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  1. Quetesh added a post in a topic leveling a major city node   

    I'm curios about this as well.
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  2. Quetesh added a post in a topic Cash Shop   

    Your attitude is gonna get you very far in life... /sarcasm
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  3. Quetesh added a post in a topic Looking for 7 days pass   

    Youtube + twitch streamers should help you to make an informed decision.
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  4. Quetesh added a post in a topic Hoping to check the game out before buying   

    Youtube + twitch streamers should really give you a good enough idea if you want to buy it or not.
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  5. Quetesh added a post in a topic i destroyed my BS wep   

    At the harpy castle (don't know the name) there is an NPC that if you give a Blackstone (Weapon) he will give you the Ultimate Basteer back.
    2nd way I saw mentioned is that if you buy a Ultimate Styd weapon from the market, that works as well.
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  6. Quetesh added a post in a topic Would you recommend this game?   

    Youtube - better than forum, trust me
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  7. Quetesh added a post in a topic Daums Support is utter shit.   

    A useless post? Just like your ticket and your complaining on the forums, right?
    The argument is that they have way more important things to do then to fix your eyes.
    And you complaining on the forum solves nothing.
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  8. Quetesh added a post in a topic Daums Support is utter shit.   

    Oh, I'm sorry sir. Yes, they really should take a look at your game breaking bug. I mean, your character doesn't look directly at you when you turn around? Well, I think they should really stop what they're doing to fix this.
    Yes, you are right, no other ticket is as important as this.
    I mean, what else do they have to fix in this game that they cannot take a look at this huge problem.
    And that you spend money trying to fix it? Wow. I wonder why didn't you create a new default character that would take 2 minutes to do, to see if the problem persists? Free of charge.
    Yup, you're right.
    Hmmm... come to think of it, my character won't sneeze when I sneeze. BRB gotta make a ticket. Hope they fix it ASAP because this is a huge immersion breaking issue.
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  9. Quetesh added a post in a topic Daums Support is utter shit.   

    And people wonder why Customer Support is full.
    Because of tickets like these.
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  10. Quetesh added a post in a topic Daum, Have you nerfed fishing?   

    Fished 2 nights ago, caught nothing.
    Fished last night, caught 1 shard, 5 golds, about 6 blues and a ton of greens.
    So the answer is no. It's RNG. Learn to love it.
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  11. Quetesh added a post in a topic Warrior or Berserker?   

    I don't want to hijack the thread or anything, but, would you prefer to sit 1000 hours behind a guy and watch him hit things and chop wood?
    Or would you prefer to sit behind a girl and watch her do what I just mentioned above?
    It's not about masculinity. It's about perspective and way of seeing things.
    Anyway, back to your thread. I think Warriors is a better bet for you.
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  12. Quetesh added a post in a topic Where is Yaz in Serendia?   

    Maybe they changed her name. It happened on more than one occasion.
    Not in the game now to search.
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  13. Quetesh added a post in a topic Can i run it????!!! Intel i7 5500 2.4 Nvidia 920m 4GB   

    Moar, moar
    Snappy comments need snappy comebacks 
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  14. Quetesh added a post in a topic Can i run it????!!! Intel i7 5500 2.4 Nvidia 920m 4GB   

    Since when laptops cannot be upgraded I wonder?
    And also, not the video card gave it away, it was the Dell 5558 model actually.
    But yeah, I'm not tech savy, I just work in the industry, so what the hell do I know, right?
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  15. Quetesh added a post in a topic Where is Yaz in Serendia?   

    Try this: 
    Search her name in the box
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