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  1. Genadine added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

    I would hazard a guess that the % chance of getting Red Nose will be significantly higher than the 4 most people will want, don't get me wrong anything for free is nice but I doubt it's going to be a 20% chance across the 5.
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  2. Genadine added a post in a topic Game population   

    Playing on Jordine,
    When the game went live every channel during peak periods was Crowded and iirc the whole weekends were every channel crowded no matter what time you logged in.
    The last time I saw a crowded channel was on the first 'beta' testing of Node Wars and those channels were crowded.
    Recently though I haven't seen a single crowded channel.
    Saturday PM UTC 'Prime time' Sausan empty, I was the only one there for a good 30 minutes before I was joined by another singleton.
    Game dead? - Nah still people about
    Game healthy? - Nah declining population
    Sources for all this info to keep Flunge the Gunge happy My own two eyes from wandering the empty spaces with no one there
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  3. Genadine added a post in a topic And i don't even have awakening...   

    That's all well and good, but you obviously have a crapton of skills and you know them inside out, what Level was his Greatsword, how many skills did he have in the lines and how where you geared in comparison to each other?
    Don't get me wrong it was impressive but if your 250AP and he's in +15's then was it a fair fight?
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  4. Genadine added a post in a topic [Jordine] EZMode //PvE   

    still got spots, join us, no wars, no nodes, no hassle.
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  5. Genadine added a post in a topic [Jordine] EZMode //PvE   

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  6. Genadine added a post in a topic [Jordine] EZMode //PvE   

    bumping this one
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  7. Genadine added a post in a topic Night Vendor Price List   

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  8. Genadine added a post in a topic Night Vendor Price List   

    Jordine, MoS 4Mill sorry No Screenshot
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  9. Genadine added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    You bunch of arrogant thieving as***ts,
    Is this game dieing so badly you feel that you must rip of the remaining customers to such a disgraceful level.
    Maybe you should instead of pushing this garbage out fix the multitude of reported problems and not introduce another untested rip-off scheme.
    What's next?
    Please Sir/Madam send me your bank account details so we can bye more peeples to fix the problems or some such garbage.
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  10. Genadine added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    XIGN says Kaspersky is a Security Issue
    To whoever deals with XIGN
    Whenever Kaspersky runs a Rootkit scan XIGN throws a hissy fit and crashes BDO, obviously Kaspersky isn't the issue its down to a false positive from XIGN which needs investigating and resolving.
    My initial post was not going to be as polite as this one is so please, pretty please with cherries on top, Fix this issue
    Kindest and most sincere regards
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  11. Genadine added a topic in PVE   

    Quest Help : Life-risking Infiltration
    Hoping someone can assist me in finding 'Old Book from Cron Castle'
    It is part of the Emma's Nightmare Consecutive Questline.
    I found the cave without issue and spoke with the Ghost but am unable to find the damn book, the tooltip shows a black book sitting on a table but in searching Cron Castle I have found no such book.
    **** Edit
    Blergh should have paid more attention to the Main Map, Heidel Castle is also Serendia Castle and the book is in the same room as the Heidel Treaty gotten on an earlier Quest.
    **** End Edit
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  12. Genadine added a post in a topic Awakening weapons for all   

    No thanks
    They are 'balanced' around lvl 56 where you should have a significantly higher level of skill points than you will have at lvl 50.
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  13. Genadine added a post in a topic Giant's Lightstone Story Quest bug   

    Same tried for 20 mins logged out tried everything and no joy
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