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  1. Apop added a post in a topic Ninja skill [Murderous Intent] durability bug   

    this been fixed yet?!
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  2. Apop added a post in a topic Ninja Skill Ninjutsu: Block Jump   

    im lvl 57
    57 and done the quest...
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  3. Apop added a post in a topic Ninja Skill Ninjutsu: Block Jump   

    another ninja skill issue i seem to be having is even though i have completed the awakening quests i still cant seem to use skill points to get Asura... anyone else had this issue?
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  4. Apop added a post in a topic bad RNG   

    i have used the enchanting max fs list the whole time and still fail way to much, to the point of it totally taking away any fun from the game that i once had. im a pretty patient person in general but im truly losing hope in this game which is a shame..dont think ill be playing much longer
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  5. Apop added a topic in General   

    Auction House Botz
    I know everyone is suffering from this.. as am i. i seriously feel like this part of the game knocks the whole game down a few pegs. i mean seriously how sad pathetic and lonely do u have to be to stand at ah perma just buying an abundance of the things that EVERYONE needs..GET A LIFE!!. i can only hope that Daum does something about this as its beyond irritating.
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  6. Apop added a post in a topic worker node investment. worth it or not?   

    ok thanks for the info
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  7. Apop added a topic in General   

    worker node investment. worth it or not?
    Hey all
    Havent managed to find any info on if its worth investing energy into worker nodes..as far as i can see in game there is only a bonus if the node is owned by the a guild.
    if anyone has any info on this please let me know
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  8. Apop added a post in a topic FPS DROPS   

    what did they do during maint? jeez.
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  9. Apop added a post in a topic Black Load Screen   

    yep. i can also hear the menu sounds. if i leave it long enough it sometimes loads game but took 25 minutes last time.. strange cos before last maint, i didnt have any problem at all.
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  10. Apop added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Black Load Screen
    Hi all
    i have been having an issue the past few days. when i launch the game i get the Daum screen then the Pegi screen then all i get is black screen. at first i thought it would just take a while to load. i have tried leaving it over 30 minutes but it just remains black, i have also tried reinstalling the game client. all my drivers are up to date and my system specs are above minimum. was just wondering if anyone else had this issue and maybe found a fix?
    thank you for reading
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  11. Apop added a post in a topic Unable to breed pets?   

    Yep i did same hoping to breed them.. wasted all my pearls on this instead i could have purchased a costume for my alt.. a simple heads up would of been nice. ill just hope this feature will be added soon
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  12. Apop added a post in a topic [Conqueror's Package] Preview of the Exclusive Costumes [pre-order bonus]   

    thats a little better.. a true ranger should always have a hood haha
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  13. Apop added a post in a topic [Conqueror's Package] Preview of the Exclusive Costumes [pre-order bonus]   

    wish i had seen this before upgrading ill defo be playing the ranger and to me only the warrior costume looks badass. just hope it comes in part ie, helm,top,etc so i can play around with it and other costumes.. looking forward to Ninja class,  shame theres no unique costume for it when it arrives . oh well. awesome game though really enjoyed cbt. nice work
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  14. Apop added a post in a topic It's 16.2.2016 and I can't download game   

    tick tock tick tock tick tock.....
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