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  1. lifd added a post in a topic Kuno help needed   

    Can't deny that we need to use more skills to do the same amount of dmg with the same amount of AP but that's just over-exaggerating the reality.
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  2. lifd added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    kamasylvia when ?
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  3. lifd added a post in a topic Striker Awakening?   

    well there is a concept art of it 

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  4. lifd added a post in a topic It's official, we got our buffs!   

    I think they could also add a short stealth when we press ↓ during block jump.
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  5. lifd added a post in a topic INC Kuno Buffs   

    For those wondering how the buff looks like in game: 
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  6. lifd added a post in a topic Dark Knight Skill Build   

    true, i'd say this one is complete
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  7. lifd added a post in a topic Can Kunoichi be worthwhile PvP?   

    Can't deny that we aren't in the lowest classes in pvp but i think it's kind of over exaggerated.
    i mean yes we need more AP then all classes (seen some 160 AP zerk doing same dmg has my 191 AP kuno) but we still can you our kit to compensate. Like block jump is just op if you know how to use it (ninja has it too and he is better in term of dmg scaling so yeah, he has the upper hand, but even pre-awak it was the case), and our F is just broken with the range and the fact that it's a stun (grab is op too but with desync and the ease to stack grab CC.....).
    What i'm trying to say in short is, we need some buffs (AP scaling or more dmg or less dmg reduc for some skills and same range for awak ghost step too) but the class is not unplayable without being over geared like hell. (btw Ranger and Sorc are kind of OP now so..... not the best exemples but yeah the comparison with tamer.......)
    (wanted to write that because i've seen your post lately and not really good way to make people want to play kuno, or keeping them  ^^ )
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  8. lifd added a post in a topic So apparently   

    Not sure if they really don't care at all, but for sure it's not their 1st priority.....but they did correct the stealth bug in korea, (still waiting for it in EU though) so who knows......
    https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5c664i/kr_patch_note_for_10th_november_by_chopper85/ (source)
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  9. lifd added a post in a topic Queen's Kuno Awakening tl;dr (WIP)   

    (Mostly for pvp)
    I aggre on the 1st part, never used fox claw in pvp after the awakening for exemple , and floor sweep is really good especially if you: block jump --> ankle cut --> floor sweep --> shadowstomp
    But i don't aggre on fatal Blow. In pve yeah I don't use it at all now, but in pvp i always do just before grab, after the combo just before to be precise.
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  10. lifd added a post in a topic LAVENTIA'S ring event - Extension?   

    Even, if i think they could have confirmed long ago that it would be extended.
    But by saying they was a bug ,etc it was kind of obvious.....
    Anyway they gave us at least enough time to get another "40 pearls" box.

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  11. lifd added a post in a topic New Cawmbos   

    You made some mistakes:
    1. F -> GhostStep -> S + F -> DOWN + RMB -> Half Moon -> Shift + LMB
    2. F -> Half Moon -> Shift + LMB -> GhostStep (side) -> S+F -> Shift + F
    3. GhostStep -> S + F -> C -> Fatal Blow -> GhostStep (to secure grab?) -> GRAB -> W + RMB -> Half Moon -> Shift + LMB
    4. Shift + LMB -> GhostStep (side) -> S + F -> DOWN + RMB ->  Half Moon -> Halo
    5. GhostStep -> S + F -> C -> Fatal Blow -> GhostStep (to secure grab?) -> GRAB -> W + RMB -> Half Moon -> Shift + LMB
    6. Half Moon -> Shift + LMB -> GhostStep (side) -> S + F -> F
    7. Tendon Cutter -> Shadow Stomp (Animation canceled with Kunai Trow) -> GhostStep (if need repositioning) -> Grab -> W + RMB -> Half Moon -> Shift+LMB
    Except the skill inversion at 2. you only forgot the transitional skill or the ones used for doing animation cancelling (like: Half Moon & Shift+LMB or GhostStep & S+F)
    But yeah ty for the initiative of charing this video 
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  12. lifd added a post in a topic Best Sah Chakram (Awakening Weapon)   

    Ultimately you'll want to get the [Dandelion Sah Chakram] ,but it will require lots of money to upgrade (cause of the repair cost) and some luck/time/money too (to get one).
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  13. lifd added a post in a topic Danse Macabre not working as intended   

    Well the Description is false.....But the tool tips says: "A succesful Sah Chakram attack automatically pushes you toward the target" so.....
    + it turn around the target (not in pvp), which, technically put you behind them.
    Anyway either bad translation or dev that didn't gave the good attributs. 
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  14. lifd added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Kunoichi and Ninja   

    Youpi 15th  Kuno EU
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