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  1. Paraleliqeck added a topic in General   

    The Gap +16-20
    Posted 23 February · Report post
    Interview with the Developers
    Will you develop systems ONLY for the NA/EU version of the game, if the NA/EU community asks for them (e.g: a better flagging system for pvp; or better AI for open world boss - such as the one used for the dragon from the desert); or will you develop only systems that please both the Korean & Western market?
    Who believe in them word now?? Me, i dont have anyhope... 
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  2. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic Fix the Gap between +15-20, they said yes   

    Now we will see if they keep they word (i dont have anyhope)
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  3. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic CM confirmed no BLADER or PLUM ( Tomorrow )   

    Wizard/witch is from Valencia in Kr and come with release in EU/Na .. Logic?? they have the power and make what they want  maybe we will see ninja/kunoichi before Blader.. cool right?
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  4. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic +20 Enchanting Discussion + Poll   

    Or is less then you think  and well 20AP(from enchant weapo)=/=20AP(accesories)=/=20AP(food/potions)=/=20AP(buffs from chr)   the main dmg multiplier come from weapon wich one is White Dmg and influence directly the skills.      -sorry for my english-   but is not something what cant be killed after 40 is noticeble and i test it.. now ppl with 150DP+ start feel the DP.. less than this is almost same.. 80-120DP take like 5% less HP down with same combo. And +16 is possible for all players. 18+(19-20) maybe 10ppl from 1MIL will have..is a MMO in the end.. cant be all same gear same level. Anytime everyone will find someone to kill and be killed. GVG same.. 
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  5. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic time to quit if you're not 115ap/140dp or more.   

    Forum is again alive with this new announcement Mediah update.
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  6. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic +20 Enchanting Discussion + Poll   

    Noone talk about accesories cus is to RNG but on armor/weapon is like everyone feel force* to make it. If you put in discution accesories +3 or even +4 they will cry even more.
    I dont like neither RNG but this are games everywhere. LUCk. And a no lifer can be more weak than a casual(lucky) in this situation , why noone see this??
    Ppls cry more cus no lifers will have more advantage.. no.. they will have 100milions more to break and can have +16 while you with 10mil can have +17.

     20+- Ap/Dp dont make any difference. Well if you play like a Dummy yes will  be a difference in dmg taken.. but in combat is noticeble after 40+ AP/DP.
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  7. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic PETITION for tax reduction at auction JOIN   

    I like this thread. Ppl complain and cry about something what they really dont KNOW NOTHING!! funny forum.
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  8. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic Luck and Drop chance   

    You sound like a Bot Trying selling him staffs :)) or Scam in this case or want atention.
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  9. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic Do you call it a fail stack or luck stack?   

    Well i hope i can help a bit with this. I dont know how correct is it but is all what i can find anywhere. (only for weapo is apply)
    Follow this tabel it say after +25 is all lost and no more Add chance.. only RNG
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  10. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic Nerf Fishing!   

    I am just curious what you call *way to much silver* 
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  11. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic Profit the Time :d   

    Well i supposed this and i was thinking something have the Zodiac choose ( like different quests ) but the weekly one random too? are not all x3 ( Tree , Leader , Witch ) in same time?
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  12. Paraleliqeck added a topic in General   

    Profit the Time :d
    Well cus is maintanance and some ppl are around here i will post my problem down:      I did all quests possible visible on map.  Black spirit still dont give me Witch, Leader Monastery and Goblin Bosses Scrolls. ( anyone have a small tip, help , ideea for help ) ??? maybe i miss something but i dont even find on google .. all quests are done. Ty for  your answer!
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  13. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic Grinding and Enhancement for PvP   

    Ppl now just want all max it and play 2 week after quit. Are so less who forgot is a MMO and take ( must take ) years to reach something.. in BDO is so easy to get end gear and have fun pvp.. and farmvillage game / fishing  etc.. More easy then it is cant be. In a MMo in 1 week reach all max is insane.
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  14. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic Grinding and Enhancement for PvP   

    Idk guys but for me seems really Skill based!! at 45 i fight couple of 50/51 players with double my stats and noone beat me. Different classes aswell. I was really happy to see this ( i can do dmg on them - all accesories i had accuracy- ) 
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  15. Paraleliqeck added a post in a topic 10 mins   

     i am in!!!!
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