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  1. Niklaus added a post in a topic Unlimited Grind Works   

    damn weebs
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  2. Niklaus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    Add Nouver and Chungho outfit for Ninja's pls thnx.
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  3. Niklaus added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    Being a Warrior right now feels so good.
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  4. Niklaus added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    brb rerolling warrior
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  5. Niklaus added a post in a topic Consolidated Media thoughts on the changes   

    I'm not making another white knight post about BDO anymore, 'Anti-p2wers' are so cancerous and deluded, half of them attacking a positive change are too retarded to see that the prices are capped and will be for the foreseeable future, honestly reading comments from such idiots has made me wanna give up playing MMO's altogether, I can't deal with the stupidity.
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  6. Niklaus added a post in a topic Pay2win Strategies! How to get the most for your milk   

    Ahh but that's WHEN it is released, when it is then yes perfect plan, luckily i'll be buying that costumes as well but using our perfect p2w methods instead of my equally hard earned silver as a name change coupon to change my characters name to 'Gutttsszz123'.
    EDIT: Nvm that name is already taken. Damn it.
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  7. Niklaus added a post in a topic Pay2win Strategies! How to get the most for your milk   

    Thing is costumes will be harder to sell, alot harder, because they'll most likely be alot more expensive and provide benefits that most non p2w animals will believe have little to no impact on them. The best way to sell costumes would be to sell them with Value packs for the ones who love the 'aesthetic' of their characters simply because of the Merv's Palette. Also Ninja costumes will sell the worst because as of right now they have the worst sets available in the store, I mean even Giants have better sets available for them, feel sorry for the poor weeb warriors. I'd go with the Waifu sets, like Witches, Rangers, Sorcs etc because for obvious reasons, tits and ass. Guaranteed to make more off those sets.
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  8. Niklaus added a post in a topic Pay2win Strategies! How to get the most for your milk   

    Guys, guys, guys. It's quite obvious that the best item to sell on the marketplace will not be things like costumes or pets, hell no.
    It will clearly be Value Packs, no contest. Not only can you get the best bang for your buck with the value pack deal, but people will be lining up to buy one of these special little treasures! 
    Now to sell these efficiently, I recommend we do something that'll cause the non-p2w scrubs to thirst for more. Firstly we don't sell any Value Packs on the marketplace, this will make people crave the sweet sensation of that 30% tax reduction + the other beautiful benefits that the value pack gives. Then once we have them feeling that need to test out this sweet, sweet package, we each buy one pack and sell them on the marketplace and people will buy these packs to test them.
    Now, we then wait a month and now you're probably thinking "But Nik, we won't be making any money during that month, what do we do?!?" Now trust me on this guys because once that month has finally finished and their packs have ran out, they'll realise that the empty, lost feeling they once had will have finally been brought back to them because they no longer have that radiant value pack that they relied heavily upon, so now their cravings for that extra money from selling their non p2w scrub-tier items on the marketplace will make them rabid. They'll beg for more and being the brilliant people that we are, we will not fill their craving... not yet. After all of this craving and self loathing for themselves, missing out on this sweet sweet deal because they cannot pay actual cash for the packs like us lot, and after we have let them build up their cravings to an almost insatiable point...
    We ALL buy as many Value Packs as we can sell on the marketplace, this in turn will not only make sure that they sell instantly, but also sets up an efficient business plan for further transactions, think of yourselves as noble drug dealers, and if by the end the flow of value packs are so constant that they no longer need such items instantly, then all we need to do is pick a different item to sell, it'll work like an absolute charm!
    EDIT: forgot tl:dr
    Buy value packs cuz they sell gud.

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  9. Niklaus added a post in a topic Fall back p2w supporters we must regroup!   

    Now this I can agree with
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  10. Niklaus added a post in a topic Fall back p2w supporters we must regroup!   

    Yes, never said you didn't, It just won't do anything and I hope you realise this
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  11. Niklaus added a post in a topic Fall back p2w supporters we must regroup!   

    If they gain profit from a business practise then that's unfortunately the world we live in, if you don't realise this then it's about time you did. The world doesn't bend to your will simply because you feel slighted.
    Now if you'll all excuse me i'm off to enjoy some sleep, tired asf.
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  12. Niklaus added a post in a topic Fall back p2w supporters we must regroup!   

    No I think he believes that more contribution towards the developers of this game should equal more benefits, in this case specifically time =/= contribution. Considering your time in BDO doesn't even come close to the value of a dollar bill in the real world. I could spend my time grinding constantly for, lets say ten hours every day and gather a significant amount of cash in the game throughout two weeks, but does that contribute towards the company that made this game? Hell no. Why? Obviously because my grinding generates no income for them whatsoever and me spending two weeks of my time gathering pixels in a game THEY created gives back nothing to the company at all. Businesses rely on money to keep them afloat and that's something everyone knows, you wish to run a business by killing Sausans and Pirates? You should have said! Good luck hiring workers who'll show an interest in a receiving their payment in the form of computer generated Korean doubloons.
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  13. Niklaus added a post in a topic Russian Patch notes   

    Google translate will translate Sorceress into Witch, so no there isn't a need to worry about that.
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  14. Niklaus added a post in a topic Kuno awakening video released   

    Christ that looks bad to me, glad I picked Ninja now.
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