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  1. eurotypo added a post in a topic Waiving right to withdraw.   

    you should try, bought a game on steam that was absolutely horrible and the gameplay trailer looked nothing like the game
    got my money back within 2 days 
    i won the same game later in a giveaway tough so i doupt they will refund me again in the future
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  2. eurotypo added a post in a topic Musa/Maewha Character Creator Pre-Release Request   

    before anyone says whats a floppy disc, its the save icon on word and like that
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  3. eurotypo added a post in a topic BDO really being a pain in the ass...   

    if you were stuck couldent you use the /escape(or stuck) command not the v button
    or did they change it in the latest patches since it was being abused in pvp
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  4. eurotypo added a post in a topic BAD Support   

    i can see why you have such a high rep
    and to not to go off topic, /thread
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  5. eurotypo added a post in a topic BAD Support   

    i still dint see you post the issue you were having?
    does it not let you login?
    does it not let you launch?
    cant you connect to the server?
    cant you login into the channels?
     if so what error does it tell you?
    did you check the logs?
    i can make a longer list but yeah you complain without trying to fix it your self
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  6. eurotypo added a post in a topic plns nurd skoresers andTemers   

    broken english translator dint pick up anything
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  7. eurotypo added a post in a topic Its an MMO   

     entences that use Kappa do not always have to make sense
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  8. eurotypo added a post in a topic plns nurd skoresers andTemers   

    managed to translate it by using what makes sense
    both classes are dealing too much damage, its too op
    costed me a bit of deduction skills
    nothing to discuss here folks time to move on

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  9. eurotypo added a post in a topic plns nurd skoresers andTemers   

    the best i could make out of the op is tamer and sorcress
    cant complain since international board but please keep it english so the mayority can help and understand you!
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  10. eurotypo added a post in a topic Accidently Destroyed Yuria wep +11   

    well this isnt WOW, i guess you COULD try it but i really doupt it since it will take a long time with all those tickets
    being said you probaly are better off buying a new one
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  11. eurotypo added a post in a topic Accidently Destroyed Yuria wep +11   

    your outta luck man, theres a reason they make a screen that says "are you sure you want to destroy this"
    fitting image for your situation probaly

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  12. eurotypo added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Pets: Nutritious Feed   

    i got my 20x feed when i bought my cat on my 48 hr headstart
    so pretty sure it was there in the beginning but not listed
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  13. eurotypo added a post in a topic REMOVE CAMOUFLAGE COSTUMES   

  14. eurotypo added a post in a topic World Boss Red Nose Killed!   

    for the chance to get the loot?
    gee bill i dont know
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  15. eurotypo added a post in a topic Escape abuse/macro/script/cheat   

    no i mean whats the action, do they teleport or just fly away
    not on how to do it
    oh, that seems very VERY broken
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