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  1. Slaz added a post in a topic IP ban in EU - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia   

    Easy, can send money to some friend who is not from blocked country and he buys for me.
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  2. Slaz added a post in a topic IP ban in EU - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia   

    So its the same as its in JP etc? U just have to log in with VPN and u good?
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  3. Slaz added a post in a topic Blader released on BDO RU   

    Updating right now, really wanted to try Blader anyways.
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  4. Slaz added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    I think its hard to get the signatures because of the BDO itself, they havent really advertised the game well in EU/NA etc.
    So thats probaby why its hard to get those signatures. Also like Hywel mentioned, people just leave as they see they are IP-Blocked from the game.
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  5. Slaz added a post in a topic Lets Talk Music~   

    Idk, i actually play better when i listen music and turn off game sounds, especially in FPS games
    Few songs i listen to.
    1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gXNlY5tbQI
    2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQAR5bK54CM
    3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiFmIaIEoao
    4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y0Zjxu4V6c
    5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hLll5D9NYY
    6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAzPLsiRWw0
    7) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpZUmvnqIc4
    8) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWZpbrU1h9A
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  6. Slaz added a post in a topic Last response from GameNet regarding Baltic Countries Ip-Block   

    Well, thats some ignorant response lol.
    We cant even get support in english, how the hell are we supposed to play the game?
    I guess, only way is to start a petition for baltics, but the game is not really well advertised. So i doubt anything major would happen.
    So i guess only way for us to play is get a good VPN and buy the game..
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  7. Slaz added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    "cause i know plenty that didn't have that problem approached/getting approached." means approaching Russians or getting aproached by them without bigger problems,
    Jesus christ man. "Problem approaching russians or getting aproached by them"  Ofc you do not have any problems if you do not talk to them or they wont talk to you, heck you wouldnt even understand if they talk to you. I didnt really have the problem either but the fact when i tried to talk with someone, he just told me some gibberish in random letters i do not understand which makes the communication impossible with them.
    I dont have the facts about "95%", but its pretty obvious, isnt it? Maybe you assume that most are international players without the ability to talk in English. Idk man.
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  8. Slaz added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Okay, here i went maybe a little over the limit by telling there will be no guilds, There might be 1-2 guilds aswell but thats all.
    95% of the people that u run past are russians. If you try to argue that fact, then you are just being dumb.
    Here you are just telling that you do not like to talk with other people outside your friends/guild. I do like to communicate with other people, So i dont know what is the problem here, either you are socially awkward or i am stupid for wanting to talk with other people.
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  9. Slaz added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    I did read your posts, and u keep saying the same stuff every single time, i just told you WHY the gathering people wont work.
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  10. Slaz added a post in a topic Anyone playing the RU version of Black Desert Online until NA release?   

    I did until i heard that Baltics will be blocked from EU. Quited for 2-3 weeks.
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  11. Slaz added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Why risk? Would you rather play in a community full of russians or in a server where u can actually COMMUNICATE with other people?
    The Baltic people have mostly quited/do not want to play there anyways, so i doubt there will be left any major english speaking people after EU/NA releases. There will be few friends, some lone wolfs etc but thats all.
    Now you might ask, but why do we quit? Because of the community, It all comes down to the community. We do not like to play with russians nor do we undertand russian. Yes you can create a guild, but can you really enjoy a game, where there is no communication whatsoever outside the few guilds?
    Edit: I forgot to add that once u try to talk russians in english, all they say to you is go piss off or f*ck your family etc. They are as toxic as Turks(not all, but the kids. No offence to you mature turkish people.)
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  12. Slaz added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Try to relate to those people who have to play in RU version without understanding most of the community.
    Edit: I just read your post about gathering english speakers etc. The thing with that is, even if you get a decent amount of english speakers right now. What happens once EU releases? 80% of those people leave.. Do you even think before you post?
    Anyways no point of bashing here guys, we cant really do much. There has been people who messaged PA and GameNet, hopefully we get something out of that. Also i hope other regions will get something (SA, Middle east etc.)
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  13. Slaz added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Thanks for info! Keep us updated
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  14. Slaz added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Not really a lie, ofc many old people those aged 40-70 speak russian. But the younger generation doesnt really speak russian unless they have 1 parent russian 1 estonian or something like that.
    eventho my mum is russian, i still cant speak russian... So i guess even those who got 1 russian parent wont always speak the language.
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  15. Slaz added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Its kinda common sense to give english speaking community an offical english patch, isnt it?
    Im not bitching about the "unoffical" english patch, heck im not even playing this game anymore because of the shit PA did.
    and to answer ur earlier post about me talking shit about Russia. I kinda live together with russians i know what they are like and how shitty and ignorant they can be.
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