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  1. aleda added a topic in Musa   

    best potions to run?
    whats the best potions to run while grinding ive beeing using melee ap enhacer
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  2. aleda added a post in a topic How to raise trade after nerf?   

    can you still roll?
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  3. aleda added a post in a topic [Updated for Margoria] Ranger Gear Information   

    ya lol i got i just upgraded my green +15 grunil chest to ulti last night first try! hope i can get the shoes this weekend some time
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  4. aleda added a post in a topic [Updated for Margoria] Ranger Gear Information   

    what armor sets are people rocking? full grunil or 2 grunil 2 heve? 
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  5. aleda added a post in a topic RNG and why i wont be playing any longer   

    yeah but once i have that then i gotta deal with the cheaters and hackers who 1 shot people and the devs havent said anything about even tried to buy a liverto and market snipers destroy that too
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  6. aleda added a post in a topic RNG and why i wont be playing any longer   

    its kind of insane how the same people stay extremely lucky and the unlucky stay unlucky i even popped a 1k loyality drop increase lol what a joke i did notice more black stones but other then that it was a waste 100+ hours of stagnate game play is dumb 
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  7. aleda added a post in a topic RNG and why i wont be playing any longer   

    buy $400 in cash shop and a t1 reform stone bet you'll get it first try
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  8. aleda added a topic in General   

    RNG and why i wont be playing any longer
    So today with my guild a wizard now has 3/4 GOLD armor with the tier 10 total stones....... today ive now tried for the 67th time to gold 1 piece of gear ..... this rng is insane the same person got a liverto his first world boss 14 witch earrings and 9 MoS all with in a few days he got 6 witches in less then 5 hours!!!!! We literally play the exact amounts of time.... the only difference is he has spent roughly $400 in cash shop items where i have none. RNG pay to win is definitely a factor this game is ruined with bots and P2W RNG bs sad to see such a great game be ruined.
    • 12 replies
  9. aleda added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    pretty much BS tbh 
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  10. aleda added a post in a topic Solving the RNG Problem   

    good idea better then all the whining kids with no resolution to the problems
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  11. aleda added a post in a topic BDO RNG is not Random   

    I would love to see you prove otherwise, two wizards in my guild literally equal grind amounts mob for mob and one spent like $500 in cash shop and his luck in insane liverto first time he ever did a boss fight 7 marks of shadows in 4 hours now our other wizard has terrible rng barely gets 1 mark in 10 hours of farming and has spent $0 on cash shop lol doesnt seem to far fetched tbh. 
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  12. aleda added a post in a topic Best Ranger Build   

    do yall put ur skills on the hot bar or just memorize all the button keyboard combos lol ? how do u shotgun will of wind?>
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  13. aleda added a post in a topic Best Ranger Build   

    didnt even see it thank you!!!
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  14. aleda added a post in a topic Best Ranger Build   

    whats a goood build for like 500sp?
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  15. aleda added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    ima noobbbb what is q canceling?\
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