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  1. SoggyCow added a post in a topic An Appeal for Class Balance. The Pissed Off Warrior's Compendium of Pissed Off Warriors   

    warrior needs more damage OR defense.
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  2. SoggyCow added a topic in Warrior   

    The Power of Dye
    i managed to only get one of these gold dyes with $5.00
    i dont know if i'll ever muster the strength to go for 7 more.
    one can only dream of having a golden warrior exclusive conquer's set...

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  3. SoggyCow added a post in a topic WHERE IS THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!!   

    americans.. always wanting their flag over every other country's events lol
    brb imma go build a wall..  its gunna be huuuuuuuuuuuge
    the best one.  #1....   america
    and the EU is gunna pay for it!
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  4. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Patch made Berserker a Game-Breaker OP as hell   

    it will get fixed, enjoy your time in the sun
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  5. SoggyCow added a post in a topic An Appeal for Class Balance. The Pissed Off Warrior's Compendium of Pissed Off Warriors   

    im a warrior
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  6. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Giant DMG crazy OP   

    i guess berserker is the winner for everything now - off to make a berserker
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  7. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Patch made Berserker a Game-Breaker OP as hell   

    lol thats an understatement
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  8. SoggyCow added a topic in Berserker   

    Patch made Berserker a Game-Breaker OP as hell
    I'm 55 with all +15 and 177DP with 109AP.
    Me and other classes same level fight with me for a while then I eventually win, they get back up and pvp me some more while my HP is still low, and i win again.
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  9. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Ban Waves and miss fires   

    its time to get a new friend because he/she/you used hacks.   who hacks on a sandbox MMORPG?   shit.. i gone 45-55 at Catfish. Why? because the game is fun, no matter where you choose to play.  risk all that time and money to cheat one something makes no sense to me, especially when Daum has made $50,000,000++++ so far, u think they wont protect their money-maker?
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  10. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Ban Waves and miss fires   

    the only people who would know they cheated is the User and Daum. these people have access to every log, every little thing they ever said and done. if they ban somebody for cheating - they cheated. GL getting you or your friends account(s) back. just buy another one.
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  11. SoggyCow added a topic in General   

    need some help with a crafting thing.. :(
    hey guys, i opened 240+ chests today with my collection of silver keys, now im stuck with 266 +5% EXP scroll things, and its killing my inventory's weight.
    on the items, it says in the description, "you can craft a better item through alchemy, cooking, and so on."
    cant even storage these. so im stuck in Calpheon city until i figure out what to do with these. i thought about just spamming them until they're all gone, but if i can craft something with them, i'd rather do that  
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  12. SoggyCow added a post in a topic RNG BOXES - The time has come   

    the day this is added is the day i stop playing when rich folks pay to win, then its Dekaron all over again. gg
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  13. SoggyCow added a topic in General   

    lets voice chat, im HYPED!
    guys im SUPER hyped about this 3.56Gig update for skills, the forums aren't enough for me right now we need some super nerds in here
    the reddit bdo discord is either russian or korean, heres an english one
    voice link: http://Discord.me/BlackDesert 
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  14. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Warfare: Trailer Event   

    placeholder for EPIC thing
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  15. SoggyCow added a topic in General   

    Seen lots of 1-50 bots/hacks on YouTube. :(
    Hey guys, I love this game, but tonight went to some of the popular cheating sites to see whats going on, and I also checked some stuff out on YouTube.
    So apparently there are leveling 1-50 bots, fishing bots, bots that do jumping jacks and bots that make green eggs and ham; apparently theres a bot for everything, and I read one (out of hundreds) of these coders say "its easy, whole game is client sided", then he went on to say, "it looks like i can mess around with the success % and stack % chances a little".
    So after reading this stuff on the cheating forums, I went to youtube to see what these bots are doing - how they are playing. These bots play very similar to humans so only somebody who knows about a specific bot's script or owns one can tell who is a bot or not... SilkRoad Online all over again...
    DAUM completely ANNIHILATED the Gold Sellers
    What can DAUM do (or is doing) about this bot madness?
    Silkroad and Dekaron both have "Ban Wave" posts where they post usernames, ban duration, and reason in their forums, but it seems scaring these people isn't enough.
    Any Ideas?? What about a random Captcha box that requires players to enter it or they get kicked out (only when they are out fighing), but to compensate you get like a random lottery box when you do the Captcha? Probably too intrusive while you're fighting monsters, but damn guys, after the youtube videos I've seen, this is really bad.
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  16. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Something Interesting I Recorded with my iPhone   

    anybody know how i can achieve this feature?
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  17. SoggyCow added a topic in General   

    Something Interesting I Recorded with my iPhone
    Whats this? and why is his name "BioHacks"? 
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  18. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Some guys have multiple Founder/Conqueror outfits   

    either give some more out, or do a simple database search. simple suggestion.
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  19. SoggyCow added a topic in General   

    Some guys have multiple Founder/Conqueror outfits
    hey, i know some guys that have multiple founder (i just call them founders) outfits on multiple characters. this was from when daum had complications at launch. it seems nobodys done a SQL (or whatever daum uses as their database) search for multiple exclusive outfits. so if people have multiple sets, how about just let all people with Conquers packages have all the sets too? i think it would be fair. 
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  20. SoggyCow added a post in a topic False hacking reports...   

    ya man, i have, no joking, 500+ idiots chat blocked. i even put key internet words trolls use like "kek, etc..." cant even think of any right now because i dont even know what they mean, when i see those internet freak words i just add them to the filter. helps as well.
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  21. SoggyCow added a post in a topic Hacker banned from BDO, makes a video crying.   

    I remember this company back in 2006. I played their "2Moons" game, and they appointed players.. little kids, as VGMs (volunteer GMs) and so many people got banned it was unreal. Me and some of my guild mates even got banned because we were AFK and couldn't respond to one of these kids in chat so he/she got mad and /ban everybody.
    I was SO happy to see this company go to the toilet!
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  22. SoggyCow added a post in a topic [Help] Maehwa Seal - Event Bug?   

    ohh, i see, thanks guys!
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  23. SoggyCow added a topic in General   

    [Help] Maehwa Seal - Event Bug?
    I put it in a square shape and nothing happened  

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  24. SoggyCow added a post in a topic [Video] LAG! Where did the Millions of Dollars go??   

    I'm pissed off because I want this game to work cause everything else sucks right now.
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  25. SoggyCow added a topic in General   

    [Video] LAG! Where did the Millions of Dollars go??
    I posted on the forums about the lag, and 80% of people says crap like, "ur computer lags", and "money cant fix it". IDIOTS!!
    So heres a short video expressing my thoughts.
    I gotta give it to Daum though - only company that doesn't censor their forums like 99% of the other game companies out there.
    I want to recommend this game to my friend, and hes loaded - spent over $2,000 in a game called Need for Speed, and over $1000 in Warframe, I want him to join BDO, but i cannot recommend this game to him if this keeps happening what feels like every 2-3 days since the start and the hundreds of dollars i've already put into this game, im feeling regrets.
    Today's forum bot attack.

    Last month's forum bot attack.

    Where did the millions of dollars go?
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