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  1. Epona added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    I fished with the trash filter over the last event we had with the increased relic shards... over 5 days I managed three bottles, two were trash bottles (just notes) and one was a treasure map.
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  2. Epona added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Is the Horse discord still up and running? I verified my information and then was pretty busy IRL for a few days, and when I was able to spend some time in front of my PC I noticed it was gone from my discord list...
    Would it be possible to get re-invited if it's still running? Or would anyone know who I should PM about getting an invite?
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  3. Epona added a post in a topic Imperial Delivery question   

    On the left side of the map at www.somethinglovely.net/bdo it has an Imperial reset timer.
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  4. Epona added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    Yeah... all I can hear in my head is baaaa-aaa-aaa-aaahhh.... and maybe Daaaa-aaa--aa-dddy....
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  5. Epona added a post in a topic Snow is gone?   

    I was hoping the new optimization option they have now would fix some of that for folks. I wasn't ready for the snow to be gone, though... but I can understand.
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  6. Epona added a post in a topic Snow is gone?   

    Yes, yes it was.

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  7. Epona added a topic in General   

    Snow is gone?
    So they left the winter theme in the cities... they even gave us a "snowflake costume"... but... they took away the snow?
    Everywhere I look on the map it's now rain.

    RIP screenshots with new costume in the snow...
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  8. Epona added a post in a topic ESCAPE BUTTON KILLS HORSES!!!!!   

    The pets (the ones that loot for you) have the ability to get + Training EXP as one of their learned skills. So yes. Sometimes you would want to ride horses with pets out.
    EDIT: And further, sometimes with said pets, one of their special abilities is to aggro or taunt mobs.
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  9. Epona added a post in a topic ESCAPE BUTTON KILLS HORSES!!!!!   

    Trained horses will indeed respond to a whistle IRL...
    But yes... next time, use a wagon. I've been breeding since the game came out and only use wagons. For one, leveling 4 horses on a wagon is faster than one at a time, and 2, wagon deaths do not apply to horses attached to the wagon. So, the horse death counts do not go up.
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  10. Epona added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Well these last few days so far have been great for breeding. I've now bred at least one of each of the T8 colors. Sold my black one to my hubby for his Witch. Looking forward to the white one for racing, and the palomino for my all around best buddy and taxi. Question is... do I take a break from breeding? LOL! It's taken over my game for the last couple months. Or... do I keep letting my OCD rule me until my stables are filled with T8s for breeding T9s when they come out?
    Haha! My husband loves fighting from horseback with his Witch, and he does a pretty good job. My main is Valk, and it's really too bad that Valk isn't that viable on horseback, because I lurrrv my horsies. I've tried using my Wizard alt and experimenting with horseback combat, and... I just get lost and stick my tongue out sideways and end up beating up my keyboard.
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  11. Epona added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Completed* Maintenance October 5th   

    Horse Racing! Please! Thanks.
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  12. Epona added a post in a topic Merv's Palette - Why so restrictive?   

    Yeah, I don't know why they couldn't just leave whatever dye on your outfit there when the sub is up. Because of course when you get tired of what you will have at some point (and a lot of people do after a while) you'll just buy it again.
    Why not make it work like an appearance change coupon?
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  13. Epona added a post in a topic Merv's Palette - Why so restrictive?   

    Hmm, I think you will only have to use bleach for normal dyes -
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  14. Epona added a post in a topic Stupidest design of the Valencia region   

    This trap had to have been put in the game by the same designer that put the quest down by the watchtower at the red orcs that has you go back and forth between the two guys on the broken bridge. Just for chits and giggles.
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