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  1. SoggyCow added a post in a topic How does the shield work?   

    ya you scammed a lot of new players their Gift Letters in the beginning. Feels good to be scum?
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  2. SoggyCow added a topic in Warrior   

    How does the shield work?
    I thought the amount of damage the shield can take before you put it down had to do with your total DP.
    Does it have something to do with the shield's DP alone?
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  3. SoggyCow added a post in a topic amity at 1000, now what?   

    im actually here now talking to him, i'd like to know as well.
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  4. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Awakening Skill Mods? - Heavy Strike   

    Well I use Heavy Strike all day all night. I'd appreciate some constructive criticism.
    I recorded this I think a week ago, can somebody show me where my attacking is jacked up?
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  5. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Scars Of Dusk   

    Scars of Dusk now applies bleeding damage.
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  6. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Scars Of Dusk   

    you should remove the now from that sentense 
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  7. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Awakening ?   

    7-21 days cause this game has already been out 100 days and we already have had SO muchhhhhh. 1 update away
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  8. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Sword and Shield being Viable.   

    im a warrior
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  9. SoggyCow added a post in a topic NEW COSTUME ON KR   

    im realllllyy high right now and they looks like 
    a potentional  potential dark jedi character on the star wars movies (the new bad ones).  assuming that mask he has on really has glowing light coming out of it.
    edit,,.  OMFG he has flames coming out of his helmet jesus christ  :D!
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  10. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Awakening Skill Mods? - Heavy Strike   

    Yeah, it's the 2nd best PvE skill.  Each enemy your skill hits, you instantly recover 0.1% HP, you can also add +2HP instant recovery with the Awakening mod. It also instant forces mobs to turn around so they cant attack you (most boss mobs too).
    So lets say you have 3000+ HP like me, and you take on lets say, 8 enemies at once, and you can spam this skill a 6 times each second, this means you are healed +127HP/s, while you're dealing 24/7 massive Back Damage (cause the skill turns them around). As a bonus to this incredible skill, each enemy, including PvP, will be wounded for 12 seconds with continuous HP loss. Meanwhile, i totally forgot what HP potions are for
    A lot of people don't use heavy strike because of what they hear from ignorant noobs on youtube after they got done watching minecraft kid videos.
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  11. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Awakening Skill Mods? - Heavy Strike   

    Thanks man, this just did the trick. I didn't want to try for +4 if it didn't exist, and waste my +2 HP recovery.
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  12. SoggyCow added a topic in Warrior   

    Awakening Skill Mods? - Heavy Strike
    Hey guys, I've been to http://form1ca.ru/media/bdo/calc/calc_01war.html , and I've been searching all over the internet the possible outcomes of Heavy Strike. Currently, I have "Instant HP Recovers +2", but I'm wondering if it can go up to +4.
    I don't believe this skill calculator has included all awakening modifications because its already missing some. I have saved over 20 awakening reset things, and I'd like to know if there is anywhere these types of mods are listed. I for sure don't want to waste 20 resets for nothing.
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  13. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Playing BDO...right now.   

    catfish 45-55, going 56.  60 days. why?  because the combat alone is so fun.
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  14. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Color coded drops.   

    wrong section
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  15. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Whats my job now?   

    no damage? good joke.
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  16. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

    im a warrior
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  17. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Epic Customer Service! @Daum   

    Sala, the time and effort you've put into complaining to Daum and it's community, is this energy and mental stress even worth $50? Your costume was like $20 right? Thats like 40 minutes at some job.
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  18. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Epic Customer Service! @Daum   

    Rules are rules. Its still nice to hide your name while grinding or hiding from a pack is nuts.
    The reason you didnt get it refunded back even for pearls, is because if they refunded you after the 30-day limit, then they'd have to do it for everybody - which isnt going to happen.
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  19. SoggyCow added a post in a topic 22.06 1.2gb no patchnotes?   

    im a warrior
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  20. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Desperately need a NEW Dye System!!!   

    the thing is, yes, last night i was smoking pure Hybrid THC, i dropped $60 on dye, then i messed up my skillpoints because for some reason i started clicking on everything so i had to reset again.
    dope aside, this dye system is insane, i could have bought 2 of my friends a copy of this game for $30 each, but yet that $60 went into oblivion from the dye system.  how a color can cost more than multiple copies of the game itself...  i wont smoke again while i play this game and i just disconnected my credit card from my account here so i dont do that again.
    this just shows how F***ed the dye system is, and its not Daum's fault, its the developer, I suggest somebody contact or @"name" or get somebody in here to check this out that works at Daum, i dont know how to get staff in here to look at stuff, i dont even know how to submit tickets, i hope somebody just comes by and flags this topic because this is horrible.
    This 1 dye that i wanted, cost $60.  and i need 7 more like it just to complete my set.  im not Donald $. Trump, yo.

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  21. SoggyCow added a topic in Suggestions   

    Desperately need a NEW Dye System!!!

    Dear Daum,
    I put $360 into my conquer's account so far, I really didnt want to go over $300, but the 50% off dye sale made me want to drop $60 on dyes so at least i could get my $100 costume looking the way i wanted. This $60 only gave me just 1 dye that i wanted, which is enough only to color my gloves, i knew it was a gamble but i didnt know it would be this ridiculous. I feel stupid how i dropped $60 just and watched as it dissolved into the dye combination system. Just sell colors, put a price on each color, or give an option to set a dye as your whole set's color. I would like to complete my set, but I don't feel the need to drum $400 into making my set the same color...  So until ya'll do something, I'm not buying anymore dyes because this is insane.
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  22. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    im a warrior
    i like banning cheaters
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  23. SoggyCow added a post in a topic 1 hour maintenance for NA server - 20th of June   


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  24. SoggyCow added a post in a topic 1 hour maintenance for NA server - 20th of June   

    im a warrior

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  25. SoggyCow added a post in a topic POST YOUR WARRIOR OUTFITS!   

    Golden Warrior $100 Exclusive Founders Set.
    ...I will pay Daum any amount of money to acquire 7 more golden pallets, then I shall die happy.

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