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  1. insert_brain added a post in a topic Nov 16th patch notes Warrior changes   

    no worries man. You can also use it after grab and cancel into slashing the dead (so you get the down damage bonus modifier), but sometimes the opponents gets up quicker than normal (sorcs) and the last hit of slashing didn't always hit. Give it a go
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  2. insert_brain added a post in a topic Nov 16th patch notes Warrior changes   

    Not at all. Non-charged reckless blow is amazing, you can cancel it with knee kick so you can use reckless and grave digging after a float, before the grab.
    It's just patch notes that are screwed up. Also it wouldn't make any sense since we don't have grab in awakening stance.
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  3. insert_brain added a post in a topic How to stack unlimited items of the same type on horse ?   

    Shhh, don't bring logic in here or you'll be burned at the stake 
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  4. insert_brain added a post in a topic Valkyrie Patch Day Woooo!   

    Warrior always had increased grip.
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  5. insert_brain added a post in a topic Nov 16th patch notes Warrior changes   

    Thank you, I had half a heart attack thanks to Forbannet 
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  6. insert_brain added a post in a topic Nov 16th patch notes Warrior changes   

    No, it was always 2 hits when released early. I can't login atm, did this change? This would be a major nerf
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  7. insert_brain added a post in a topic Nov 16th patch notes Warrior changes   

    Yes please, can anyone confirm if this is just the old reckless blow nerf (that we already had), just reported again? the description is not clear at all to me.
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  8. insert_brain added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    That was already in game though
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  9. insert_brain added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    I know that from KR, but it's not what it's written here unfortunately  
    I guess it's just bad translation. I also don't get the change to reckless "using the skill reckless blow, before the movement ends...". Eh? Any idea? They changed how damage is applied if you use kick cancel? This is not very clear to me.
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  10. insert_brain added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    Can you please translate these to English ?
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  11. insert_brain added a post in a topic why merge rewards on servers   

    Dude you have some serious issues going on in your head if this is the first comparison that comes to your mind, I suggest a psychologist.
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  12. insert_brain added a post in a topic Opening for warrior   

    For the opener, stay out of range. That warrior opener is really good only when dash is off CD. Keep your distance forcing him to use dash, then when it's off CD you can start putting pressure on him and stun him out of the dash opener if he tries to use it. Also hello <3
    - The best way to win against valk is to keep the pressure up, so the war can't just hold his guard or you'll have time to heal and get your CDs back. Only bad warriors use grave digging out of combo (except in some situations), and if they do they're dead. Dash in with whatever block/super armour skill allows you to move close and grab him.
    - All grab classes should run 20% ignore resist min, and 30% preferably. 2x precision and kutum and you will grab whoever you want too.
    KR warrior nerfs are inconsequential.
    - you have grapple, use it. Also, when you hit a warrior blocking, he will be stuck for about half a second and will only be able to use certain skills (skills that say "can used while in guard). Take advantage of that.
    - Armour break (spammable paddle) is stun only when off cd. Also, it's a rather long animation from start to finish and spamming that is fairly stupid since it locks you in place. It has frontal guard, so take that time to sidestep on the side and cc him.
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  13. insert_brain added a post in a topic How to fight Warriors   

    Keep moving, always. Never attack twice from the same direction, go in swap to amulet i-frame out (sides or back). Don't underestimate amulet stance against warrior, it's amazing to force his skills in CD. Grave digging is fairly easy to avoid if you stay mobile, and it's unlikely a war will use it out of combo unless they're short on available skills. Don't listen to Francesca, never ever block and stay still, you'll be dead before you even see him dashing. Dash + solar flare + swap + grab is basically instantaneous and even 20ms lag can kill you. The warrior has a limited skill set with fairly long CD on main damage (and super armour) skills. Wait after he wastes slashing the dead (and possibly also grave digging if bad war), then get ready to CC him as soon as he uses any other skill, since they either have  frontal block only or no protection at all.
    Never start violation unless you are really close to the war, or he is CCed. It's extremely easy to dash to your side/back and float/stun you then it's GG.
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  14. insert_brain added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    Men, it was a good and fun fight for all 3 of us. I knwo you were at vikings earlier and we hoped we would have been able to push more before. Ofc we can't kill you 1v1 on open field yet, but that was not the goal tonight
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  15. insert_brain added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    Don't know what fight siege *you* were, but your gate went down rather fast  also if you have 10-20 defending, but 30 attacking that is 50  
    Anyway, nothing new to see here just nyn in denial like after every sige they don't win. Whatever man, we had fun, that is all that matter.
    wtf = who the fk, sorry was not clear. Clearly someone easy to dazzle.
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