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  1. Lostarot added a post in a topic No sound   

    I've ran into this issue suddenly as well with mu afterglow wireless USB headset.
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  2. Lostarot added a post in a topic Discord Overlay   

    It has been months.. Yes. Please help!
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  3. Lostarot added a post in a topic Valencia Update Part 2 Events   

    Any word for the Orwen server who cannot play this minigame?

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  4. Lostarot added a post in a topic Black Spirit Adventure   

    I have.
    Sometimes when I try to roll I get this:

    But rerolling does nothing.
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  5. Lostarot added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Black Spirit Adventure
    The dice is not rolling for most (if not all) people according to what I can understand while asking around.
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  6. Lostarot added a post in a topic Help with the fish for villagers quest   

    The fishing quests have been borked sicne day one and remain borked because cash shop is more important to update.
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  7. Lostarot added a post in a topic AH and buying Pearl items   

  8. Lostarot added a post in a topic Nice Job on the Events   

    And yet many games manage to do it better. If DAUM wasn't raking in the profits then that's one thing...but they are.
    These events just don't get me excited whatsoever.
    They are grindfests that encourage bad practices.
    The sort that only these people will enjoy:

    I say less events: More quality.
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  9. Lostarot added a post in a topic Nice Job on the Events   

    Whereas I side with quality over quantity.
    Do I want a huge pile of crap -or- would I prefer handfuls of gold every once in awhile?
    -IF- these events were fun (this is an opinion even though it is widely shared) then I could see your point.
    The cherry blossom one was the closest to something that I felt was lovingly crafted but they do not hold a candle to so many other games. I just wish BDO would step up their quality. Make it FUN! The goals are fine (the prizes except for the ones where only 1% get a reward) are fine. I like getting things. Who doesn't. But this is a game. Make the journey to getting those items feel enjoyable and not like a chore from the get go. Yes.. no matter how innovative events are, they all get repetitive (though I could still do GW2 wintersday jumping puzzle a thousand more times and not get bored). But such sense of drudgery should take time to develop, It shouldn't happen so close to the start.
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  10. Lostarot added a post in a topic Nice Job on the Events   

    Uhh....what effort? They made an item...an icon for the item... tagged it to drop during certain generic conditions (killing, fishing, gathering...)...
    It is as bare bones as it gets for MMORPG events. GW2 and WoW lovingly crafted their events.
    There is no imagination to these events. They are souless and promote bad gaming habits.
    There is not one good thing about them.
    No thank you DAUM.
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  11. Lostarot added a topic in Suggestions   

    It would be super keen if this game were properly translated. I am aware it's a Korean game so there is no poetry or nuance in their writing which makes the whole process as stale and boring as the storyline (as is the case for EVERY Korean game) but for the love of Talos PLEASE at least properly translate what fish are needed for the Triple-Float Fishing Rod Quests. 
    I hate you.
    Take my money.
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  12. Lostarot added a topic in Suggestions   

    Hire someone that has an iota of creativity to design events that aren't grindylypmpics oriented. 
    Thank you.
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  13. Lostarot added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

    More proof that the developers are lazy in creativity and thought. What a shame.
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  14. Lostarot added a post in a topic New player on 7-Day pass inital reaction   

    Let's not fool ourselves. This is not a cerebral game. Action combat depends on reflexes more than thought.
    I do not want BDO to change it's combat style either.
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