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  1. Zesika added a topic in Suggestions   

    put in a file repair tool
    I suggest putting in a file repair tool before you start losing players to silly things like not being able to play because you can't fix corrupt files. All 'fixes' for this are touch and go. works sometimes and others it doesn't. Even the fix posted by the admin doesn't work all the time so isn't technically a fix. People are gonna get frustrated and eventually just stop playing and go elsewhere.
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  2. Zesika added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    This fix does not work, i tried it and didn't even get past the loading screen before i crashed from a corrupt file again. Can continue to do the version.dat fix but it is touch and go and can last an hour or only 5 mins.
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  3. Zesika added a post in a topic Corrupt files   

    Don't even bother trying this troubleshooting method. I tried it and still am crashing periodically from corrupt files. Also did some research on other regions versions of BDO. Apparently this issue has existed with other regions as well. One region has a file repair tool in the launcher were as ours does not specifically for this issue. Daum needs to get priorities straight seeing as they seem to have a flood gate of  refunds happening.
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  4. Zesika added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    Guys, this has been going on since Conq. head start as far as issues go. First people were put on wrong server and get a sucky 7 day dye set as compensation and to top it off a lot of ppl are still waiting on their pre-order items.
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  5. Zesika added a post in a topic Corrupted file?   

    @GM_Gemu I just ran the launcher as admin and encountered the corrupt file issue, running as admin is not a fix.
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  6. Zesika added a post in a topic File repair tool   

    I'm no computer wiz but it very well could be, if a file for the launcher is corrupted it may not work. My suggestion would be to locate your paz folder, copy it in another, start the launcher if you can and move the paz folder back to where you got it from. It may or may not work...Another solution would be to rename the paz folder to filecheck.config and see how that goes.
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  7. Zesika added a post in a topic Corrupted file?   

    @CM_Jouska Been having corrupt file issues since CBT1, can we get some help from a person that is actually a part of the game support to look into this other than depending on fellow player workarounds that don't work?
     Edit:Tried to post a screenshot but for some reason the screenshot captured the game scenery but not the warning msg.
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  8. Zesika added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    They already stated that they are going to take back the duplicates of said items, highest lvl tier horse they get to keep and the other is removed.
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  9. Zesika added a post in a topic Corrupted file?   

    This has been an issue since CBT1 and none of the ppl in charge have replied on it which leads me to believe they are totally ignoring it. They hve had plenty of time to fix it or put a repair tool into the launcher.
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  10. Zesika added a post in a topic File repair tool   

    I've done that, even renamed it filecheck.config, does a short little patch, checks files, and I still get the error about 5 mins later.
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  11. Zesika added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    File repair tool
    When are we going to get an actual File repair tool on the launcher, Daum? Was nice to see it do a file check when it patched but now it is next to useless after patching. What is needed is an actual repair tool ON the launcher like most other mainstream mmo's have. Workarounds from fellow players isn't cutting it for everyone. Corrupt files have been an issue since CBT1 and here it is launch for the pre-purchase ppl and it still isn't in the launcher? To many games that could have been great have collapsed due to issues being ignored leading to unhappy customers. Ex.: SWTOR. I really like this game, I don't want to see BDO go down this road so for the love of gaming put in something as simple as a damn file repair tool in the launcher...
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  12. Zesika added a post in a topic Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order   

    Let us not forget there are always shop events that slash prices also. I'm sure at some point Daum will have some also. See a costume you want but don't want to pay full price? Wait for the price to be slashed on a sells pitch or an event.
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  13. Zesika added a post in a topic CBT2 - Maintenance 20.02 - COMPLETED!   

    It will not carry over, they are providing 'tester cash' for the shop for the beta. All you have to do is click the first box when you hit f3 to apply for it
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  14. Zesika added a post in a topic CBT2 - Maintenance 20.02 - COMPLETED!   

    @PM_Belsazar Any idea when and if we will see a file repair tool? getting tired of corrupt file messages and deleting  the version.dat file to fix the problem every 5 mins. I've reinstalled 2-3 times, and tried all the troubleshooting ideas fellow players have posted in forums. None of them have worked. This was also an issue in CBT1.
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  15. Zesika added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    check if your regions are different, that might be why
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