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  1. Zaiton added a post in a topic Overplaying is destructive   

    You take your laptop with you when you sh it?
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  2. Zaiton added a post in a topic Overplaying is destructive   

    I guess you don't take a shi t
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  3. Zaiton added a post in a topic Congratz, you just shotted the casuals down.   

    Well, I am not the one pretending to be an adult with a job kids and a wife whilst being ahead of everyone else in the game.
    That probably explains why you have 53 posts and 4 likes, kid.
    And screw you, find your own hentai.
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  4. Zaiton added a post in a topic Congratz, you just shotted the casuals down.   

    Right right. I work 23 hours a day sleep for 12 minutes and in the remaining 48 minutes I've managed to level up to 54.99 /w full +15 and 55kk silver. Fuk outta here.
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  5. Zaiton added a post in a topic Congratz, you just shotted the casuals down.   

    Holy shit that's actually a good idea. I'll do that on my ninja when it's released.
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  6. Zaiton added a post in a topic Congratz, you just shotted the casuals down.   

    The other dude that claims to be working two jobs and taking two classes in university and at the same time having full +15s is even funnier. I am not sure why they're trying to increase their e-penis on the forums when even the lowest player of any of the top 20 guilds can "one-shot" them.
    OMG what the actual -----. I skip to page 3 and I see people trying to defend the fact that you need to put the same effort in the game as you would for your job to get to a point where you're not completely garbage. Good job guys.
    The vast majority of this community's players are middle/high school students or unemployed bums. 
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  7. Zaiton added a post in a topic Congratz, you just shotted the casuals down.   

    You're active duty as in some days you work 12 hours and some 0 or active duty as in you're a steady 8 hours a day. Anyhow, either you're NOT ready for mediah or you've completely disregarded your kids, your wife or your job. Even for an engineering student like me it's impossible to get ready for mediah (not that I care though) by the time it'll be out. So I am guessing you're either lying/trolling or just very bad at one of the three things you mentioned.
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  8. Zaiton added a post in a topic Congratz, you just shotted the casuals down.   

    Gw2 (the kingdom of casual players) does not benefit hardcore no lifers over the employed or vise-versa. To be honest, if Gw2 was to add an expansion with a huge new map which has open-world pvp and you can grief and be a c unt all you want then I'd be back to it in a flash.
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  9. Zaiton added a post in a topic Ready for new content...   

    screenshots pls
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  10. Zaiton added a post in a topic The prices needs to be lowered.   

    It's probably not going to change any time soon. If they decide to change it tomorrow then all those guys who've paid for costumes are going to complain. 
    The shop is going to change either after a year or when the game starts dying.
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  11. Zaiton added a post in a topic How to best deal with the toxicity?   

    I hope you're playing dumb.
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  12. Zaiton added a post in a topic How to best deal with the toxicity?   

    Dagi = "dumbass";
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  13. Zaiton added a post in a topic How to best deal with the toxicity?   

    Those of you who tell him to ignore everyone, or that he's thin skinned, are idiots(offence intended). I should not be forced to LOOK through a pile of political garbage in order to find that ONE newbie who is stuck on his second quest and needs help.
    I love how most of you defend the vermin that think the channel chat is a podium for them to spout their political ideals, especially when half of them are not even of age(but then again that's what's causing the issue). 
    I am not going to lie. Some times it is funny. Some times it is hilarious and some hysterical.  There are times however when it becomes a pain in the ass for those seeking help and those trying to help. Essentially your solution of unchecking the channel chat is kinda like chopping your hand off because you broke your finger. We should not be forced to disregard an important feature of the game because a select bunch of idiots want to get the attention that they didn't get at home.
    I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR SHIT ABOUT TRUMP,HILARY,BUSH,MERKEL,OBAMA or anyone else unless it comes with a glass of wine and family dinner. Many of you think it's okay to talk politics everywhere, but it is not. If you wanna talk politics, make a guild called "idiots" and use the guild chat. 
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  14. Zaiton added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Daum - Why the hell can't we trade or mail items to friends?   

