, not much guild activity with being at work and just doing a ton of AFK/Semi work from the laptop. Staying entertained in Disco when time allows.

    If you are planning to cross the desert then head to sand grain bazaar and bring waters/teas. Depending on how fast your class is either stay on the horse and just go or get off, head out into the desert and whistle your horse to you. Horse will start running towards you and if you are a fast moving class you just dash/run/whatever across the desert and the horse will keep trying to catch you. Personally, I prefer going up and around on the northern route through Shakatu and continuing on that way. You just have to get off your horse to break one trap in the road I believe and kill a few of the gahaz bandits. It's not in the desert, either way is fine.
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  13. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    Trading does suck a rather large amount haha. Another option is to make shite tier boxes by the thousands if you have any base tier mats you don't use. Load them all on a horse, buff up to max with whale meat salad + trade shirt + elixir +etc and turn them in at the same city. You do lose some money on that but it was the long game for me so I did so anyhow and gained many trade levels that way. You can even just take those crap boxes to Ancado and make most of your cash back.
    I remember you from ESO, Mostly Harmless yeah? Did you guys make a chapter on BDO back at release? I remember watching MH's interview of Richard Garriott, was an interesting watch! 
    Every last one of them, as long as it's one type.
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  14. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    I have 260 CP, used all over and not just for timber crates. The bulk(for these boxes) will go towards getting all three nodes of each wood type the workers for making boxes + wood workstations and of course linking from town to town. I believe the link cost from Altinova - Ancado  was 18. You do Not need overly high life skills no, prof 5 processing will get you around 2.5 units average to one process of wood/planks and also at prof 5 you start proc'ing plywood from the base wood material. You can likely get prof 5 processing in a day if you were so inclined. Trade skill on the other hand, can take some time but is not required to be high, you'll just receive a higher bargain bonus(it is quite a large difference...but technically you can start whenever) I looked at trade skill leveling as a long term investment, it was boring AF(watch tv while doing it) and it takes a lot of RL time(but very little IG interaction) and now everything I sell that is a trade item(including pirate coins) will sell for more profits.
    I currently have 9 Arti goblins all level 28+ gather the three woods, one per node 3 nodes per wood type. You do not Need arti goblins, get what you can but gobs are best for this work.  Fir tends to lag behind the other two and I often buy a little to top it up. With those running non stop, outside of sleep time where they eventually stop, I would say 1400-1600 wood per day is gathered. With that I can make approx 35-38 Calpheon boxes a day making around 6M/day. The limiting factor on money earned is wood stock and trade skill really. Unless you buy wood you just can't get a ton, but it's not much work once you get it all set and running. Sunflower boxes @Can@ actually make more per day as it's easy to get a lot of sunflowers and any black shards you acquire while tending the crops is just bonus. You'll never make as much doing this as grinding, but a large portion of this is afk/semi afk work.
    PS: You can make more than the above if you buy wood from auction on top of the wood you collect, I personally don't much other than Fir.
    For the love of god never do this, what a waste lol

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  15. Teflondon75 added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    When Val dropped I had 3200 Calph boxes and just shy of 7K sunflower boxes to bring over. I saved my self an enormous 41.82 million in shipping and countless days of shipping time by pilling the entire stack on my horse and taking two trips to run them over. It becomes more and more efficient the longer you can hold out for more boxes. I sell 50 calph boxes(8 mill 50K ish) max at a time and 100 sunflower(4 mill 500K ish) max at a time and always wait for them to hit 130%. Currently @ Arti 5 trading  Calph boxes = 170,266 and Sunflower box = 50,240(made in Ephiria, slightly higher at Trent) for that first box at 130%. @Kodiak I wonder if I ever see you there as I'm there so damn often lol. I don't see too many people usually but occasionally, Infact I'm there right now for one last sell tonight.  Usually on Ser 02 Med 02 or Bal 02 Orwen is where I sell. Orodwen ranger alt, Aetherea.
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