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  1. Kelrin added a post in a topic Closed   

    I am interested in the guild. Will be on for a bit. IGN is Kelrin .. Family Name is: Byung_Shin
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  2. Kelrin added a post in a topic Ganked =/= Grieifing   

    I am looking at your two posts in response to C.K. Your first response seems to ignore the basic assertion of C.K.'s post. Specifically, that on PVP servers you rarely see actual griefing. Players know they can find OW PVP anytime they wish. Thus, yes they may "gank" that miner that is out minding his own business, but they move on immediately after never to return. That is generally true unless the PK'er needs the same nodes as that miner. You are speaking of harassment in your posts. I can understand your concern. However, again, you completely ignored C.K.'s assertion. I am not trying to be a di@@ with this next question, I honestly am curious. Other than talking of banning and thin lines for harassment, do you have a comment that is more closely related to C.K.'s assertions? Or do his assertions mean nothing and the simple thought of possible harassment on rare occasions is enough to induce fear and a dislike of the player base and the game?
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  3. Kelrin added a post in a topic Wiz/Witch PVP Build   

    Like I said, I found this build online from a KR forum. I have only played a little and am simply trying to get a conversation started since there isn't much happening about builds on the forums. (I did say that I believe). You are right about location. I realized that 2 seconds after I clicked submit. So, if you have more realistic recommendations that you can post in the correct location, by all means, I would love to see it.
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  4. Kelrin added a post in a topic Tamer underwear.   

    Regardless of what underwear the Tamer has on, a good tamer does everything with her pet.
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  5. Kelrin added a post in a topic Would BDO been better with Sub   

    Pointless discussion. It is what it is. Live with it or leave.
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  6. Kelrin added a topic in Guides   

    Wiz/Witch PVP Build
    I've been doing a lot of searching through the forums here for Wizard / Witch PVP builds. Unfortunately, I am not finding much if anything except people complaining about PvP before the game even officially launches. I think it's time we start to change that. So, in order to get the conversation started, here is a build that I found. While it isn't tagged for PvP or PvE, I think this may make a decent PvP build. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Keep in mind, there is a difference between pointless insults and beneficial critique. Let's try to keep this in the beneficial critique realm.
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  7. Kelrin added a post in a topic So there's no point to PvP, is there?   

    You may not be able to go to a different area, but you can also ask for help. Guildies are willing most of the time and you can always find people in channel chat that are more than willing to help. Hell, as a PK guild in AoC, we would make gen chat announcements that we were going to own a specific area and challenge all comers to take it away from us. Sometimes other guilds did the same thing. We would then go to take the zone back. People knew before they even went to the zone what was going to happen. Massive multi-guild, multi-player mobs would group together to oust the upstart guild that dared to "own" a zone. Fights would go on for hours with people leaving to eat and new people joining the fray until, eventually, everyone said GF and went their own ways. It was a lot of fun and the PvE'ers knew to avoid that zone or knew they needed to sneak past everyone to get to a different part of the map.
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  8. Kelrin added a post in a topic So guild wars will remove the karma system   

    I love the idea of declaring war for no other reason than that it sounds like a blast. That's the only reason that I need.
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  9. Kelrin added a post in a topic Isn't this supposed to be a sandbox MMO ?   

    That's the rub... Most of the PK'ers (myself included) I know simply pass by the "free prey levels" and instead, specifically target challenging targets in order to push and test themselves. This is how they improve their skills. Occasionally, they go after others, but mostly they stay within their own level ranges or above.
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  10. Kelrin added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    ...Don't have the moral character of a normal human being??? Are you serious with this comment? As a carebear you are fine with NPC content interrupting and killing you at any given time. It is understood that you will die from time to time.  It is understood that your gear will get damaged and you may lose it if not repaired. It is understood that mobs will grief you as much as they possibly can. Dungeons or similar high level content in a sandbox will cause frequent deaths of entire parties. The PKer does exactly the same thing that NPC's do. The only difference is that the PK'er is more skilled and better geared than the NPC. The PK'er provides a greater challenge than the PvE content. So, if you prefer to play against the super easy NPC, hey that's fine. However, in no way does that give you the moral authority to say those of us that enjoy a greater challenge than NPCs lack the moral character of a normal human being.  Instead, you have ony proven that you are weak minded and can't handle more than a simple PvE environment.
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  11. Kelrin added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard 1v1 or getting jumped   

    no apologies needed. You did better than most native English speakers.

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  12. Kelrin added a post in a topic Isn't this supposed to be a sandbox MMO ?   

    AoC was sooooo much more fun to play than EQ2... Did you play a ratonga assassin?
    AoC dropped resources. That was fine for me.
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  13. Kelrin added a post in a topic So there's no point to PvP, is there?   

    Have you ever played Hello Kitty Online??? Non-Stop PK (Pu$$y-cat Killing)! ---- I have to be careful to keep it PG, suggestive though it may be.
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  14. Kelrin added a post in a topic So there's no point to PvP, is there?   

    I am looking for an amazing FFA OW PvP experience. I enjoy PvE, but love PvP. I don't need the +20 gear  drop, though coin or resource drops would be fantastic. I enjoy PvP at all levels, even the low levels. I enjoy getting ganked and I enjoy ganking. As far as ass-hats ganking PvE noobs that need to get guud... well, the community polices them up. If someone is out ganking lowbies or carebears, a simple shout out in gen chat, or even better, guild chat, should bring plenty of help that love OW PvP. Those that help may assist for free because we love killing PKers (when we aren't doing the PK'ing - red is dead!), or for a price with a mercenary type of contract. This then, becomes a truly player centric (PvP and PvE) game with a dynamic daily story line that will keep players involved. Guilds will be built around the mercenary lifestyle. Laughing Coffin (Yay... Sword Art Online) type guilds will be created on the red PK side of the house. PvE'ers will have a more well rounded game, but never have to actually PvP. I understand some don't like to fight other players. That is fine. That is why mercenary guilds or even just guildy help exists.
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