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  1. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Don't let Daum rob you of refund   

    I see. I was under the impression that Daum was a Chinese company. I was not aware they had offices in the Netherlands. In that case, they would indeed be subject to any laws that are on the books in a jurisdiction they have an office in.
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  2. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Don't let Daum rob you of refund   

    You're also talking about a foreign company. Daum has no need to follow EU law regarding refunds, because Daum isn't an EU company. What are you going to do if they refuse to give you a refund? Sue them in the EU? How do you suppose the EU is going to enforce their laws with a foreign company? Hey, maybe NATO will go to war for you.
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  3. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Pre-order Conq. Horse T5, scam?   

    You don't use a racehorse as a draft horse. It's pretty simple.
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  4. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic pve players can harass pvp players / we need proper flagging system   

    OK, let's set something straight. Nobody forced you to do shat. You think you're entitled to do as you please, and now you're throwing a fit because you don't get your way. Stop being such a fracking wankpuffin you scrub and own up to the fact that you're an arsehole.
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  5. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic I get 96 Hour headstart but can only use 1st Day   

    Don't feel too bad. I can't launch the game, now that head start is almost here, because the launcher locks up. I'm hoping I eventually get to play the game at some point.
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  6. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic How will YOU take advantage of your 48/96 hour head start?   

    Even though I bought the conq pack, I'm probably going to spending the next couple of weeks playing Stardew Valley. It launches on the 26th, and I've been waiting for it longer than I have Black Desert. I'm not interested in the rush to level 50, and when I do play BDO I'll be exploring every little nook and cranny and just goofing around. The game is an MMO, so why should I go out of my way to burn through it all immediately? Too much exploring, fishing, taming and what have you to do.
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  7. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Head start cant come sooner :(   

    You know, I bought the conq pack, but I'm probably going to be spending the head start and first week or two of launch playing Stardew Valley. Very pumped for that game, so I can't wait for the 26th.
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  8. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic [POLL] Are you satisfied with the chosen Server Structure?   

    I'm satisfied with it for the reason that, during CBT2, the channels were often crowded or full for both servers. I don't want launch to come and there to be a line as long as there was for ArcheAge. Waiting in line to play your game sucks. Sure, it's not going to kill me, but it's not fun at all.
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  9. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Column: BDO Closed Beta Two Ignites the Community on MMORPG.com   

    Of course they aren't worthless. When did I assert that? The forums are here for exactly this purpose, to reach out to the community. My problem is people saying that the entire playerbase must think as they do, for no other reason than a few hundred other people do. The forums are the top less than one percent of the playerbase, the most vocal of users. There are plenty of racist people in the United States right now that support Trump for president. Are their opinions reflective of the entire nation as a whole? Are all Americans therefore racist or want Muslims deported? Do those racist people speak for all of us?
    Daum has all the information in this situation. They'll have the metrics once the game releases on exactly what percentage of the players purchase from the cash shop. The forums aren't here to tell Daum whether people will buy, the cold, unbiased, hard statistics will do that. The forum is here to help Daum understand those statistics, to provide some emotion to them. For example, without the forum, if the game launches and nobody buys anything, how would Daum get any context on exactly why they weren't buying? Are the prices too high? Is the cash shop too hard to navigate? Are people not seeing the items they want to buy? There could be a thousand different reason, and that is why we're here.
    No, the forums aren't worthless. But the forums also aren't the be-all and end-all.
    I think I just did. If you're using the forum as your sample, especially since the same size is so small, you're cherry-picking to create a tainted sample, and allowing your confirmation bias to convince you that's OK and you were right all along. Also, as an aside, if you're the one making an assertion, which you are, since you're asserting you know the personal opinions of the entire playerbase, then it is you who the burden of proof lies upon.
    Especially when that sample isn't random, as a sample should be.
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  10. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Column: BDO Closed Beta Two Ignites the Community on MMORPG.com   

    You're tainting your sample and then accepting your bias as proof? Samples have to be taken at random from the available pool. Most of the new people here in the forum signed up expressly for the purpose of arguing against the cash shop prices. In any given thread about the cash shop prices, almost all of the users are going to be very new accounts. That isn't a random sample, and if you tried to get a study done in the way you're arguing and have it peer reviewed you'd be a laughingstock. You picked a sample that is composed almost entirely of biased individuals.
    Hell, Daum could do that too. Go around and find six hundred people who thought the cash shop wasn't overpriced, and then use those to invalidate your "evidence". See the problem here? You can't taint your sample.
    Don't get me wrong, I have never argued that the cash shop prices aren't high. My issue is with your assertion that your opinion represents the entirety of the playerbase. You have no way to know that. As you put it, you have no leg to stand on.
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  11. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Column: BDO Closed Beta Two Ignites the Community on MMORPG.com   

    Show me the evidence indicating that the opinion of a few hundred of the most vocal players are reflective of the entire community. You're the one making that claim, so the burden of proof lies on you. So, tell us, how is it you speak for over three hundred thousand people? How is it you know what's best for Daum, and what's best for them? Tell us all how you're their messiah.
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  12. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Column: BDO Closed Beta Two Ignites the Community on MMORPG.com   

    You mean the current public opinion of the forum appears to be thus. You have no idea whether you'll like whatever new prices they might implement, because they haven't announced there will be lower prices in the cash shop. You're so eager to believe in your arrogant faith. The problem with that is you haven't won anything, you've just assumed you did, and now your strutting around like a rutting roster proudly proclaiming your victory, when it's just as likely the new prices will piss you off too.
    But hey, I'll be around to make fun of your whining then, too.
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  13. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Do you trust Daum?   

    If that's the best you can come up with, maybe you should sit down before overextend yourself. Oh, and on a side note, three hundred people did not reply to this thread.
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  14. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Column: BDO Closed Beta Two Ignites the Community on MMORPG.com   

    Losing side? I'm sorry, did Daum announce they were lowering the cash shop prices while I wasn't looking?
    Oh, you just assume they are going to. edit Got it.
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  15. ShrunkenQuasar added a post in a topic Do you trust Daum?   

    Good job! That means you have the basic reading comprehension needed to understand simple sentences. Your mother must be so proud.
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