    Thing is it hasn't prevented them from doing jack shit. Many gold selling sites will simply log into your account and farm the gold for you, others will trade you potions and so on. Best bet would be to make it so you can trade anything, however after acquired through trading an item can not be resold & gear = soul bound on acquisition/enchantment. That prevents gold sellers and level 50+ players giving their noob friends godlike gear.
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  15. Zaiton added a post in a topic Looking for headphones   

    Thank u both
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  16. Zaiton added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Looking for headphones
    I received a 200$ amazon gift card for my birthday and I'd like to use it to purchase a cool (preferably portable) headset. I need it to be wireless and comfy without too much noise slip.
    Do you guys have any suggestions?  I'd be grateful.
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  17. Zaiton added a post in a topic Refund refused   

    I've no idea what you just said buddy. Could be because I have been studying for 4 hours and my brain is fried. 
    If you're trying to debate that the game DOESN'T fall under the second category, then you're wrong. When you create a product, you decide which category you'd like it to belong to. Now, I am not saying he can't refund if the circumstances are right (item not as described, fraud and so on) but refunding because he didn't like it is NOT an option. His best bet at this point would be to file a "not as described" claim ( if he's using paypal for instance ) and hope that the admin reviewing it actually knows his shit. That's it.
    Though clicking a box is not as powerful as your handwritten signature, it is pretty important. Unless you claim that it wasn't you accessing your account and computer and ticking the box, you can't really do anything about it. I've had this discussion with other people and they all seem to enjoy repeating the following argument:
    "What if the text said you allow them to drain your bank account after ticking the box", if you're one of those people and can't understand the distinction between fraud and waiving a refund policy agreement, then... well I don't know what to say.
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  18. Zaiton added a post in a topic Help please... Do you see the game like this? Graphics   

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  19. Zaiton added a post in a topic Help please... Do you see the game like this? Graphics   

    You should make a ticket. We can't help you here, we're scrubs.
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  20. Zaiton added a post in a topic Refund refused   

    OP, there are specific rules when it comes to refunding. Some companies/products will allow for a refund even if you didn't like the said product. Some others will specifically state that once you open the product you can not refund it.
    Daum and BDO fall under the second category. Once you've purchased and opened (started) the game, you are no longer eligible for a refund. Now, for an online game, which can't be tested by other means, that does not make too much sense, however it is what it is. You should have read the message on the client and saved yourself 30$... If you honestly think that this gorgeous game isn't worth 30$, and you were also able to tell from the 3-4 hours you spent on it you're an idiot.
    Nevertheless, I highly suspect that you're a troll on your troll account, in which case, nice bait mate.
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  21. Zaiton added a post in a topic Solution to the trading problem   

    I don't know how they do it, but anyhow since that is always an option and there are no anti-whateverthatiscalled measures in place, I vote for an open trading system.
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  22. Zaiton added a post in a topic Solution to the trading problem   

    I used to be one of the nay sayers because I thought it would prevent gold selling. Nevertheless, gold selling sites have proved yet again how they can bypass literally anything you throw at them:

    Having said that, I am no longer a nay sayer to an open trading system. Right now it's only hurting the legitimate players, not the gold sellers.
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  23. Zaiton added a post in a topic lol the pk ruins this game   

    It's funny because you make it funny by having that exact reaction. Also, the game has to have some risk accompanying it, otherwise it gets boring.
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  24. Zaiton added a post in a topic The carebear economy   

    Because then you get people doing what I used to do in gw2.
    Buy every single bit of X crafting product, immediately start selling it for *whatEver the price.
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  25. Zaiton added a post in a topic Hang in there CMs :)   

    Follow CM_Jouska and you'll get like 35 notifications every day. If that's not enough activity then I don't know what is. 
    Proof: https://i.gyazo.com/32f33d59ac048b8757c7af3f10bba657.png ( and there's more that I couldn't fit in one pic )
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