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  1. Throow added a post in a topic Archer in yet?   

    Jezzz are they only catering to teen age boys ?  lol
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  2. Throow added a post in a topic Archer in yet?   

    And what gender and class would that be?
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  3. Throow added a topic in General   

    Archer in yet?
    Hello guys
    It's been a couple of months since I was in BDO last. So I have a question.
    Is the archer, male ranger in the game yet? Or is there any ETA on it?
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  4. Throow added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    No more doing anything to get those end game items. All I have to do is, buy the most expensive stuff for pearls, put it on the market and hope there is still people in the game to buy it.
    Don't try to tell us that you do this for players who can't/will not use the Perl shop, that it is for them you do this. We know and you know that there are other ways, to help those players.
    You will have to come up with a 3 currency system to prevent p2w.
    People buy for pearls, sells for a 3 currency that can only be used on certain things (cosmetics) in the game.
    But this was already on the road to p2w from the start, with stats on costumes and outfits.
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  5. Throow added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Failed to CreateDevice
    It is time to get this fixed once and for all!
    Remove that crap xigcode and let people play the game they paid for.

    I now have two tree friends who can't get into the game and I know more will come
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  6. Throow added a topic in General   

    We are Family?
    The guild got together and took screenshots, the screenshots look alike a lot because of this. Some got the title, some didn't and that puzzles us.
    (Was said, if people didn't get the title it was because the rules wasn't followed, but everyone from the guild who was there posted their own screenshots on our forum and as said, they looked a lot like each other)
    So, how was it decided that some followed the rules and others not?
    Maybe be more specific in the description to the next competition?
    • 7 replies
  7. Throow added a post in a topic Beauty contest and why it will not be fair   

    I just saw a picture of a camel in the gallery. 4 likes and 4 downloads. That is more than most of the characters got.
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  8. Throow added a topic in General   

    Beauty contest and why it will not be fair
    It will never be the best looking characters who is going to win this, not by download or by voting, because people in large guilds will always vote for each others characters.
    • 26 replies
  9. Throow added a post in a topic Can't leave guild   

    Bump. This need a fix
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  10. Throow added a post in a topic Guild house. How long?   

    And if you loose it on the auction after 14 days, the upgrades stay on the house and the next guild gets them?
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  11. Throow added a topic in General   

    Guild house. How long?
     Does this mean, that you can only be sure to have the guild house for 14 days?
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  12. Throow added a post in a topic How to get a camel!!!!! For NA   

    They are not camels, they are dromedaries

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  13. Throow added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

    Not sure if anyone have answered this. Can't be bothered to read to all posts
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  14. Throow added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

    I appreciate the free large areas, but I really wish, that things would be explained a bit more in depth, instead of just giveing us what is obvious from watching videos from KR.
    Another thing: I am so tired of the costumes you bring out. My character(s) are not runaway showgirls from Las Vegas or Moulin Rouge. Please give us so outfits that will suit the classes and the areas more (that is, if you want me to buy them) atm, they just look ridiculous.
    Npc's got them so you know what fits the areas.
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  15. Throow added a post in a topic The Karma Tribe [tKt]   

    Tribe is still growing. Wanna join?
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