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  1. Nagumo added a post in a topic crafting animation/process doesn't stop   

    I too have experienced this, you have to move your character to stop it then open the processing menu again.
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  2. Nagumo added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Boats - AFK Fishing
    Something needs to be changed with the naval mechanics.
    I am constantly coming back to my pc when semi-AFK fishing to find i've either been disconnected or someone elses boat has passed close by picking me up and taking me somewhere else, usually to drown. Logging back in after a disconnect usually places you on the bottom of the sea, or drowned causing loss of XP and crystals, I do not get any disconnection problems on any other online games (this problem occurs on my work pc and home pc).
    The hotspot outside Velia is defiantly a major cause for a lot of the disconnections.
    If you're on a guild gathering mission and the boat owner disconnects you all get lost at sea, not clever.
    We also lost 2 members last night as our boat went through an invisible wall, there was a warning to return to the map but the turning circle of the boat meant they had died before we could turn around, not to mention the ferry from Epheria that actually takes you outside the map and kills you...
    While we're on the subject of boats, I find the durability of fishing boats is far below what it should be considering the lengths/energy it takes to gather all the resources and then build it.
    The idea of making accessories the boat just seem pointless if there aren't going to last, in fact I'm considering just using rafts as at least they are cheap to make.
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  3. Nagumo added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  4. Nagumo added a post in a topic Treant Costume (Ghillie Suit)   

    There may be ways to counter it, but that doesn't change the fact it gives some kind of advantage.
    It's almost a must if you want to be involved in hardcore pvp, that is P2W on any level.
    It needs to be changed, how you do that is the tough question though.
    I know there are people who don't like it and think it's p2w yet they still have it because you kind of need it.
    Personally I won't be buying it even if it puts me at a disadvantage, not due to lack of funds though as I've already spent over €150 on this game.
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  5. Nagumo added a post in a topic House decoration   

    Yes, the walls and flooring is a one use item unfortunately.
    I suppose in real life you wouldn't take your wallpaper and carpet if you moved... but it does make you think twice before placing cash shop items.
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  6. Nagumo added a post in a topic House Investment   

    I'm not sure if voting on someones house would work as it would just become a popularity contest... and I have no friends...
    I was looking forward to pimping my house with treasures found whilst exploring/grinding.
    But these aren't even living homes, it was like visiting a hoarders house, you have to climb over everything to move.
    It was just missing the hundred or so feral cats
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  7. Nagumo added a topic in Suggestions   

    House Investment
    Something needs to be changed the way investments work in the town residences.
    I don't mind competing with fellow places for rank 1 to be able to invest but it just makes things ridiculous.
    I visited someones house who was rank 1 and it was just rugs covering the floor with back to back vases...
    It wasn't a home that someone would live in, it was a garage storing knick-knaks.
    This ruins the experience for me, anyone else?
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  8. Nagumo added a post in a topic FIX THE DAUN CASH buying page dammit   

    It was PayPal I used, it reported that the payment had failed and that I would have to contact PayPal.
    So I used my credit card, went in to my account on BDO and noticed both transactions had actually gone through.
    I didn't consider getting one refunded but decided I'm going to spend them at some point anyway... or was this there plan...
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  9. Nagumo added a post in a topic FIX THE DAUN CASH buying page dammit   

    This happened to me also, said my transaction had failed so I paid via a different method.
    Turns out they both went through...
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  10. Nagumo added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   

    Providing homes for abused sheep across Serendia.

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  11. Nagumo added a post in a topic 1 account 2 PC is possible?   

    I have the client running whilst i'm at work on my work pc (fishing), I also sometimes just use teamviewer to control BDO on my home pc.
    If I log in to BDO on my work PC, whilst being logged in on my home pc, it will kick me off my home pc.
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  12. Nagumo added a post in a topic Annoying bird in ambient noise   

    I was with a guild member and we presumed it was each others hawk, it's so annoying!
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  13. Nagumo added a post in a topic Full servers?   

    I've not logged off since the 28th... So I can't comment on the server states
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  14. Nagumo added a post in a topic [POLL]How much are you spending in the cash shop when it opens tonight?   

    eye glasses
    ear piece 
    warehouse storage +8
    using my 2500 pearls and purchasing an additional €10, leaving me with 280 pearls.
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  15. Nagumo added a post in a topic Game world not ready for the numbers   

    I think the problem is everyone has rushed to 50.
    I am lvl 21 and havent left velia yet, there are plenty of quests/life skills that get you xp that you've probably brushed past to get to the higher lvl mobs.
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